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Petr Prochazka (PČS): Very serious diseases are at significant risk. Responsibility for their health to assume the

With treatment of very serious diseases will help the National Health Service. Brunt of the consequences of these diseases, however, we have to bear too. Money incalculable misery in the form of very serious illness not completely prevent, the consequences for our personal finances, however, already did. How? The fact we talked with Peter Prochazka, director of product management in Pojišťovna Czech Savings Bank.


It is still true that clients underestimate some of the risks?

none; font-stretch: normal;-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> Yes, they do. usually make decisions based on what is closer to them, what they are able to better imagined. Resolves car insurance, property or personal injury. imagine much worse, and mostly do not want to deal with very unpleasant ideas, such as disability or a serious illness.

To see what is actually meant by "very serious condition"? Personally, I immediately think of cancer, but what else?

white-space: normal; orphans: 2; Widows: 2; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal;-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> In general terms of a disease that has a major, irreversible effect on your health and shortens your lifespan. Originally they were a sort of accelerated performance before death so that they can be used to finance the last days more comfortable. Today, with improved medicine and the progressive development of health care, the payout performance to help facilitate a return to life.

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Why do against a very serious illness insurance? In a generous welfare state can still assume that the state take care of me or not?

I do not think we were as the Czech Republic or in the future we will be generous state. Insurance unfortunately fails to cure a man, but every dollar will help to deal with serious and long-term consequences.

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How do you think the future will be to develop the role of the state, respectively.his social network? Looking at the empty state coffers this begs the question that it is the reduction in benefits and a gradual shift of the costs associated with health care for citizens. Or is my reasoning wrong?

It's logical reasoning. The state does not have a long-term possibility of funding for this area increase. The trend for the future is therefore offer insurance on a commercial basis.

Read how to protect yourself from the consequences of very serious diseases

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In connection with the decline in real wages, which we record this year, with people increasingly getting interested in their insurance contracts, respectively. so, for what applies.Let me ask you directly, how is it compared to the competition FLEXI life insurance that your company offers?

If you're asking for a comparison with the competition, then permanently FLEXI offers and provides the best of what is on the insurance market. Of course, we differ in prices for individual risks vary by product, in some cases the extent of insurance coverage. But it is always best for the product and its success speaks numbers and interest of users themselves: Awards, attributed to appreciation of our clients or the amount of claims that our clients continually pay out.

normal; orphans: 2; Widows: 2; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal;-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> When it we are paying the premiums. Few now have job security and therefore permanent labor income in the future. How about the payment of premiums in the event such as losing a job? (note to mention insurance waiver of premium in case of illness, hospitalization, etc.?)

font-stretch: normal;-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> Selected banking products on offer Czech Savings Bank already contain different types and variations of insurance protection, we can For example, to insure a mortgage payment or other credit product, we can choose insurance protection for their regular expenses on a personal account, take out liability insurance or accident insurance. In case of hospitalization, illness or loss of employment, for us, the bank repays loan insurer. A after period of twelve months - for longer lasting disease is the assumption that a person will be recognized disability to acquire entitlement to benefits. In case of death for you insurance company will pay the entire amount due.

We offer our clients payment protection insurance in the form of two packages - cheaper includes the aforementioned risks without insurance against unemployment, more expensive protects against all four risks. Complete coverage variant, ie including the loss of employment, is used to a lesser extent. Interest of our clients, focuses on the basic coverage of long-term illness. As for him, and for job loss, the insurance company pays installments for a maximum period of one year.

One with the sick, anything about it. But some credit must pay.

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Insurance is one of the things that people like to postpone indefinitely. Is it possible to determine the age at which it is best to conclude life insurance

The sooner the better. As long as we have health insurance us easily to take insurance. The older we get, the more increases the risk of ill and reduces the chances that we will be for the insurance company interesting.

Widows: 2;-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;-webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> Then there are various life milestones, which also tell when it is appropriate to insure. It is when our income is someone addicted. And by someone we mean: myself, my family and children. Then you just need.

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Petr Prochazka studied at the University of Economics in Prague. The insurance industry is working all my life, Pojišťovna Czech Savings Bank is faithful for eighteen years. From the standpoint of methodology, he served as Director of Product Management department, and thus has the lion's share of new products and treatments. He is married and has two children.

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