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Pension insurance  |  November 20, 2012 17:21:34

Necas luring pension reform itself enters the second pillar

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - From 1 starts in January 2013 pension reform, which the government describes as the biggest reform of pensions since 1989. Change on Tuesday recapitulated Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS), to a funded system, which according to the calculations of employees of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs pays roughly half of the people itself enters.

'There's about 41 days until the start of the next stage of the pension reform. The pension reform in this country practically speaking for more than 15 years and I'm glad we reformed as the first pillar and introducing the second pillar.'s Very advantageous to introduce this fully- in the form of savings for old age and it is good that it is voluntary and does not force anyone to do, "said the Prime Minister on Tuesday's press conference.

He added also that people often do not realize that you are currently none on their own retirement Vespers, because the current system operates as a flow. He recalled also that while this year fall on one pensioner nearly two economically active people in 2050 will have an average of only 1.2 active person.

"Pension account deficit in 2012 is 45 billion and 95 percent of the income of pensioners is currently made up of income from the state. It is an extremely high figure, the dependence on the state in our country is extremely large and unsustainable, even in comparison with other EU countries .'s why I say that people should not rely solely on the state, "said the Premier.

Voluntary second pillar of the pension system, which will allow citizens to convert three percentage points of their social security contributions to private savings, provided that they added another two percentage points from itsown funds shall be in accordance Necas highly secure, because the creation of the entire legislative adjustments are just on safety placed great emphasis. The new funds, for example, will clients' funds separate from the resource manager.

Himself Prime Minister told a press conference that it will enter into a funded scheme, "Yes, I enter into a second pillar. I will vote conservative or balanced strategy, I will not go into equity funds. I also have other instruments that are available in the market."

At the press conference, was made the second pension pillar will be advantageous only for half the population. This follows from the model of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for different income levels and for different age groups.

Those interested in the second pillar is on the basis of their income and age will have to rationally decide which of the four strategies selects whether the fund bonds, conservative fund, balanced fund or fund dynamic. Individual funds are different levels of risk.

"If we did not introduce a second pillar, we should asocial only three options: reduce future pensions, social contributions increased significantly or even more to move the retirement age. Pensioners are now also rely almost exclusively on the state," said Necas also.

He mentioned in this connection also the opposition Social Democrats, whose positions on the reform called for example "effete communist rhetoric style." The Prime Minister while referring to the example of Slovakia, where the second pillar of the works and the ruling Social Democrats Robert Fico distracted, it only made parametric changes.

"The CSSD is vehemently professed his Slovak model, while the second pillar that does not interfere at all, just modify it so that it will be very close to ours Czech model. Here is some difference between responsible social democracy that government bears responsibility, and quack opposition in Czech Republic, which does not bear the responsibility. With Robert Fico would probably on the basic parameters of the second pillar arranged within 24 hours. Bolshevik One thing is, radical rhetoric, the second thing is the state-forming negotiations, "concluded the Prime Minister.

Current spending on the pension system, according to him, more than nine percent of GDP, and the reform is to succeed in keeping below 10 percent despite the unfavorable demographic developments. Without reform, these costs are estimated to rise up to 12 percent of GDP, which is a difference of several tens of billions of crowns.

"Important message for all citizens over 35 years is that the decision-making have time for another half year, ie until June 2013. Younger citizens can be involved as well, but need not do so now, always have the time to the end of that year, when they reached the thirty-five years, "added the new Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Ludmila Müller (TOP 09).

Philip Nachtmann,

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