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We ask the expert Ing. George Jemelka: How do I know what to improve in the company, and how to improve it?

Already month you can on our server in the section Business Center for Entrepreneurs find answers to questions from our clients from entrepreneurs and companies on strategy management, human resources, cash flow, sales and marketing.

In the series "Counselling for entrepreneurs", which we have prepared for you, you will submit answers to the questions that we asked Ing. George Bc Jemelka, marketing specialist, an expert on the growth and development of firms, the founder of the company for ICU Ltd.


How do I know what to improve in the company, and how to improve. If you are dealing with growth companies, then you this simple question should have a meaningful answer, right?

Answer given by Mr George Jemelka, an expert on the growth and development of companies:

The query is really clear and concise. You know, each of us has certain views and experiences and through these views and experiences are then logically looking at the world around them. Therefore, he then certain things stand out as another escape him completely. Specifically, in the example of a business that we are currently addressing. The boss has in its vicinity worker who in the past has proven, can communicate well, can put a lot of things rustic "obkecat". And this, of course, the boss keeps his subordinate - indeed worked. The fact that the worker has two years as scheming on one side of the head with coworkers gossip, on the other hand, the boss "sells" as the most important employees of the company (let's not forget that the chief of such workers due to past experiences and opinions of conclusions-that you did such workers more listens and puts more weight to his advice) creates enormous stress and damage not onlyinside the company. Other staff boss saying your opinion (coincidentally different than intrikář has that), but the majority opinion boss gives such weight as the other people in the company as much as the other side does not trust the first workers. Such a worker can literally spread productive company. Another example. If we go through (speaking on behalf of our history consultancy) approx. 5 dozens of companies, we see that we can always bring new business owner perspective, recommendations on what to do differently (based on the structure actually processed during the initial analysis). And just detailed changes in the view of the owner on the matter (of which he previously failed to convince anyone that they have meaning and that it is worth "only" to try) brings huge shifts in people, systems and the whole company forward. Improving on virtually anything, and constantly. The Japanese call it kaizen.Americans CANI (constant and neverending improvement). Czech what we may say the following: the company always willing to work hard on himself. Today there are very few entrepreneurs who work at the event. Most work in the enterprise. And that's a huge difference. If we are not growing systematically company itself does not do it for you. A persistent effort only has meaning. Please remember this: Only persistent efforts of a difference. Therefore it has no meaning, what do we do once a year when we plan a strategy when he once per quarter we say, what we could do better or differently. Only persistent, daily, weekly drive to improve, is important.


Answers to questions from our clients can be found in the section "Advice for businesses" .

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Ptáme se odborníka Ing. Jiřího Jemelky: Jak poznat, co ve firmě zlepšit, a jak to zlepšit?

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