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Pension insurance  |  November 07, 2012 21:30:05

Pension reform can start from the beginning of the year, members outvoted President

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The technical standard that allows you to run from January second pillar of the pension system without a functional single collection point, deputies passed on Wednesday. Outvoted so 102 votes veto by President Vaclav Klaus.

The opposition criticized the norm for several hours. "It is the worst decision that's been presented in the House since he was running voucher privatization," he said in the House vigorously KSCM chairman Vojtech Filip, who warned that, whenever possible, will propose the abolition of the second pillar.

He will be joined by Deputy Vit Barta (VV), who objected that the pension reform to get the so-called intergenerational solidarity, ie the possibility of transfer payments from the insurance pensions parents, which was part of the coalition agreement with things public."Not only does this Act, but the Minister (Miroslav) Kalousek (TOP 09) says that intergenerational solidarity is not just," said Barta, who is disliked by promoting consolidation package during Wednesday afternoon. "The House pushed through tax increases, which are however not selected and those selected have money that is not selected and that really will not, manages to spend," alluding to the deputy position that the Chamber of Deputies during Wednesday approved the increase in VAT by one percentage point to 15 or 21 percent. The second pillar pension instead, money from the state budget, from the first continuous pillar, bring out.

President Klaus implementing the pension reform law previously vetoed. "With the change in the pension system from completely disagree for reasons other than the parliamentary opposition. Their reasons I have explained several times," stated Klaus."Last year I was the previous laws relating to changes in the pension system ... his signature connected. Due to obstruction of opposition then I did these laws directly Deputies returned. Nowadays, however, a situation where his position on the proposed changes must express clearly," he added.

Pension reform, according to the head of state a fundamental change in the social system, which has a long term effect and affects every citizen. Therefore, its contents, preparation and implementation require at widest consensus: "In this case, such a consensus in the scientific sphere, in the political arena and in society does not exist."

Klaus pointed out that the government's pension reform proposal rejected in the House and Senate with him managed to approve only a very narrow majority the current government coalition.

"Punching Power key changes this Parliament does not give good prospects for its long-term sustainability and stability conditions for the next possible political constellations. Government pension reform project, in particular the creation of the second pillar, ie individual voluntary pension savings in private funds, it is proposed to start in a time when the financial crisis has exposed the risks and undermined the confidence in the long-term collective investment when similar systems in the world and especially in the countries around us got into a severe crisis and are re-nationalization or significantly modified and the overall economic situation and the outlook is not particularly favorable, "the president explained his opinion.

In such a situation, it is said to start gambling reform with confidence of citizens, the stability of the pension system and public and private finance. It is difficult to estimate, according to Klaus and the effects of the introduction of the second pillar of the pension system running today, and where is the next decades will be how the current generation of pensioners, a new generation of those who are approaching retirement age, fully dependent.

On Wednesday passed legislation to allow Republic for putting money from the state retirement account to private pension funds, as well as situations where there does not work one collection point (JIM). How many times minister Kalousek warned approve the pension reform.

"Failure to adopt the proposed legislation would mean that individual taxpayers can not effectively save for retirement through the second pillar of the pension system.The proposed legislation is therefore essential that the existing system was revised accordingly and ensure its functionality, "justify a proposal from the Ministry of Finance.

Resort Finance pointed out that under the current legislation it is not possible to select and manage next part of social security specified in the second pillar of the pension system.

It was here, in the accounts of private pension companies get employees since the beginning of 2013 to carry on the possibility of three percent of payments for social insurance. The condition for this is that the amount you added a further two per cent of salary. After reaching retirement age, although they receive less money from the state, but to get more money from private funds and as a result should be more for retirement funds.

"Given that pension reform will work without the presence of a JIM, you must set the procedural rules governing the collection and transfer of funds to the retirement savings of participants in pension companies so that the whole system can be run independently on a project JIM" joined the Ministry of Finance.

Under current legislation, tax reform starts to 1 January 2015, originally had JIM and other parts of her work was about two years earlier. "While maintaining the effectiveness of the Pension savings to January 1, 2013, the adoption of the proposed legislation necessary to facilitate the functioning of the pension reform and the so-called opt-outs from 2013, without the presence of a JIM," said resort.

Costs of the law Law explanatory report estimated at 46 million, another $ 15 to 17 million will need to invest social security authorities. According to the resort but it's the cost that would have been incurred "anyway".

Jan Drahorád,

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Důchodová reforma se může spustit už od začátku roku, poslanci přehlasovali prezidenta

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