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The House and Senate overrode re-approved religious restitution

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The bill on property settlement with churches and religious communities on Thursday approved the Chamber of Deputies votes when 102 coalition MPs overrode the Senate. Property law to remedy wrongs and religious societies to restore property confiscated after 1948.

"I'm very happy and I admit that I was also moved. After twenty years the company managed to achieve justice in this matter," commented nocturnal result of the vote, Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09).
Conversely opposition angered night meetings, so before voting deputies Communists and the Social Democrats left the meeting hall to show that negotiations are not considered legitimate.

"I am convinced that such a large transfer of property in the tens of billions can not browse usually 101 or 102 votes and actions in our opinion, the characters did not meet the statutory procedure becausePrint this should be discussed at the next meeting, and they did not. This discussion has been delayed for several months, I am convinced that the law was virtually wiped off the table and now there was nothing to act. Therefore, we also refused to participate in the debate and subsequent vote, because we just helped give the impression that it was a normal meeting. It was a meeting that was, in our opinion, at the edge of the law, "said the head of the CSSD deputies Jerome Tejc.

According Tejc coalition acted on the edge of the law and the Social Democrats meeting on church restitutions attack at the Constitutional Court. CSSD is preparing a constitutional complaint against the standard full pass through the legislative process.

The law, which is designed to correct injustices and religious property companies to restore property confiscated after 1948, gives the number of population policy and great emotion.While the government coalition norm considered as one of the basic objectives of the legislature, the opposition criticized the proposal long and tries to prevent its adoption, or at least delay it.

Members present government standard since 19 January this year. The lectern performed during each reading his critique of the bill dozen deputies, for example, the lower parliamentary chamber Vice Lubomir Zaoralek (CSSD). He recently responded to repeated coalition government claims that the proposal is in accordance with the principle: what was stolen, it must be returned.

"I noticed that we should recognize the principle: what was stolen, it must be returned. I was wondering how this principle is applied in this country. When you look at it, you will find incredible numbers, as in this country is applied principle that what is stolen, it must be returned.Victims of crime in this country back to what will come in less than five percent, "said House Zaorálek.

"How is it possible that when this principle is not respected, so you pull on it going long past? It is a notable inconsistency. You see, if you are reckless to the victims of the current, so do not tell me that you have a sudden movement of generosity towards zlodějnám what happened in the past. Makes no sense. Well, you should reconsider., you should apply this principle to individuals today. They really deserve it! " Ministers called on Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS).

The opposition believes that the government's proposal would return church property more than they ever owned. The proposal is based on the agreement with the Government of Churches, an increase in the total amount of in-kind restitution of the original 51 billion crowns to 75 billion crowns.With this increase, however, reduces the total financial compensation of 83 billion to 59 billion.

The primary objective property settlement is to allow churches and religious communities that are economically independent of the state. The main part of the returned property is in farm property. Restitution will cost to churches to pay for 30 years. During the first 17 years of the entry into force of the Act on the property settlement, however, will continue to contribute to the state churches of their operations. The first three years of the contribution will be the same as at present, the next 14 years will be reduced annually by five percent.

Norma now heads to the President of the Republic.

Philip Nachtmann,

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