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A quarter of new homes sold on the investment. Czechs do not believe in the future of the pension system

With the alarming conclusion comes analysts developer EKOSPOL. In the long continuous survey, which was attended by nearly 1000 respondents - the actual buyers - that this year there is an entirely new and very strong trend. The number of new apartments sold for investment primarily in the last 6 months has increased by more than double!

Long-term continuous survey EKOSPOL involving only clients who in the period actually bought at least one new apartment. Polling is always personally signing the purchase contract or pre-emptive headquarters EKOSPOL. Explanatory power of the survey is as accurate and the response rate is close to 100%.

Every fourth apartment on investment? Traditional investors are being joined by "ordinary people"

If we look at the share of new dwellings sold to an investment in the period 2010 and 2011, so long was about 10-11%. Another approximately 10% of the clients reported that new home purchase for their children in a way which can also be seen as an investment.

"As a rule, the apartments for investment in our bought mainly so-called traditional investors. Thus, persons disposing of capital in the order of 5 to 10 million who buy packages usually 3-8 dwellings for the purpose of market rent. Among theTraditional investors are particularly successful and highly qualified professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, doctors, lawyers and also need athletes, celebrities, "recounted Eugene Korec, CEO and Chairman of the Board EKOSPOL development company.

During the year 2012, especially in the past six months, but the proportion of apartments sold to investment sharply increased to a whopping 24%, while the share of flats purchased "for the children" is almost unchanged. Purchases of investment thus strengthened at the expense of their own home.

Alarming is in Korce particular strength of this trend and also the reasons that buyers to purchase flats lead. "When we noticed a strong increase and also the fact that the average age of buyers in the last 6 months has decreased substantially, They called had a sample of 50 respondents who stated purpose of buying an apartment as an investment," says Korec and continues:"The results really surprised us. 47% of respondents - nearly half of it is - a real reason was fear for his future retirement, for an additional 18% was the reason for protection money against inflation. The traditional motif of real estate investors, ie regular and risk-free yield, 29% of respondents said. "


People save and invest. They do not believe in the future and certain board!

Concerns thirties and forties of future pensions mean that people with average or slightly above-average income to invest in another property immediately after you provide your own housing. A to investments in housing newly venturing even very young people between 22-30 years.

"The clients we discovered this year and a substantial set of university-educated young people below thirty years. Basically - who nowadays has a steady income of at least reaching the Prague diameter and is employed in a stable company currently uses low mortgage interest rates and instead of a new car or traveling around the world prefer to invest instudios, which also provide for old age. It is good that young people are clearly responsible, on the other hand, his attitude clearly demonstrate that the Czech pension system have little confidence, "says Eugene Korec and adds:" We can say that those who can afford it, invest in real estate, who it does not, at least tries to government bonds. "


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Čtvrtina nových bytů se prodává na investici. Češi nevěří v budoucnost penzijního systému

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