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Markets  |  November 26, 2012 17:00:52

CR - Summary 26.11 - PSE at the beginning of the week goes strongly against foreign development, growth correction to ČEZ

The PSE started 48th week of strong growth, which is clearly differentiated from those of Western European markets. They were now in anticipation of the results next meeting "Troika", which tries to find mutually some solutions Greek question, whether and under what additional conditions give Greece another round is needed and generally had previously promised to help. Market concerns of further negotiations fail and fears of imminent collapse of U.S. economy from the fiscal cliff cause an increase in risk aversion of investors, which is moving away from equity markets elsewhere.

Domestic events strongly influenced the growth correction CEZ. Companionship volumetric Leaders Exchange made again NWR, which are with this title very tightly interwoven. Fared significantly PMCR shares which benefit estimates of the expected smaller market stockpiling cheaper brands in the context of uncertainty about the future development of VAT.Title improved by more than 3%, which only enhances what the current market situation, even though titles with dividend yields of around 8-10% can intradenními going through such changes. Solid growth in small volumes was reported CETV shares and Orca. The latter title thrive reports Vitek share growth entrepreneurs.
Against the growth is now built its correction and re-KB is also HC2, which move around or just below 350 CZK.

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Conclusion Exchange November 26, 2012 16:28
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA 25.29   0.81% 0.00 million 25.09
CETV 94.46    1.68% 1.88 million 92.90
ČEZ 677.51   2.37% 261.34 million 661.80
ERSTE BANK GROUP 537.25    0.70% 24.11 million 533.50
FORTUNA 82.40    0.80% 0.33 million 81.75
COMMERCIAL BANK 3845.03    -1.43% 152.68 million 3901.00
NWR 76.20    4.38% 11.76 million 73.00
ORCO 69.25    2.69% 0.98 million 67.44
PEGAS NONWOVENS 463.76    0.27% 0.93 million 462.50
PHILIP MORRIS CR 10,838.75    3.23% 8.01 million 10,500.00
TELEFÓNICA CR 348.75    -0.36% 124.62 million 350.00
TMR 1105.08   0.01% 0.44 million 1105.00
UNIPETROL 170.01    1.19% 5.70 million 168.00
VIG 892.63   0.32% 0.89 million 889.80
TOTAL   593.66 million

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ČR - souhrn 26.11. - BCPP jde v úvodu týdne silně proti zahraničnímu vývoji, růstová korekce na ČEZ

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