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SME: Small and medium-sized enterprises must establish even greater energy savings

Small and medium enterprises are constantly seeking to reduce energy costs, which make up a significant proportion of their total costs. Almost 77% of the business segment of a total of 653 respondents had already due to the economic recession implement austerity measures of the business. For 65% of them are mainly concerned the savings in energy consumption, the Union's research found SME CR (SME Union of the Czech Republic).    

Although the price of power energy decreases, the electricity for companies and households in 2013 could rise. The reason for this is to increase the contribution to the promotion of renewable sources. Next year will reduce state aid of about two billion crowns, while at the same size of the overall RES support probably surpass 40 billion. Increase in electricity prices from January 2013 also reflected the planned increase twenty percent rate of value added tax by one percentage point. All this will raise the price of many businesses energy bills by up to thousands of dollars.

Experts from the SME Union of the Czech Republic and a member of the National Economic Council doc. Ing. Jiri Schwarz, Ph.D. agreed that the solution to the competitiveness of Czech companies is not only energy-saving measures, but also cooperation with energy suppliers, who would be more relevant to the needs of small and medium enterprises. Optimizing the distribution tariff for supply of electricity and improving the efficiency of the lighting system, businesses can savings in tens of percent of current consumption.

"Field survey confirmed that for small and medium-sized enterprises in the area of energy cooperation with key energy suppliers. This may be an important factor in maintaining or increasing their competitiveness. Largest customer confidence representing the segment of small and medium enterprises enjoying E.ON, while ČEZ retains position as the largest supplier in this segment of customers. Growing competition in the quality of services provided by energy companies, which leads to energy savings, will have a positive micro-and macroeconomic implications, "says a member of the National Economic Council doc. Ing. Jiri Schwarz, PhD.

Basic overview of the survey results, SME Union of the Czech Republic *

·          Almost 77% of respondents have introduced austerity measures in the business due to the economic recession.

·          Found a 65% savings in energy consumption (electricity, natural gas). 79% of respondents still considering the savings in energy consumption and 77% of respondents consider the area of energy savings and increased efficiency as an important tool to increase competitiveness.

·          More than half of the respondents for each of the reference energy supplier feels support from the supplier of savings as inadequate, and that the greatest percentage of the ČEZ (83.6%), Bohemia Energy (83.3%) and RWE (81.5 %). Regarded as sufficient support for the largest percentage of customers of E.ON (36.5%), the Prague gas (26.7%) and PRE (25.6%).

·          The most recommended among business energy suppliers are companies E.ON (4.36 points), Vemex Energy (4.19 points) and the Prague Energy (3.99 points). At least then recommended suppliers CENTROPOL (2.71 points) and Bohemia Energy (3.32 points)

"As the survey results, small and medium-sized enterprises face high energy costs savings and expect that next year, the situation is even worse / more difficult. Entrepreneurs are therefore trying to be the most effective way to maintain their competitiveness, "said President of the Union of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises David Shaykh.

This is also the direction of the energy efficiency as one of the tools of the Energy Policy of the EU."Aim to reduce energy consumption in 2020 by 20% is one of the five objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy. Her subsequent implementation in the Czech Republic will motivate consumers to reduce energy consumption while supporting start some industrial sectors (eg energy efficient market products and services), "says Kamil Blazek, a partner of the law firm Kinstellar.

  'The sharp increase in the contribution of renewable energy sources is not the result of new resources, but incorrectly set support in the past, especially in the years 2009 - 2010. The current state administration only "quenches" the worst impacts. The question is only the distribution of costs - who pays it all! Investments in energy saving and careful supplier selection is a way consumers can react independently of the State " concludes energy consultant George Gavora ENA from society.

*A representative survey among members of the Union of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and the Czech business community in the Czech Republic on a sample of 653 respondents was conducted between 24 9th and 26th 10th 2012 in the form of an online questionnaire and telephone interviews.


EU SMEs CR represents and defends the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises, together with the Czech business associations creates pressure to improve business conditions for Czech and European public officials. Our main goal is to reform the legal framework for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic and across the European Union.These objectives achieve close communication with people with decision-makers, presentations needs of small and medium enterprises and presenting complex designs to a better business environment in the Czech Republic and EU.

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SME: Malé a střední podniky musí zavést ještě vyšší úspory energií

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