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DOCUMENT: Speech by Klaus front Hlávka Hostels in Prague

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Here the full text of the speech by President Vaclav Klaus, who made the 17th November 2012 in front Hlávka College in Prague commemorate the events of November.

At this point, in this cold November morning, I was in the last two decades, many times. Not trying to exactly calculate. But I know that here after all these years I meet are still more or less the same group of people. This is one of the nice contrast of the second warning.

This year it's the same for me, but others as well. Others in that it is visit my presidency last.

We who come here every year, we come so that was not forgotten. In order not forgotten, not in the sense memory of historians, who dated 17 November, in their closed groups certainly professionally deal with in the future.I rather to ensure that what happened here on the 17th November 1939 and what is going on across our country in the years following the tragic, was not cleared from memory nehistoriků, that ordinary people of present and future generations, and that it was not due today or tomorrow treated and acted as if these events before 73 years there.

I am a little worried about it. It disturbs me that what I see every day around us. It seems to me that we are in an era which I would call the era of era of forgetting and gestures.

The modern so-called information society, which I find particularly absurd name, because I would rather call it an uninformed society, with its apotheosis of the Internet and the social networks we ohlušuje flood of unstructured, often more or less irrelevant data or information. When we were at the same time has lost, respectively.let the damage and dishonor our traditional values ??and thought patterns, we have no where to store the information and how to sort and evaluate. In this way the information highways fast passage leading to dangerous forgetting.

The so-called. Political Correctness and spokojování with verbal, easy vyslovovatelnými apologies leads to the formation of gestures, not to authentic attitudes. The clapping gestures and words, not deeds and zásadovému, a consistent behavior.

The events of 17 November 1939 I have been here many many times, trying to say something relevant and certainly not coming today with some new breakthrough idea, as such they are not. It's tragic what happened, happened. However, we stubbornly insist that this event and all those that followed it, was measured right away. And this is necessary

- Not forgetting the time and causality of events of the time and
- Distinguish excesses and acts of individuals from the actions of the state, from the official state policy and the ideology that gives rise to these actions and justifies.

In these scales is what happened in this place 73 years ago and everything that followed in the years to come, when we were an independent state, but merely the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, relatively easy to evaluate. No excuse for this offense is not and never could be.

Weekend editor,

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