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ELECTION 2012 - Political scientists: Voters democratic parties united against communists

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The failure of Communists, which of the 12 candidates in the second round of elections to the Senate received only one senator, is caused by voters unite against democratic parties. Mediafax agency in response to the election results on Saturday said political scientist Rudolf Kučera.

"I am particularly pleased that the Communists did not reach the second round of such an outcome, as it is after the first round expected. Showed that voters democratic parties were able to come together to eliminate this possibility here," said Kucera. The Communists succeed in only one of the twelve districts where their candidates, he did not further political scientist Jiri Pehe. "I guessed that they would have four to five senators. This is so even worse than I thought," said Pehe for Czech Television.

Another analyst Bohumil Dolezal sees result Communists as a total flop. "It turns out that such rumors about disciplined communist electorate again so much, because, when you compare the number of voters for the Communist candidates in the 1st and 2nd round, they are usually in the latter is much smaller. And because turnout was really awful, second worst in the history of the Senate, as well as many communist voters in the election did not go, "said Dolezal.

On what political scientists also agree, is that the outcome of the election was a big failure especially ODS. She defended only four of the 14 senatorial seats and the Caucus and slimmer for 15 senators. "Weak ODS result was to be expected. It is a sign of gradual descent ODS," Kucera said the fact that it is also a consequence of unpopular reforms.

"In the two non-socialist fights where there was not even a candidate CSSD or communist, is a consensus that the losing candidate in both ODS. Civil thus democracy did not fare too well, and I think this is due to some kind of breakdown in the side, which is very similar to that which prevailed there at the end of Topolanek's government, and I think that they also have the same source, "Dolezal said.

On the contrary, as the success of experts evaluates the Social Democrats win in 13 constituencies. The Social Democrats will have a majority in the Senate with 46 senators out of a total 81st "Nevertheless, it is a decent success," commented Kucera result. Options according to him no longer vote voters left and right and the Social Democrats are seen as opposed to the Communists as the Democratic Party. In addition, the success ratio is socially oriented trend in most of Europe.

"Just like the political life looks like, and especially in today's Europe, where governments are struggling with unemployment and social problems, and most of it is so right that this has a cost," said Kucera. Political scientist Roman Joch emphasized that the Senate elections and act as a counterweight to the CSSD government becomes a party in the Senate will once again reinforce the right-wing party.

Wary of the outcome of the social democrats is Bohumil Dolezal. "The CSSD is interesting. Of the ten districts where he stood against social democrat communist, so there's Social Democrats won in nine. Thirteen In those districts where the Social Democrats stood against another party that won the CSSD in only four cases. So it is not really so much, "commented Dolezal, with the interesting is the fact that where the Social Democrats stood against another than the communist candidate, came in three cases more votes than in the first round."I therefore conclude that in these three cases had worked tacit alliance between the Social Democrats and Communists," said political scientist.

Social Democrats also with their 46 senators missing only three more votes to constitutional majority in the upper chamber. In conjunction with the Communists even just one. Would get him through the composition of the Senate, where even the independent senators and representatives of some successful regional movement, not be an unsolvable problem. According to political analysts, however, currently a constitutional majority in the Senate has almost no meaning.

"Whether or not a constitutional majority in the Senate, is not essential. Much more important is that the Chamber of Deputies and political turnover can complete only after the elections," said Kucera with the fact that at the present time would not even constitutional majority in the Senate for what use it.

Similarly, it sees Dolezal. "It has a value of no more than symbolic. Role of the Senate is simply to block the government, which performs successfully, and it will continue to block, whether the constitutional majority or simple. This effectively means absolutely nothing," he added.

Interestingly, according to Dolezal also the results of some independent candidates. Specifically, it took an excellent result Elizabeth Wagner (independent for SZ), Libor Michalek and Tomio Okamura. "Mrs. Wagner is what is known in the circuit Klaus contemptuously as 'pravdoláskař' Mr. Michalek is such a fierce fighter against corruption and Mr. Okamura is the case of a business savior. Overrated I do not want it, but it's a signal that such people have Currently the public trust, "commented political analyst.

Miroslav Kyncl,

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