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Markets  |  November 15, 2012 17:05:42

CR - Summary 11.15 - With a fall in the economy, stocks slipped sensitive to cyclical

The Prague Stock Exchange today následovla slightly negative developments abroad and weakened slightly and at a slightly above-average trading volume.

Obese stock mood in Europe was now slightly negative. Negative mood arouse increasing concerns that the threat of U.S. "budget cliff" is again a bit heavier after President Obama said that tax breaks for wealthier Americans layers from the time of the presidency of George Bush Jr. should expire at the beginning of next year. Investors are worried that the Republicans in response to this block a possible agreement on the budget, which starts next year, the aforementioned process of "fiscal cliff," which is rather literary term for the process of starting the automatic spending cuts and tax increases.Negatively to European markets also influenced today's and yesterday's report confirms macroeconomic downturn in the economy the euro zone into a state of recession. However it must be noted that GDP in Germany and France by surprise when they were presented the data slightly better than expected.
Afternoon U.S. data was mixed character, since weekly report on the development of unemployment showed a significantly higher increase in the number of supported than expected and consumer prices rose significantly less compared to the estimates of the market. Decrease the risk of inflation will be positively perceived in terms of the release area to stimulate further U.S. economy. On the other hand, the low growth rate or even their decline is not well evaluated from the perspective of the overall health of the economy from the perspective of corporate management, which does not indicate this condition. It is therefore a matter which part of the market will take for his account of it and more.

On the domestic stock market was aware of the negative impact of the strong disappointment of GDP in Q3 with us. Larger than expected decline is then reflected in the weakening of the crown and in the sales pressure on titles bound significantly to the development of the economic cycle. Could not, therefore, CEZ shares, which is leaving the border 700 CZK, CETV shares fell significantly and NWR. The former deepened the value of its historical low, NWR is returning to the peak price level of the global financial crisis of spring 2009. Continued to drop also shares TO2. Stand up against oversold shares only significantly KB, Pegasus and Unipetrol.

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Conclusion Exchange November 15, 2012 16:28
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA 24.69    0.62% 0.83 million 24.54
CETV 93.11   -4.50% 7.72 million 97.50
ČEZ 692.10    -1.13% 212.13 million 700.00
ERSTE BANK GROUP 518.50    -0.10% 69.17 million 519.00
FORTUNA 83.03    -0.74% 0.00 million 83.65
COMMERCIAL BANK 3818.54    0.89% 152.00 million 3785.00
NWR 76.45    -4.43% 56.54 million 80.00
ORCO 60.60    1.03% 0.30 million 59.98
PEGAS NONWOVENS 463.96    1.17% 13.21 million 458.60
PHILIP MORRIS CR 10,690.45    0.56% 84.99 million 10,631.00
TELEFÓNICA CR 353.61   -1.75% 183.22 million 359.90
TMR 1090.04    0.00% 0.44 million 1090.00
UNIPETROL 168.90    1.14% 3.36 million 167.00
VIG 858.03    -1.09% 1.72 million 867.50
TOTAL   785.61 million

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