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The Constitutional Court will hear complaint Princess Pezoldová, requesting heritage Schwarzenberg

BRNO (MEDIAFAX) - The Constitutional Court on Wednesday in a public meeting to address complaints Pezoldová Elisabeth (65), who claims that her Czech Republic illegally excluded from probate proceedings regarding the huge property of the noble family Schwarzenberg.

Princess Elisabeth Schwarzenberg, married Pezoldová, the half-sister of Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09). The Constitutional Court has complained that the Czech state violated her constitutionally guaranteed rights and the provisions of international treaties to which the Czech Republic. It argues in particular that the courts have denied her right to a fair trial and the possibility of verdicts against the Czech justice effectively appeal.

Pezoldová's adoptive granddaughter after Hluboká Prince Adolf Schwarzenberg - and as the daughter of Heinrich Schwarzenberg, who was Adolf adopted. In a dispute while not a few.Noblewoman living alternately in Vienna and Johannesburg, South Africa, the Czech Republic, for example, reports claim the inheritance locks in Deep, Czech Krumlov, Trebon or Jindrichuv Hradec.

The district court in the Czech Budejovice but determined that "the only participant in probate proceedings, which will continue to act, however, is her half-brother, Karel Schwarzenberg." Czech courts to reflect the previous Austrian court verdict in Murau that recently in complex disputes over ancestral heritage universal heir designate Karel Schwarzenberg.

Court Austrian princess with the Czech state has dragged two decades. Mother of seven children Pezoldová argues that the Czech courts essentially completely excluded from the circle of participants in the succession.

Actual release of property in the Czech Republic, however, still prevents law. Adolf Schwarzenberg family lost everything in accordance with currently valid standards from 1947, which is called Lex Schwarzenberg. Outrageous act took the then parliament already knowing that it deliberately to focus Hluboká branch of an ancient noble family, the state could seize its vast wealth. The law still applies, even if just for its nature is not generally valid. Because it affects a select group of people and contradicts European and Czech legislation.

Special law against Schwarzenbergům adopt the Czech authorities, which after the war znárodňovaly virtually all private property because the anti-aristocratic family could not apply the Benes decrees. Adolf Schwarzenberg is posted in the thirties to build bunkers in the border, just before the outbreak of the war against the Nazis fled to Italy and then to the United States.His heir Heinrich, Elisabeth's father and adoptive father, Charles, was even after the Nazi seizure Deep imprisoned in a concentration camp at Buchenwald. Therefore, in 1947 the Czech Parliament passed a special law that bezprecendentně only applied to one man, the head of the family, Prince Adolf.

The dispute, in addition to the legal issues legislation also extremely unpleasant personal consequences. Elisabeth Petzoldová and ten years older Karel Schwarzenberg are half-siblings, in his youth lived together in the ancestral palace in Vienna. Elizabeth's father Heinrich, a representative of the rich "Hluboká" branch of the family of Charles there, a descendant poorer "Orlik" branches, adopted in 1960. It took only daughter and the family tradition is heir to a huge fortune he had become a man.Adoption of the young Charles had time to Ancient House as a significant symbolic value - a hundred and fifty years after splitting will be to merge the two lines of the Schwarzenberg - orlická that after the war in the former Czechoslovakia lost everything, and domestic similarly affected Hluboká line. That remained the ancestral palace in Vienna and extensive family estates throughout Austria and Germany.

George Novacek,

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