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Greek sovereignty at risk again

Shares on 7-for weekly minimách

After silnom overflow shares on Tuesday was unable to shares zastabilizovať decrease both yesterday and continued to decline to a new 7-weekly lows. During the first part of trading the shares still kept the band in a positive, no comment on the FOMC decision to keep monetary policy without changes subsequently withdrew markets down. Yester cocktail stock: Dow Jones -0.19% SP500 -0.31%, Nasdaq Composite -0.29%.

Monetary policy in the U.S. without changing

After the announcement of a new round of QE at the September meeting of the expectations from Bernanke or too large. Waited just a dictionary Cosmetic treatment with regard to economic growth, which remains positive though no weak. Change came in domestic expenditure to Fed sees better, no's fixed expenses are lower. Overall, the central bank still points out that the economy needs a stimulus, because without growth may not be strong enough to keep the economy vytvárala posts.
Fed added that the operation is scheduled to end by the end of twist and resume will only be a time-unlimited purchases of mortgage securities in a volume of 40 billion USD per month.

Balance Sheet Fed finally begins sprout

While the new time-unlimited QE was announced as early as mid-September, the Fed's Balance Sheet, respectively. ingredient or mortgage securities nerástla. Growth we have seen only in the course of the last week, when the volume of mortgage securities (MBS) began to grow. This means that QE3 + started with the delay of a monthly. The reason might be that the volume of maturing mortgage securities exceeded the volume of new purchases, and thus the balance of slow decline. According to several commentators the decrease in the balance of the Fed's monetary policy tightening quiet, no banks have so much surplus reserves that the Fed's balance drop basically up to the relaxed stance of monetary policy remains unchanged.

iPhones are sold nicely in 3Q

The results korporátnych yesterday again took the technology sector. While Facebook positively surprised and company shares shot up by 19% (from the IPO are nevertheless in strategic 38.87%), we have seen a massive decline in promotions company Netflix (-11.88%), which, while publishing excellent results, no fear the competition from Amazon and Hulu. Better results also publishing company AT & T, the top provider of telecommunications services in the U.S.. But after the results of the Company decreased by 0.83%. Parameters it results, among them iPhonov sales, but Apple to shares helped to grow by 0.57%. AT & T had sold 4.7 million in 3Q phones from Apple, which is one million more than in 2Q. Before today's results kvartálnymi Apple shares are trying to build a bottom.

A two-year reprieve for Greece

While the results have the potential to knock Apple, Greece still does not fulfill its conditions and therefore still only speak informally to extend the compliance with the conditions of the Troika further two years. New cuts, another 31 billion in aid and increase the retirement age from 65 to 67 years should help the plan. Optimistic about Greece, but still, we are not, and therefore we expect that Greece will not meet new goals.

Greek sovereignty at risk again

Germany also recognizes it and therefore talk about a new plan for further waiver of sovereignty. Part of the revenues of the state budget, especially the VAT, should be sent to the special account from which would ensure debt repayment. Alternatively, if Greece does not fulfill conditions škrtania, it will automatically škrtom extent necessary, much like it is in the plan, and after the elections in the U.S. will not come to an agreement on debt reduction plan.Germany plans to go further and come up with external technical assistance, and which will assist in tax collection, statistics, reducing corruption, etc. Greece is certainly not like it, but ultimately probably not have another option, and the German plan to downgrade well as among other countries.

Spain still weight with the help of

Such a step necessary in the form of waiver of sovereignty is also afraid of Spain and therefore the scale Prime Minister Rajoy still asking for help. Conditions should not be too hard to, well, when Greece was also splashed that Athens can handle it. Expectation of assistance, however, is what helps keep Spain currently yields low, to prevent overflow into neinvestičného rating bands as well as the outflow of deposits from Spanish Banks. According to today's give increased deposits in the Spanish banks in September 1505 on trillion euros from 1.492 trillion. euros. The trend is positive.Well, you can quickly change if Spain will vacillate for help.

View on today

Today we await the results of the U.S. long-term consumption of goods orders for September. It is expected that after minulomesačnom Overflow occurs by 13.2% to 7.5% growth. The main effect on the volatility in the airline industry put, since the company Boeing orders often Kriviy statistics. Orders without transport are expected to 0.9% with the prior decline of 1.6%. Better data could assist to shares erase most recent loss. Nasdaq 100 indexes as well as the SP500 does suggest the possibility of data loss and would be better able to assist you.

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