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Nobel Prize for the EU as a consolation prize

Looking at the close of trading last week is asked to say that the shares were already tired from the constant growth and continuation of the recent rally did not help nor unexpected miracles that weeks before the elections bring you the best results of the labor market in recent years. Or terms of the rate of unemployment or new applications for support . On Friday we saw the best result consumer confidence by the University of Michigan since October 2007 . The response of the shares? A sale.

Seance Opening this week has brought about the continuation negatívnej mood, some Chinese companies published a warning of results management, the inflationary pressures in China still are falling (the index of producer prices, with the largest prepadom for the last three years, which indicates the economy cooled) and if exports from China nerástli on an annual basis over the expectations, it would be a complete fiasco.

Strong USD sent precious metals on position, when the correction of the last steep GROWTH seems the only solution. Gold and silver, you close to current levels Engrave new lower bottom on your daily chart which is the signal to drop. Purchases could be taken in the coming weeks cheaper. Platinum only reluctantly followed, and so far only lightly tested septembrové bottom. Given thephp? D type = & id = protests-in-Mines-and-rising-cost-platinum-and-gold-20121008 "> slightly different with the new fundamentals bottomed neponáhľa.

Similarly, it is also in rope, which can literally rip trend. There are strong factors for growth and decline, while the EIA these last warning before changing balance rider added to the side Medveďová, strong USD also done its job. The first attack on prelomenie six-month declining trend and while he came out. Coming soon in our analysis, we look at the facts for and against further growth of oil. Last was published here.

However, today's mood greatly encouraged the words euro and European Commissioner for eurozáležitosti that is seriously considering easing conditions for Greece. Even said that napákovanie ESM is possible at any time. We take it with ESM about weight presented so as Draghi júlové we will do everything to save the euro, but in Greece of the area would be a major change of approach. And of course, a precedent for other countries.

The complaint is clear. Until the European salons because doniesla tidings that the investigation is to economic growth nedopracujeme.Just as good for business, the survey at the important matters (quality employees or production inputs) is to get prosperity, the economy, the combination of reducing government spending and raising taxes (or other flax ingredients) to growth nedopracujeme. IMF experts from Brussels month assume the opposite, but in their case can afford to be wrong, because it did not match anyone. were wrong in estimates will also be growth because if their method worked, you now should have been following the crisis.

Now what? The fact they're sure will decide what is wrong a few years ago. It may be expected popularly steps delay the investigation. Skoda flax, that will go on again well-intentioned, completely missing the solution. Why? EU and IMF because they work as a musical box with two buttons. The second - Consolidating And they were added just now, when the fiscal crisis erupted. But that first, I zodraté, is called support growth. Depending on which button is pressed, whichever reads political rhetoric peaks. Since the consolidation of the misguided (the one you should retract largely private sector) did not work, and return again to support growth. How? Well that's of course ensure government. Since she can not scrimp (because depression), she can only spend (because the cross). So the result can be anything, but the probability it will turn too sensible how about (again) to make Germany. A month tax cut, in order to boost growth through private consumption. Brussels sees it otherwise miss the center, because it's efficient, transparent and sustainable. Just a shame that the same thing they said, to behold a decade ago, when it was intended that today we have completely else. Did not work? Never mind. This time certainly will. Thinking cap as a gardener ensures that the number mrkvičiek the garden will be permanently grow, although constantly revelation viacej how befall during the year urodiť. It is legally correct, common sense is unimportant. Indeed, the EU could not get the Nobel Prize for nothing else, just for peace.

The mood of the market is cautious representations of eurozone risk assets just got out of the last floor above is not.Key will therefore representations before the EU Summit, which will gradually accrue from an economic viewpoint, the reaction to the results of U.S. stocks and Citigroup NY Fed Survey data and the forecast of retail Earnings for September.

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