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Scramble around tax package closer provisional budget

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - If it is not approved by the end of the tax package could not be approved by the state budget, said Sunday's Questions of Vaclav Moravec on CT1 Deputy Pavel Suchanek (ODS). Republic would then waited provisional budget and double change of the rate of value added tax.

Forty risk provisional budget estimate House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Suchanek (ODS) on Sunday in Questions of Vaclav Moravec on CT1. Stopgap occurs if you fail to claiming tax package before the end of the year. The state budget is with him is bound, the revenue side counts the money from increased VAT rates.

"If the package is not approved, neither a budget that is in it. Budget can not be approved on the laws that are in force. When miss the deadline, it will be in the Republic budget temporaries.Deputies will discuss the Budget extraordinary meeting of the 28th November, "said Suchanek.

He added that he hoped that such a situation does not occur, and appealed to the Senate to neprotahoval statutory deadline for the discussion and bothered. The upper chamber of the House sends the package back, because in it there is a left-wing majority.

The problem with the package, the independent Senator Elizabeth Wagner, former judge of the Constitutional Court. "While this is only my guess, but I assume that the norm back MEPs. Need to work to change it," Wagner mentioned in the discussion.

CSSD has other plans, he wants to return to the House package as a whole and not to submit any amendments. "However, we definitely do not want to abstain, we tax chaos provisional budget and do not want.Although the law Senate returns, but the CSSD planned vote in the House no obstruction, "said party chairman Bohuslav Sobotka game is on Sunday at the Prima Family.

Besides provisional budget also threatens the dual Republic VAT rate change. Unless package is registered in the Official Gazette before the end of this year will start from 1 January 2013 to pay a unified tax rate of 17.5 percent. "Then we had to pass a bill, which in turn set the dual rate, then he could start paying tax package. Return to dual rate would place first in February and started paying for the second quarter," said Suchanek.

The opposition coalition also agree that the double rate change would mean chaos for businesses and endangering the Czech economy. This is confirmed by experts, who call primarily for certainty and unchanging values.

"The two rates, 14 and 20 percent, are so close together that the uniform rate of 17.5 percent had a minimal impact. When a large difference between them, it is the social argument. For the average household will mean a uniform rate of increase in spending by fifty crowns monthly. stands such confusion and uncertainty for it? Businessmen and entrepreneurs need to know the amount of taxes and ideally in the long term, "said economist in matters Libor Dusek.

Katerina Šurmanová,

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