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ELECTION 2012 - Political scientists: The Triumph of the Left gives the rebels a new weapon in the ODS

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - ODS is inherently distributed and the current government powerless, agree experts from political scientists. Regarded as a very important success Jiri Pospisil in the Region, because according to them the ODS must ask, how is it possible that he won the man Prime Minister Necas recalled from the government.

As a new weapon in the hands of rebels in ODS called leftist political scientists trimf in regional and Senate elections. "ODS will now decay at an even faster pace than before. Thus, the government will be increasingly capable to enforce anything. Necas may remain Prime Minister and ODS, but probably around him to lead the rebels substituting people who do it even better listening service," said analyst Bohumil Dolezal.

His professional colleague Jiri Pehe also believes that the rebels now acquired a new platform from which they can rely to Nečas government and to him personally. "When they take the situation because according to them, the government does not enforce proper reforms," ??he said. He recalled that even more important than the victory of the left's success revoked Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil in the Region. "ODS in the regional elections succeeded in a single region, where works Nečasův most visible opponent Jiri Pospisil. According to me now ODS must ask, how is it that just Pospisil could succeed, though, according to the Prime Minister did not have its place in the government," said Pehe.

According Bohumil Dolezal, it is likely that the situation will lead to the collapse of ODS, but not the current government. "Rebels and President Vaclav Klaus, who look up to, I think ODS destroyed.If the new Civic Democrats will rise like a phoenix from the ashes? I strongly doubt about that, "said Dolezal. Assumed, however, that the government will not fall because the disruptive forces within the party such a situation is good." But it is a very helpless government, "he added.

Pehe said that the decline in ODS in the Senate elections considered worse than at the regional level. "They have ten candidates in the second round, it is already clear that fourteen seats fails to defend. Those of ten I have a realistic chance of about four. This is appalling debacle. Succeeded not only Nečasův opponent Pospisil, but his strongest ally Alexandr Vondra Litoměřice failed. This simply can not remain without consequences for the structure of ODS., and I believe that the situation still stir some statement by President Klaus, who recorded the rebels, "expressed his assumption Pehe.

Tomas Lebeda is inclined to the same opinion that the success Pospisil is stronger indicator of general well-being than left, although it is clear that the result of ODS in the regions can be called a debacle. "The party did not receive even 13 percent, it is still the lowest limit that exceeds the result of CSSD in 2004, when they had 14 percent. Doing revoked Pospisil mastered in their region to get 26 percent, double the national income ODS. According to me and Pospisil, as well as the Social Democrats and Communists, mined in the election of the protest vote, "mentioned Lebeda.

He added that the current government is extremely fragile. "It shows that the optimism of 2010, we have a strong government, was inapposite. Department, which is in such a condition may fall virtually anytime, it's not just a case of the desired tax package, which he now rebels are negotiating," he said. Added that the weak government is a long-term problem of the Czech Republic.

Regional and Senate elections were held on Friday and Saturday. Results show preference to enhance KSCM slump ODS and TOP 09, and although the Social Democrats won in nine counties, she recorded a loss of voters. Communists won in two counties, ODS in one and in the Liberec region succeeded Mayors for the Liberec Region. The Social Democrats voted in regional elections, 23.58 percent of voters, 20.43 percent for the Communist Party. 12.28 percent voted for the ODS, KDU-CSL, which ran separately in five different counties, received 5.82 percent of votes, other voices she jumped in coalitions with other groups.

In the second round of Senate elections 23 candidates advanced CSSD, ODS sends them 10th Surprise was George Dolejš of Communists, who moved from first place in the district of Prague 8

Katerina Šurmanová,

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