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Twelve hospitals end up with acute inpatient care

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The negotiations between insurers, hospitals and the Ministry of Health came a list of devices that will receive a contract for the payment of care. Which hospital was agreed last year, gets the money in full, which until this year, it has to be cut, said on Monday Pavel Horak, director of NGA.

Most hospitals receives five-year contract term, there are some clauses partial change in structure. "As we said last year, who voluntarily agree, the money comes. Already this year, the offer did not apply, so we will start negotiations on the financial impact, we will certainly take into account the specifics of the particular hospital, because some have a generous budget and not others," mentioned Horak. Savings insurance is about half a billion, next year should be to reduce the number of beds to six thousand.

Other hospitals are medium-term contract, that is valid for a period of two to three years. "It is time that both sides gives room to fine-tune the details of restructuring," said Ladislav Friedrich, vice president of the Association of Health Insurance Companies (CAP).

In figure even short-term contracts with short-term effect. "For those already agreed changes or we ourselves were regarded as necessary and we know that it is possible to transform in such a period of time to implement," said Friedrich.

Twelve hospitals for acute inpatient care fully come. "They'll transform into a different type of care needed, such as overnight," said Horak.

Both assured that the contractual conditions and transformation of medical equipment to patients not negatively writ. Admitted that allow for the fact that some people will have to find new doctors."With the migration of patients expect. Applies primarily to medium-term contracts, where three years give enough time to redirect the catchment area and customs patients to find a new provider-patient care," said Friedrich.

After restructuring will remain in the Czech Republic 46 000 acute beds. "The network, which over the next three years, creates, provides patients with a relatively luxurious number of acute beds," said Friedrich.

His words were confirmed by Peter Nosek, Deputy Minister of Health. "The availability and quality of health care for patients suffer, does not occur or threaten to occur, any crisis," said, adding that the ministry will watch over the next year that the availability of really suffered.

For now, Friedrich Horak nor count the fact that a certain number of hospitals should close completely, insisting that it will only be transformed into new types of devices.

List of hospitals with information as a contract from insurance companies get from 1 January 2013, emerged from the weekend meeting the Association of Health Insurance and General Health Insurance Company (NGA). "The hospital also sees the final list until today," said Horak. The document appears during Friday to websites of both institutions and the Ministry of Health.

That hospitals still do not know the contents of the list, confirmed the fourteenth hour executive director of the Association of Czech and Moravian Hospitals (AČMN) Stanislav Fiala. "So far we only know numbers from the press conference. Want to emphasize that this is an agreement between insurance companies, not the agreement between them and hospitals.The website of the Ministry or to insurance companies list still hangs, so hospitals have not seen and still do not know. We know only that twelve hospitals with acute ends flat beds and eighteen concerned within two to three years, because given the short-term contract. There it is clear that once that these health care facilities learn disperse them with staff, professional teams will disappear, because they go to look for work elsewhere. So that means disposing of thirty hospitals, twelve now and the rest gradually, "said Fiala AČMN opinion.

He said that interference with other six thousand beds, which includes the three thousand that were lost in the course of this year, is totally unacceptable for them. "Hospitals are advise to see the contract, and in dealing with insurance companies go solidarity. Main problem, however, is that none of us speak insurers, from July, when negotiations broke off with us.Now it's just a dictation through the media, "said Fiala.

Medical Trade Union Club (LOK) forthcoming interference beds sharply condemned. "I wonder by what keys are chosen by the 12 hospitals that were selected for interference. Also, I wonder what time of year did health insurance companies, the negotiations did not run rather than ran, and everything is now done at the last minute" said the chairman LOK Martin Engel.

He added that škrtáním beds is just money alone will not save, because patients who seemed to these beds will have to be treated elsewhere. "If you talk about savings, then it is only a failure to provide care, because the payment is charged for the care, not the bed. According to our calculations, the considered cuts represent untreated 53,000 to 93,000 patients," said Vice additional information Milos Voleman.

Among the twelve hospitals having from 1 January short-term contract (in two cases in the straight closure of acute care) include: Hustopeče City Hospital, Hospital Tišnov, Tanvald Hospital, St George Hospital in Pilsen, GynCentrum in Prague, Prague ISCARE IVF, cardiology Bulovka, MEDITERRA Sedlčany , PP-patient clinic of Kladno, PA Hospitals in Brandys nad Labem, Podřipská Hospital and City Hospital VITA Duchcov.

The list of eighteen healthcare facilities that receive medium-term contract with the changing structure of which is under threat of Stanislav Fiala also applies only in the longer term, figuring Center of Cardiovascular and Transplant Surgery, Brno, Břeclav Hospital, Kyjov and Znojmo, Brno Remand Prison, Military Hospital Brno, Reha medica Žacléř, Panocha Turnov Hospital, City Hospitalin Odry, Hospital Rokycany, Francis Hospital in Prague, Prague Psychiatric Centre, Institute of Rheumatology, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Prague, City Hospital Městec Králové, Nymburk Hospital, Hospital Říčany and Orthes in Rožnov Radhoštěm. With the latest equipment lists note the failure to reach consensus among health insurers.

Šurmanová Katerina, Zuzana Fojčíková,

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