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Upcoming events on Friday, the 12th October - HOME

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - List of expected events

09:00 - departure ceremony Chess train 2012, which kicks off International chess tournament on the circuit board central Europe. Freight Express is transformed into the tournament hall, in which the driving between cities compete etapovými amateurs and grandmasters in chess třináctikolovém tournament in active chess. Specially dispatched from Prague train starts on Friday 12 October at 10 hours and on the way to Dresden will be played the first two rounds of the tournament. Train route will continue to Wroclaw, Piestany, Vienna and Tuesday, the 16th October back to Prague. (Source: Pavel Matocha, chairman of the Prague Chess Society, pavel.matocha @, 603 861 533, (PRAGUE - Central Station, Government Lounge, Prague 1)

09:00 - Interdisciplinary Conference on Complex treatment of musculoskeletal children and adults who attend the Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda. (Source: Tereza Králová, a spokesman for City Hall, 734 685 692, tereza.kralova @ (PRAGUE - Top Hotel and Congress Center, Blažimská street, Prague 4)

09:15 - Working meeting of Ministers of Defence Alexandr Vondra and Iraq and al-Sadun Dulejmího. The main points will be further development of military-technical cooperation between the two countries and the current situation in the region of the Middle East. V 9.15 - TK defense ministers after a meeting between the two delegations. (Source: Jan Pejsek, a spokesman for the ministry, 724,033,288). (PRAGUE - Ministry of Defence, Tychonova 1, Prague 6)

10:00 - TK, which will be devoted to the promotion of tourism on the island of Mauritius. (Source: Michael Matějková, 603556406, (PRAGUE - Hotel Paris, The Municipal House, Prague 1)

10:25 - President of the Chamber of Deputies Miroslava Nemcova receives representatives of the International Parliamentary Scholarship, the Vice President for Research Peter Frensche Humboldt University and member of the Bundestag of Germany Arfst Wagner, who come to the Czech Republic because of the tender for Czech applicants for internship. Photo opportunity at 10.25. (Source: Pavlina Kroupová, Press Department, Office of the Chamber of Deputies,, 257,174,207). (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, President PS office lobby, Sněmovní 4, Prague 1)

11:00 - TK Clara Samková on Mačetový attack - Novy Bor. (Source: Clara A. Samková, klara.samkova @ (PRAGUE - Spanish 6, Prague 2)

11:00 - Happening Holešovská challenges with poditulem Fits the government - either for that matter. (Source: (Prague - Wenceslas Square, Prague 1)

11:00 - Public dress rehearsal performance Lucie KOLOUCHOVÁ and Natalie Deákové bastard named Marilyn. (Source: Gabriela Cylinder, Head of Sales, Marketing and PR, 234651209, 602470394, (PRAGUE - Švandovo theater, Štefánikova 57, Prague 5)

12:00 - Celebrating 175 years since the establishment of the first Czech Technical College - Masaryk high school chemical. Celebrations will be attended by councilors of Prague Helena Chudomelová. (Source: Teresa Kral, Head of Media Communications Department City Hall. Prague, 734685692, tereza.kralova @ (PRAGUE - Masaryk high school chemistry, Křemencova 179/12, Prague 1)

12:00 - Celebration hosted by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Czech Republic in Spain Ignacio Pascual Navarro Rios on the occasion of the National Day of Spain. Attend the first Vice Chairman of the Senate Premysl Sobotka. (Source: Blanka Mader, Secretariat of the Organizing Department of the Senate, 257072735, (PRAGUE - President Hotel Nam Curieových 100, Prague 1)

14:00 - Regional elections and by-elections to the Senate. (October 12 to October 13, CZECH REPUBLIC)

14:25 - President of the Chamber of Deputies Miroslava Nemcova receives Prime Minister of the Republic of Iraq Nuri Kamal al-Maliki. Photo opportunity at 1425. (Source: Pavlina Kroupová, Press Department, Office of the Chamber of Deputies, 257174207, (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, President PS office lobby, Sněmovní 4, Prague 1)

15:00 - Autograph Petra Hůlová Bohemia to the book, the Promised Land (15 hours) and Vaclav Cílek View the book that country (16.30), held as part of the accompanying program book Great Thursday (October 11). (Source: Johana Turner, PR and press office,, 606,232,055). (PRAGUE - Palace of Books Luxor, Wenceslas Square. 41, Prague 1)

15:30 - debate of the candidates for President of the Republic, which will be held during the conference on the theme of the Czechoslovak presidential tradition and direct presidential elections in the country. It will be attended, among others, a presidential candidate ODS and 1 Vice Chairman of the Senate Premysl Sobotka. (PRAGUE - New York University Prague, Richtruv house, Male namesti 11, Prague 1)

17:00 - Happening to promote women in politics. The purpose of the event is to highlight the unequal representation of women and men in politics. (Source: John Smiggels Kavková, director of the Forum 50%, ops, , 774,411,151). (PRAGUE - Art School, Klapkova 25, Prague 8)

17:15 - President Vaclav Klaus and his wife Livia Klaus will go to vote in the Senate. (Source: Radim Ochvat, Director of the Press Department of the Castle, David.Sebek @ (PRAGUE - building school, Klapkova street, Prague 8)

19:00 - Presentation of Hamlet performed Alexandrinsky Theatre from St. Petersburg, directed by Valery Fokin. (Source: Tomas Stanek, public relations drama ND, 605207249, 224902126). (PRAGUE - National Theatre, the National Class, Prague 1)

19:00 - Concert of British band The James Cleaver Quintet. (Source: Charlie Thomas, 774220183, (PRAGUE - club Chapeau Rouge, Jakubska 647/2, Prague 1)

19:00 - Concert bands and Mário Bihári Bachtale APSA. The concert is also a charity event to support people who do not want to end his life in the hospital, but at home. It takes place in the global Day Hospice. (Source: Tereza Kocian, 775,295,631). (PRAGUE - La Fabrika, Komunardů 1001/30, Prague 7)

19:30 - Czech Philharmonic concert titled It might sound completely different?. Orchestra under the baton of chief conductor Jiri Belohlavek new offer listeners the backstage orchestral spectacle tests and even reveal what is usually hidden from the public. On the way from the score to the concert performance of the Czech Philharmonic performs audience moderator Marek Eben.(Source: Monika Courtly, PR manager, 724,012,633). (Prague - Rudolfinum, waterfront Alšovo 12, Prague 1)

19:30 - Men's Premiere performance cloakroom or Improvisation in Ypsilonka. (Source: Aneta Filipová, Studio Ypsilon, (PRAGUE - Small Stage Studio Ypsilon, Spálená 16, Prague 1)

20:00 - Concert of American rockers Hawthorne Heights. (Source: Ondřej Košan, Conspiracy, Ltd., 603,831,045). (PRAGUE - Klub 007 Strahov, CTU dormitories, Block 7, Chaloupeckého 7, Prague 6)

20:00 - Concert bands SPS, E! E and Relapse. (Source: Tereza Fišerová,, 608,702,008). (PRAGUE - Rock Cafe, National 116/20, Prague 1)

20:00 - 10th Celebration birthday of famous restaurants Hegertova Brickyard Bubble Pink and baptism associated with handing over prizes to the winners charity golf tournament. The program also show La Perla lingerie, raffle and more.Will be present such as George Bartoška, ??Šmuková Martin, Christopher Michael, Ondřej Soukup, Ivan Hasek, Catherine Stocesova, Roman Vojtek, Sandra Novakova, Štěpánka Duchková, Zuzana Chlebovský, Gabriela Filippi, Hana Vágnerová and more. (Source: Darina Miklovičová, darina.miklovicova @ , 602200445, 241932300). (PRAGUE - restaurant Hegertova Brickyard, Cihelná 102/2b, Prague 1)

20:30 - Concert Freewalkers. (Source: Martin Royal, editor, 774624677, (PRAGUE - Malostranská discussion, Lesser Town. 21, Prague 1)

21:00 - Concert of Peter Kalandra Memory Band (folk-blues). (Source: Martin Royal, editor, 774624677, (PRAGUE - Blues cellar, Liliová 10, Prague 1)

Other events

- International festival of modern and contemporary architecture called Architecture Week. Introduces professional and public Czech and international architecture through lectures, architectural walks, discussions, film screenings and visits inaccessible buildings and architectural studies. (Source: Jan.Volin @ (October 1 to October 28, PRAGUE)

- 2 Festival Photographer called Outside format. It offers 25 exhibitions, installations and events in the public space, as well as a few unusual places. (Source: Barbara Dušková, Smart Communication, sro, marketing, media & promotion, 272657121, 733538889, (October 4 to October 31, PRAGUE)

- National Week of Social Services of the Czech Republic. (Source: Zdeněk Punch, editor of the journal Social services 606 832 551). (October 8 to October 14, CZECH REPUBLIC)

- The project, called 72 hours - Shake on it!. The aim is to involve as many young people and show them that it is enough to prove many and convince them that they themselves are able to change things they do not like. At any time within 72 hours, and at the same time no matter how long the volunteers throughout the Czech Republic begins in activities that help others, nature or their surroundings. (Source: Helena Vavřinová, h.vavrinova @ (October 12 to October 14, CZECH REPUBLIC)

- Concert of Citizen Fish. (Source: (October 12, PRAGUE - Hoodoo Club, Crown 106, Prague 10)


09:00 - CSO: estimates of harvest (September 2012). (CZECH REPUBLIC)

09:00 - CSO: Average prices survey of selected products - (October 2012). (CZECH REPUBLIC)

10:00 - Fair Pragodent, 20 International Specialized Exhibition dental equipment, instruments and services. (Source: Marcela Benesova, 220103491, 220103492, ). (PRAGUE - Exhibition, The Exhibition, Prague 7)


16:00 - FOOTBALL - Match barrage of procedure for ME 2013 players under 21 years old: Czech Republic U21 - Russia U21 (Jablonec nad Nisou)

17:00 - Ice Hockey - Tipsport league, 11 Round: 17 hours Vitkovice - Sparta, 17.30 Zlin - Czech Budejovice, 17.30 Litvinov - Trinec, 18 hours Karlovy Vary - Liberec, Slavia 18.15 - Chomutov, 19 hours Pardubice - Comet. (CZECH REPUBLIC)

17:30 - FOOTBALL - World Cup 2014 qualifying match: Czech Republic - Malta (PLZEŇ - Doosan Arena)

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