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Apple armor on Christmas season

Finally this week, we not produce while not fundamentally changing moods. Already yesterday's U.S. corporate results did not please (Apple and Amazon), Asian shares show that shared these concerns (especially from disappointments results from Fanuc Corp. and China Unicom)

Of course the results of Apple as the largest component of the S & P500 was not such a disaster, but it was rather disappointing view. On the 4Q, which is formed mainly Christmas is expected earnings per share of $ 11.75 on revenue of $ 52 billion, while the expectations were at $ 15.49 and $ 55 billionThe fact that profits have sag more quickly than sales (compared to sea) 25% vs. 6% is not a statistical error. The cost does go up and competition Amozonu and Microsoft is readable. Action yesterday fell by 1.5% and is the lowest since the beginning of August. But needless to make panic cost growth is a normal thing and is introducing new products. A new Apple introduced the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac updated Computer and everything from mid-October. All product weapons are well prepared for the buying season. We will see what will be interested.

The euro area is fun again revolves around Greece, which will need further stimulus in the volume of € 30 billion in Germany but it gives up kicks plans as they would arrange it could.'d Like to arrange a moratorium on Greek debt (halt repayments), and provide a means of ESM to Greece, which would have piled on the market below the price of its debt (given the risk of default by now you can buy 10-year Greek debt is at 32% nominal) and the team would reduce its debt . This is an accounting trick, but very effective. Banks normally make use of this step is to increase its profits and its debt is not even neskúpia. Len you will say that if in a given quarter they buy your debt, which on account of their problems was hungry, it would save (pay by eg 80% instead of to the date of maturity gave 100% lender), and this difference is equal to entered in the accounts. The same could be done to Greece and to reduce its debt of about € 40 billion today, we hear of the German Parliament, that this idea is generally acceptable. This would, however, have the 6th assistance to Greece.On the other hand, it is also possible that it will go on the transfer of funds which have already been promised Greeks from old packages, but not yet received them. That would be us then nothing happened. At least thus not new costs.

Market sentiment is not very positive, we see the reckoning after injury včerajšom overflow euro behold shares. Precious metals (except platinum) new intraday bottom done and are seeking land under his feet. Brent Crude very similar to searching for a bottom and WTI slip lower, as shares fell, USD is strong and stocks are high. From under between Brent and WTI to grow again, which we expect even in our analysis .

Today is expected to be very important figure in U.S. GDP for 3Q, which is expected to grow much faster than in 2Q (which has also been Postpay downward revision). This, or good governance of the euro area would now be able to market and shake things up and nothing will go wrong, so also up. Delete part of the losses of the past days. U.S. stocks are falling by more than 3% over the last 5 days, European somewhat less. Platinum fell by almost 4%, gold and silver, of almost 1%. Oil of almost 4%. Since the market nezúri bland panic, but rather tone udávajú U.S. stocks which zostupujú from the top, we could also see some reflection. Italian auction today cheered the results are important to corporate-nečakajú and, therefore, today's development will depend on the U.S. GDP. Before you can publish your still tell who what to expect. The mood, however, must be really miserable, even when plannedcom / zona_obchodnika / cik_spr.php? id = 52831 "rel = nofollow> BoJ market incentives very moved.

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Apple zbrojí na vianočnú sezónu

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