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Last Hope dies. Why does almost every trading must burn?

Because our beliefs operate completely reliably. In addition to the quantity of other've probably forgotten one important from youth. Almost everyone has heard it from their parents and grandparents. This belief is: "Man is learned on their own mistakes."

Can you tell it with us has nothing in common. Minulotýždňovej topic   Discussions on FB   conversation was about whether or not to enter to type, move   neposúvať or stop loss.   Almost everyone was expressed that he used stop loss and its setting does not change. But also almost   each wrote that this tactic stálaškolné learning it in the form of deletions almost the entire account. And yet for all the tradingovýchblogoch, vzdelávaniach, forums, training, ... writes and says that it is one of the principles of sound marketing.

Trading system, which we test and verifies be used also to lively account. Each of us Yet in the context of testing contractors and did not change its height. Ask traded must be tested according to our rules.

The question is why testing and re-trafficking (the historical sample data) are profitable, but the actual trading on live account with real money will ultimately crashes?

The answer is simple: Because the life of the account, we can not predict the future for trade and we own egom cloudy.

Yes egom. Who among you fears the front of their partners, parents, children ... acknowledge that the law   prerobil money on stock market? Money that should be designated for holidays, school, or very likely standard of reserve? It's sad but it's true!

Many of us traderov,   was lured by brokers and various companies with the fact that trading is   lightweight, simply learn to recognize scatter techniques, simple graph, candle top, candle down, purchase, sale, and we can expect to earn millions. But almost nobody we not say that trading has also averted his face. Tou but are not our adversaries Trader, even if it is their insanely much and usually are in contrast to our great players.

The most averted their faces we ourselves, our ego and our beliefs.

What is are those beliefs?

Well, a very interesting part of our function and podvedomej mind, shaping it already has started to evolve before our birth.It is therefore more than naive to think that a simple wave of his magic wand to change it. And even our positive thoughts like: "I am successful trader" to make any difference. At least not as quickly as we are able to dispose of your trading account and lose all your money.

How many times when you stratovom Store salvific challenged the idea that "it is-it certainly turns in my direction, because ...". Lenz's "because" is very easy searches on history, we know where you find some - support, resistance, double peak ...

But who of us is a full-time soothsayer and a 100% success rate predictions?

Trading is no longer what they used to be before 3-4 years ago. Then they all čudovali, how do I traded currency pair GBP / JPY.   In that time many things are changed and the volatility of 100-150 points in a day is nothing unusual even for such a stable Pare such as that for EUR / USD.   The gold price has since increased by almost $ 1,000 for uncu and markets react to fundamental management is exactly the opposite, as it should according to the economists.

Not even the stock market is not a dependency ...

So currently I appreciate your an engineering education, psychology and knowledge of his own personality, making som of trading success.

Mechanical engineering has learned to use common sense and technical thinking, understand the behavior of crowd psychology and knowledge of my own personality magnificently shows that what others are doing is not the right choice for me.   It will never be successfully marketed to minútovom graph that I need to AKU - Takumi certainty that I am not very willing to take the risk that we're prefer some time to test, but then we'll hold your strategy unconditionally.

But mostly, we're going to be marketed, so that I was in psychickej cool!

Author: Viera Sadloňová

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