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Trading provides absolute freedom and responsibility requires a genuine

"Acceptance of responsibility means deepest acknowledgment that it's you who is responsible for your successes and failures." Mark Douglas

Trading, not just trading, but also trivial, everyday life provides absolute freedom. It is a clean, no-load personal choice with immediate results.

These brief statements were cited several times already in various occasions, but it is coming back to them again for the simple reason.

Accountability, it seems, is najnepochopenejšou human quality. The responsibility is not just that morning we get up and go away to work. The responsibility is first and foremost on the behavior, actions and názoroch.

It is very easy to anonymously voice their views anytime and anywhere. But far fewer people have the courage to speak their opinion publicly and under its own name him and defend. In the same way it is easy to criticize the proceedings and opinions of the other and yet not lead your own.

Such a model of behavior are downloading from our culture, where sham and collective guilt became part of our lives for a very long time. Certainly know we know: "... it's not us, that the Communists ..." from the movie Sun, hay, erotica. The problem is that the time is too long since changed. We live in a time where everyone had some dirt. We live in a time of predators, where you have to find your place on its own merits, where we can not free nobody nothing. Of course if you do not live in a tin shack with social benefits.

So, if we want to succeed in trading (and also in life), we should withdraw from the council.

Exchange is a special place where everyone is "incognito" but also responsible for himself and especially himself. Skĺbiť these different things is quite difficult, because a man who can not be responsible for their actions and opinions, does not know how to defend them in public and even many times himself before him, has no chance of trading success.

From the history, it is clear that modesty and humility, not envy and hatred, he makes man great.

I have met many very successful people, very many rich people but also many skrachovaných and unhappy. You great was marked by the team that did not hide behind the opinions and achievements of others. Mali courage to go "with a private rind on the market." Is afraid for his views and not hide in the anonymous, non-committal pseudonym.By contrast, those species is still looking for palliation why they fail, and blamed zosmiešňovali All and all, just to hide their own incompetence.

The trading month I incognito, but the account statement every day can I read the name of him who alone is responsible for profits and losses.

It's me!!

Author: Viera Sadloňová

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Trading poskytuje absolútnu slobodu a vyžaduje skutočnú zodpovednost

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