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Winter tires are mandatory from November

From 1 November is when winter weather compulsory use of winter tires. Slavia has long supported road safety, because since 2008, urges drivers to use winter tires during the winter no matter the weather. If the driver commits to continuous use of winter tires from mid-October to mid-March and in MTPL get 5% discount.

Fundamental change regarding the use of winter tires last year has brought the law č.133/2011 Coll. Amending the Act č.361/2000 Coll. Traffic on the roads. In the period from
First November to 31 March to all motor vehicles using the road (the road all classes) required to be fitted with winter tires, and assuming that the ground is covered with snow, ice or frost or when the weather conditions can be assumed that this occurs at the time of the vehicle on roads. Specifically, in cases when the outside temperature falls below 4 ° C , Drizzling or snowing or raining at low temperatures, bridge structures have temperatures below freezing or a road is treated with salt (which has an efficiency of only 7 ° C ). Motor vehicles with a maximum authorized mass 3500 kg have an obligation to use winter tires on all wheels with a tread depth of at least
4 mm.

Morning when temperatures drop below the long-term 7 ° C is the perfect time to put on winter tires regardless of the road surface. This temperature limit is achieved in winter almost continuously. Slavia recommends winter tires used continuously since mid-October, especially in the morning and night temperature drops to zero. In the event that the client negotiates insurance Slavia when concluding a contract for liability insurance as well as a 5% discount for using winter tires, must ride in the period from 15 10th to 15 Third exclusively on winter tires approved for operation on Czech roads. If the insurance company determines that the driver has not complied with this requirement, it is required to pay the discount. The use of winter tires in the insurance contract at Slavia insurance companies undertook 95% of drivers and the vast majority of them complies with this condition.


What threatens drivers when driving on summer tires in winter

A mixture of winter tires is softer than summer tires. With the winter tires have good properties at low temperatures, ie. even under conditions where the tread compound summer tires hardens and loses its adhesive properties.Winter tires are therefore at lower outdoor temperatures significantly safer (though does not have to go driving on snowy or icy roads). The braking distance, the use of winter tires in cold weather (below 10 ° C ) Reduces to a few meters. Yet it nedobrzdění and subsequent collision with obstacles is a very common cause of traffic accidents.

In the event that it proves to be the cause of traffic accidents using summer tires in the winter, so insurance company may require payment of damages from the offender accident. If the driver has not complied with the promise of extra use of winter tires, which are committed at Slavia insurance, the insurance company may also require reimbursement of the discounts on premiums.


Insurance Slavia insurance is beneficial for all responsible drivers

Slavia offers the cheapest liability insurance to all those responsible drivers. Provides a safe ride after only seven years bezeškodného over a maximum of 60% bonus. If you opt for car insurance and allow them to convert bonus of liability insurance on insurance. For each newly closed party liability insurance of the driver receives traffic fines for free. 5% discount on the insurance you get when you think of your safety even in winter, and commit to you at this time to ride only on winter tires.



Slavia has a tradition since 1868. In its recent history came and will come up with innovative insurance products. Slavia has been from the beginning focused on disciplined drivers, offering extremely cheap liability insurance.Private individuals is also provided a wide range of insurance products and services, which include property insurance or travel and accident insurance. Very successful is health insurance for foreigners where Slavia is one of the market leaders. As one of the few insurance companies in the market offering pet insurance as well as original vehicle insurance fines. Firms welcome insurance, cars and transportation, property and technical assurance. The insurance company also specializes in insurance for municipalities and towns, staffing agencies and tour operators.

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