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After dinner with the Czech quality, customers have the choice of other quality products

On Tuesday evening, the National House in Vinohrady organized under the auspices of the Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba and 1 Vice Sobotka passed twenty new products and services right to use the brand in the Czech Quality Programme. For these manufacturers and service suppliers is undoubtedly an excellent advertising and Czech consumers extends to purchase products with superior quality independently verified.

While the food are the dozens of scandals consumers are beginning to realize that in addition to prices should be included in the selection criteria for the issue of the quality of consumer goods that awareness still is not nearly as strong. Most customers believe that by buying a bad product just risking its lower functionality, or a shorter lifespan. But the reality is quite different.Even consumer goods can - in the case of faulty or improper design of the fiber composition - threaten the life or health of consumers. The evidence is warning European RAPEX, which is annually reported about 2,000 non-food products that are proven health and dangerous to life. Only a negligible percentage of them are made while in Europe, two thirds have their origin in Asia. But even this is only the tip of the iceberg, because it is not possible for the supervisory authorities to check all or most products that come on the market.


"Poor and dangerous products is a problem facing all of Europe.Their effects are yet very negative, causing injuries and chronic disease burden subsequent health and social system and often make further application of patients in the labor market. The situation is even worse, it is often the products intended for children. The short life cycle of low-quality products also produces excessive amounts of unnecessary, sometimes even hazardous waste, "explains Robert Szurman, chairman of Quality Award.

While consumers themselves have only minimal possibilities to discover before buying poor quality or unsafe product. It requires not only expertise, but also for expensive laboratory equipment. Therefore it is better to rely on a pre-tested by experts and tested products and services.

"We want to give consumers a choice of products for which quality was verified by an independent body, and where there is a guarantee that is continuously monitored adherence to quality in production or providing services.'s Why we prepared the Czech Quality Programme, which meet all of these conditions guarantees." explains David Juračka, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Czech Quality Programme and President of the Association of Trade and Tourism.

Unreliable manufacturers and dealers often try to pretend that their goods meet high quality standards. Therefore, the consumer may be faced with a number of different brands of quality programs, quality certified, certified quality, quality companies, etc., but only trade tension and, in fact, nothing.They lack basic parameter trusted marking: independent third party quality certification - accredited laboratory.

Czech quality conversely associates only quality brand designed to meet the rules specified by the Steering Committee and a long-term program is adhered to. The consumer then you may not understand the dozens of brands. Just know that the symbol of the Czech quality means an automatic guarantee of seriousness and credibility, and decide accordingly.

The only fault of the program is still a small number of award-winning products. However, if the business will follow the wishes of their customers, they should, this disadvantage will soon disappear. According to a survey held this year in collaboration with the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts CZ by 69% of Czech consumers appreciate if they could navigate the purchase according to the independent quality mark.

"The choice by an independent label, according to a survey welcomed the overwhelming majority of consumers. Doing exactly the Czech Quality Program meets all the parameters that citizens from such labeling required," explains Jan Taraba, Director of the National Information Centre quality support. "And what are our entrepreneurs still interesting: already considered a credible quality Czech 83% of survey participants and 73% of consumers would give so marked preference when buying goods, "adds Taraba.

The decision whether to choose a product whose quality is guaranteed independent verification or risk buying without any guarantee, of course, consumers. Czech entrepreneurs can prepare them a sufficiently broad range of proven products and Programme of Czech quality strictly guard the observance of all rules and parameters.

After today's ceremony held to offer quality products with proven once again spread. Two dozen authorization to use any of the brands in the Czech Quality Programme for products and services taken from first hand Vice-President of the Senate Premysl Sobotka, deputies Kohoutová Lenka Markova and Soni, Deputy John Babora, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Frederick Dandy and many other distinguished guests award-winning representative companies.

List of award-winning products and services:

Czech quality - Tested for construction

REHAU Ltd. entrance doors REHAU - GENEO

Czech quality - Work affected

Neratov associations, civic services and products of protected workshops Neratov Association

Czech quality - ESC

SALTEK Ltd. arrester

Czech quality - Certified IT services

Logica Czech Republic sro service management system

Czech quality - QZ - guaranteed quality

LEDER TEX Ltd. textile cleaning clothes

Little Rock Star, Ltd. set Little Rock Star products for children under 3 years of age and adults

LAUNDRY MM Ltd. laundry services

Czech quality - healthy shoes - shoe for your child GIRAFFE

DPK, spol. s ro collection of children's leather walking shoes and home textile

Bata, a joint stock company certified collection boys and girls walking shoes

Woe Footwear Ltd. Baby slippers slippers

Czech quality - Playground-sports-gym-certified operation

City Sokolov playground "Rákosníčkovo pitch"

City District Prague 20 playground "Běluňská" Upper Počernice

Czech quality - Safe Toys

Logik, Ltd. Kulísková games

Czech quality - Czech Made

AC-T service, spol. s ro wholesale door furniture and fireplace tools

SOLODOOR as interior doors and doorframes

RATAJ as Bezos spiral conveyors

Czech quality - Furniture

Czech furniture and furniture sets cabinets and table, for housing, offices and medical facilities

DŘEVOTVAR, vd Znojmo office furniture "Boss"

Czech quality - Q 21 - 21st shop century

Unity of Czech Budejovice consumer cooperative store Supermarket TERNO Bechyně

Unity, consumer cooperative in Hodonin shop Mutěnice

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