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Companies in the Czech Republic is interested in electromobility, some consider elektrovozů purchase or installation of charging stations

Three fifths of companies are interested in information regarding electromobility and its benefits. More than a fifth of companies expressed preliminary interest in future purchase or installation of electric charging stations and approximately every seventh company really thinks about it in the foreseeable future. These are the findings of the survey conducted by the Liberal Consulting between more than a hundred companies in the country.

Firms generally expect massive production of electric vehicles will respond automobile for a limited and ever-dwindling supplies of fossil fuels. Therefore closely monitor information to the media and elsewhere appear, some companies have tried borrowed electric and the vast majority were satisfied.

At the same time representatives of companies realize that the further development of electromobility still numerous barriers. Among the caveats that most often indicate a restricted choice elektrovozů (brands and types), their still relatively high cost, limited range and lack of infrastructure for recharging.New business models, the continued development of technology and the decreasing cost of electric vehicles, however, give real hope that these obstacles will soon be overcome, and there is a real boom in this area.

"The government and the responsible institutions can significantly stimulate the development of electromobility, particularly in larger cities, where there are environmental benefits the most tangible. For example, the introduction of electric vehicles in the services that are provided to citizens and businesses through state-owned companies or organizations. Furthermore, the use of EU funds for projects promoting environmental protection and electromobility as the definition of the near future, thanks to the innovation and development of newtechnologies play an important role in increasing the competitiveness of the Czech Republic, "said the President of the Union of electromobility Svatoslav Novak.

That survey was conducted in the Czech Republic between more than a hundred companies from various fields (total 104 companies).

Individual findings at a glance:

·60% of companies have expressed serious interest in information relating to electromobility.

·         22% of companies have expressed preliminary interest in future purchase or installation of electric charging stations as part of their business - whether for their own use or for commercial use.

·         14% of companies actually considering buying elektrovozů or install charging stations - for their own purposes or commercial purposes.

David Čapek
  Union electromobility      

The Union electromobility

The main activities of the Union electromobility (UEM) is preparing proposals and opinions of initiative to address issues of electromobility, and legislative and regulatory activities, as well as draft technical standards and implementation of projects for conceptual support for this area. An integral part of the work UEM is also promotion of electromobility in the Czech Republic. The Union currently has eight corporate members and is chaired by Svatoslav Novak.For more information, please www.unie-em.cz .

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Firmy v ČR se zajímají o elektromobilitu, některé zvažují pořízení elektrovozů či instalaci dobíjecích stanic

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