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PROFILE: The Great Return Milos Zeman, the highest levels of policy

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - hasty departure from the policies and efforts to return and assesses recent years, political scientists, former prime minister and former CSSD chairman Milos Zeman. Now, along with Jan Fischer, known as the favorite first-ever direct presidential election in the Czech Republic.

Miloš Zeman withdrew from politics in 2003, when, during the presidential elections not even qualify for the second round. Some of his fellow CSSD is then abruptly inclined to side Vaclav Klaus. Pit dug under Zeman apparently then CSSD deputy chairman Stanislav Gross, who himself Zeman paradoxically pushed down as party leader.

Even in its medieval fortress in the Highlands, however, did not cease to influence the political scene. Besides being lavishly commented politics, socialized with many social democrats.At the same time ceased to criticize both Gross and his successor Vladimir Spidla, who also himself was originally promoted as the way to lead the CSSD, so in filling the post of prime minister.

Short-term reconciliation between Zeman and CSSD leadership occurred with the advent of Paroubek did not last long, however. Fundamental split between Zeman and new leader CSSD caused different views on solving deadlock after the parliamentary elections in 2006. Aversion between them have escalated in 2007, when Paroubek Zeman accused of having entered into a disadvantageous contract with lawyer Zdenek Altner who represented the Social Democrats in a dispute with the Ministry of Finance of the People's ownership of the house. Altner, who won the dispute, accuses CSSD that he failed to pay the fixed fee. Interest on unpaid amounts meanwhile grown to an exorbitant sum and if recognition would be for the CSSD liquidation.The Zeman in relation to the case filed a criminal complaint against Jaroslav Novak, Zeman, however, he was confident that the hunt for his person holds just added. The CSSD therefore Zeman in protest in March 2007 appeared.

Zeman also signaled that the ultimate policy finally broke. But soon opened lobbyist Miroslav Slouf Prague office association called Friends of Milos Zeman and openly declared that the only purpose of this action is to be elected President Milos Zeman, Czech Republic.

Page created association of citizens' rights-Zemanovci and former Prime Minister announced candidacy in parliamentary elections as a leader in the. Small way contributed to that dispute with Paroubek, Zeman described as the coward who is afraid to confront him in the election.

After the parliamentary elections in 2010, although zemanovci remained outside the gates of the House, not exceed the five percent threshold for entry into the lower chambers of parliament, but social democracy detract from its profits.

Page programmatically while betting in particular the direct election of the president, mayors and governors, changing the electoral system, the abolition of the flat tax and the introduction of progressive taxation. Of benefits to unemployed makes their involvement in community service, rejects privatization of strategic state-owned companies and rail against the regulatory fees in health care and compulsory co-financing of studies.
In foreign policy, Zeman is known for a distinctive attitude toward Islam and support the participation of Czech soldiers in foreign missions NATO. He says of himself that is eurofederalista, but not eurofanatik.

During the Prague Spring in 1968 he joined the Communist Party, of which he was about two years later expelled. Subsequently he worked as a forecaster in many organizations. For his political and social views were a number of them were dismissed or closed organization. One of his most famous articles published in August 1989 in the Technical magazine, Zeman it sharply criticized the communist regime.

During the "Velvet Revolution" was actively involved in the activities of the Civic Forum. Caused such a great response to his speech at Letna 25th November 1989, in which conditions and living standards in Czechoslovakia compared to African nations.

In 1990 he designed for the Civic Forum in the Federal Assembly, in which he was also selected in 1992. Since 1990 he also began working at the Prognostics Institute.In 1992, he joined the Social Democrats, and a year later became its chairman, which he remained until 2001.

In 1996 he became after a pause of one term member of the House again. For tolerance of minority government of Vaclav Klaus could take sěmovny Chamber chief function. About two years later won the early elections and until July 2002 he served as chairman of the government, which was under contract tolerated opposition Civic Democrats. In 2001, the forward post CSSD chairman Vladimir Spidla, who one year later after winning election to replace and prime minister.

Zeman was born on 28 September 1944 in Cologne, graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. Married the second time, from his first marriage, a son of David, with his second wife had a daughter Catherine.

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