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Upcoming Events on Tuesday, the 27th November - HOME

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - List of expected events

09:00 - Board meeting in case of Mary Manor by the Regional Court in Hradec Kralove sent to 30 years in prison. Seventy woman brutally murdered two people in a nursing home. (Source: (PRAGUE - The High Court in Prague, Pankrác, č.10/1.patro)

09:00 - continuing the trial with Francis Šejnostem, accused of rape, embezzlement and sexual coercion. (Source: (PRAGUE - District Court for Prague 2, France 19, č.137/přízemí)

09:00 - The Steering Committee of the Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre - MLCC POINT (Multinational Logistics Coordination Centre Board of Directors meeting) with the participation of the main representatives of member countries MLCC logistician.The main task of the meeting is to acquaint representatives of member countries with the activities of the center, discuss the results and the progress status of projects in the field of international logistics and discussion and approval of the work program for the next period with a view to the end of 2013. (Source: Joseph Janota, Multinational Logistics Coordination Center, 973214313, 720521102). (PRAGUE - General Staff of the Army, winning us. 5, Prague 6)

09:00 - continuing the trial in case Central group. (Source: (PRAGUE - Prague Municipal Court, Burned, č.228/1.patro)

09:00 - TK civic association Prague Dance to present programming concepts and the main stars of the 25th anniversaryPrague Dance Festival 2013, the successes of the Czech contemporary dance internationally and exceptionally high-quality Czech representation in the European platform of young dance choreographers Aerowaves and current events and situations in Theatre Ponec. (Source: Zlata Žahourková, zlata.zahourkova @ (PRAGUE - Theatre Ponec, Husitská 24a/899, Prague 3)

09:00 - Annual conference on Biomass Power & 2012th The central theme will be changes made in the bioenergy, their practical implications, advantages and disadvantages, and the future of biomass as a renewable energy source. (Source: Jan Huk, Communication Manager, CZ Biom, 777366485, (PRAGUE - Czech University of Agriculture, Auditorium, Kamýcká 129, Prague 6)

09:00 - Conference continues to recover property stolen during the Holocaust. Events will run to 28 November. (Source: Filip Sebek, Press Officer of the Forum 2000 Foundation, 776,160,952). (PRAGUE - Czernin Palace, Loreto us. 5, Prague 1)

09:00 - TK Where walking on biotech drug development in Bohemia?. (Source: Pavlina Heřmánková, Senate of the Czech Parliament, 602402855, (PRAGUE - Senate, Wallenstein Square, 17/4, Prague 1)

09:30 - Meeting of more than 20 pupils parliamentarians from all regions of the Czech Republic titled School for Democracy or What can Pupil Parliament. (Source: (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, Room No. 205, Parliamentary 4, Prague 1)

09:30 - TK PwC Czech Republic to the survey student barometer. Topics: Czech students would have been willing to move because of interesting work abroad?, How important is for students to find work starting salary?, How long will graduate first job?, How to use alumni job search social networks?. (Source: Paul Heřmanský, 251151827, pavel.hermansky @ (PRAGUE - The PwC Kateřinská 40, Prague 2)

10:00 - continuing the trial with the former head of the Prague Vladimir Kotrouš policemen, accused of accepting bribes and abuse of official capacity. (Source: (PRAGUE - Prague Municipal Court, Burned, č.329/3.patro)

10:00 - Negotiations Prague City Council. (Source: (PRAGUE - New Town Hall, Marian Square 2, Prague 1)

10:00 - TK on Adult Education. (Source: Jiri Nemecek, Department of External Communications, 274054220, 734352240, j.nemecek @ (PRAGUE - building CSO, Na padesátém 81, Prague 10)

10:00 - Conference Between East and West (I). (Source: ArtMap newsletter, 775,213,530). (PRAGUE - College of Arts, Jan Palach Square 80, Prague 1)

10:00 - TK Czech Health Forum, which will be published the results of the 15th Project HEZR evaluation of economic and social measures in health care. (Source: Michael Vich, CEO czf, 724,600,770). (PRAGUE - Club MAT, Karlovo namesti 19, Prague 2)

10:00 - Conference on Cooperation between the Czech academic and private research companies and international innovative pharmaceutical industry. (Source: - Senate, Meeting Hall, Wallenstein Square, 17/4, Prague 1)

10:30 - Briefing of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Plan measures for the execution of the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of DH and Others v. the Czech Republic Equal Opportunities. Participants will Nantl George, 1st Deputy Minister of Education. (Source: John Holíková, Department of External Relations and Communications, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, 234811766, jana.holikova @ (PRAGUE - CRC lobby the Ministry of Education, Karmelitská 8, Prague 1)

11:00 - TK BESIP and Police on the visibility of pedestrians and cyclists. Program: statistics of serious traffic accidents in poor visibility, the possibility of reducing the number of pedestrian and cyclist accidents and their consequences, activities for pedestrians and cyclists to increase their visibility on the road, the solution for the future: voluntary vs.statutory duty to use reflective elements for low visibility (examples from the EU). Attend the Roman Budský, Head of Unit, Road Safety, Leos Tržil, Director of Traffic Police. (Source: Zdeněk Neusar, Press Officer of the Ministry of Transport, 225131034, 607739909, zdenek.neusar @ (PRAGUE - Ministry of Transport, 1st floor, room no 89, waterfront Ludvik Svoboda 12/1222)

11:00 - It Permanent Parliamentary Commission for Monitoring BIS, will deal with information about the case of the alleged leak wiretaps of phone calls the former Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem with businessman Roman Janousek from BIS to ABL. (Source: (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, 103B, Sněmovní 4, Prague 1)

12:15 - TK Žofínskému the forum, which will be dedicated to the development of transport in Prague. The forum, which begins at 13 pm, will Pavel Dobeš, Minister of Transport, Josef Nosek, Deputy Mayor. Prague, Pavel Prochazka, the organization responsible for the management ROPID, and Torsten Meerbach, Department of traffic planning Verkehrsverbund Oberelbe Dresden. (Source: svatava.suchardova @ @ or jiri.vanicek (PRAGUE - The Great Hall of the Palace Žofín, the Mayor's Lounge, Slavonic Island 226, Prague 1)

12:30 - BP Public Affairs on church restitution, which will President VV PK Catherine Klasnová and writer Lenka Procházková. (Source: Sarka Janouchová, spokesman VV, 777,012,906). (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, Atrium, Sněmovní 4, Prague 1)

12:30 - TK at the international conference Safe transport infrastructure on Documentation unsatisfactory security situation Czech roads and illustration of its impact on the number of serious road accidents. The event also will present an updated risk map EuroRAP and other news in the implementation of tools EuroRAP in the country. (Source: Michael Škardová, External Relations Department, ÚAMK, Inc., 261104344, 737234622). (PRAGUE - Masaryk college, Thákurova 550/1, Prague 6)

13:00 - Ceremony Prizes Francis Behounek for spreading the good name of the Czech Republic in the European research and development. Price before the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports Petr Fiala. (Source: (PRAGUE - Ministry of Education. Room large mirror, Karmelitská 8, Prague 1)

13:00 - Seminar on Modern approaches and visions of IT or IT is part of the business. (Source: International Chamber of Commerce, (PRAGUE - seat ICC Czech Republic, Thunovska 12, Prague 1)

13:00 - TK S3D film festival Parallax 2012th (Source: Ľuboš labored, 222361076, lubos.tazky @ (Prague - Lucerna cinema, Vodickova 36, ??Prague 1)

13:00 - Board meeting in case Lenka Venison and Zdenek Snowbell, accused of robbery in the Czech Brod. (Source: (PRAGUE - The High Court in Prague, Pankrác, č.8/1.patro)

13:30 - TK CSSD to the situation in VZP. (Source: Martin Ayrer, party spokesperson, 602,135,517). (PRAGUE - The People's House, Hybernská 7, Prague 1)

13:45 - Conference on New Security Architecture in Europe cooperation for the 21st century. (Source: (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, Hall state acts, Sněmovní 4, Prague 1)

14:00 - Ceremony competition Quietest carrier 2012th (Source: Lucie Brochová, Bison & Rose, 739483442, lucie.brochova @ (PRAGUE - Vaclav Havel Airport, Departure Hall, Terminal 2, Prague 6)

14:00 - Baptism audiobooks Economy of Good and Evil by Tomas Sedlacek. (Source: Margaret Faustová, 722119091, (PRAGUE - showroom, Paris 13, Prague 1)

14:00 - Specialist Conference on Efficient hospital in 2012 with the participation of ODS presidential candidate and vice Senate Premysl Sobotka. (Source: Jiří Sochor, secretary of the presidential candidate, 604706713, jiri.sochor @ - Clarion Congress Hotel, Freyova 33, Prague 9)

14:00 - Public casting beauty contest Miss Czech 2013th (Source: Tereza Typoltová, PR & Marketing Manager, M Marketing, 602316610, (PRAGUE - OC Harp Gallery, Moravian 2420/15a, Prague 9)

14:00 - Conference on New Security Architecture in Europe - Cooperation for the 21st century. (Source: (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, Room No. 108, Parliamentary 4, Prague 1)

14:30 - Seminar on the Impact of the amended law on advertising to health professionals, patients and drug manufacturers. (Source: (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, Room No. 48, entrance from the Lesser us., Prague 1)

14:30 - BP to present the new Green Investment Scheme. At the press conference will Prime Minister Petr Necas, Environment Minister Tomáš Chalupa and economist, member of NERV Miroslav Zamecnik. (Source: Department of Press and Public Relations Office of the Government, tiskovy.odbor @ (PRAGUE - Government Office, waterfront Edvard Beneš 4, Prague 1)

14:30 - TK Society Tatry mountain resorts, as for ski season 2012/2013. The opportunity to tour this news - cable Funitel, will be introduced as well as complex link Chopok North - South Chopok. TK will attend the actor or singer Roman Skamene Marta Jandová and Olga Lounová. (Source: Jitka Gráfová, (PRAGUE - Angel's Hotel Prague, Prague 5 Stroupežnického 21)

15:00 - Baptism CD with music from the show A Christmas Carol. The role of godparents they take themselves artists David Koller, Ivana Chýlková, Karel Roden, Marina Vyskvorkina, Susan Maurer and Langoská Athina, who together perform in the show this year Christmas carol 2012th (Source: Thomas Přenosil, contact for media and PR, Studio DVA, 736531330, tomas.prenosil @ (PRAGUE - cafe Hybernia Theatre, Republic Square 3/4, Prague 1)

15:00 - Councillor of Prague Aleksandra Udženija to attend charity events Harper's Bazaar Bara Nesvadbová. (Source: Tereza Králová, City. Prague, 734685692, tereza.kralova @ ). (PRAGUE - DSCProjectSpace, Wenceslas Square 15, Prague 1)

15:00 - TK to the opening of an exhibition entitled 11 worlds - Contemporary Czech illustrations for children. BP is associated with a guided tour. (Source: Vera Hloušková, Prague City Museum, 221012933, 603888053, (PRAGUE - Prague City Museum, Na Poříčí 52, Prague 8)

15:00 - Awarding the winners of the regional round of the competition European Satellite Navigation Competition. Among those present will be such as Transport Minister Pavel Dobes and executive director of the European GNSS Agency Carlo des Dorides. (Source: Zdeněk Neusar, Press Officer of the Ministry of Transport, 225131034, 607739909, zdenek.neusar @ (PRAGUE - Ministry of Transport, waterfront Ludvik Svoboda 12/1222, Prague 1)

15:00 - TK on Círekvní restitution - no surrender, organized by writer and director Lenka Procházková Václav Dvořák together with initiatives. (Source: Lenka Procházková, l.prochazkova @ (PRAGUE - Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Society, room No. 315, 3rd Floor, Novotny Footbridge 5, Prague 1)

15:30 - Screening of documentary film about the lives of migrant workers in the Czech Republic, the Conference Labour migration: the view of the state, employers, trade unions and NGOs. The film answers the questions: How do they live with us and work?, How perceptions of our country and our mentality?, What problems must be solved on the way here and living in the Czech Republic?, Experiencing migrants are really better your life?. (Source: Catherine Dederová, PR and volunteer coordinator, Association for Integration and Migration, 224224379, 603839076, - Academic Conference Centre, Husova 4, Prague 1)

15:30 - Negotiations Committee on Transport Prague City Assembly. (Source: (PRAGUE - New City Hall, Room 430, Marianske Square 2, Prague 1)

16:00 - New book by Jaroslav Sapík My Magical pot. (Source: Ondřej Vohnický, 724561814, (PRAGUE - Gastronomy Museum of Prague, Jakubska 12, Prague 1)

16:00 - Negotiations parliamentary Health Committee. (Source: (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, room No. 48 "stables", entrance from the Lesser us. No. 7/19, Prague)

16:30 - Meeting of journalists and the Ministry of Environment and the State Environmental Fund. The meeting will answer questions on the details of the new Green Investment Scheme. (Source: Matthias Vitík, a spokesman for the ministry, 606,111,060).(PRAGUE - Ministry of Environment, Vršovická 65, Prague 10)

17:00 - Baptism singer Ivy Hain. New CD Bastard baptized Peter Nagy singer and actor Paul New. (Source: Jirina Vrbová, Diana Media,, 731,759,501). (PRAGUE - Megastore Bontonland, Wenceslas Square 1, Prague)

17:00 - Lecture entitled Under the hands of veterinarians, vet led by Prague Zoo Roman Vodička. (Source: Michal Stastny, Prague Zoo, Press Officer, 724,527,464). (PRAGUE - Prague Zoo Education Centre, U Troja Castle 3/120, Prague 7)

17:00 - New book Underground waters of the Czech Republic in the presence of Environment Minister Tomáš Chalupa. (Source: Patrik Fiferna, Czech Geological Survey, 602 110 840, patrik.fiferna @ (PRAGUE - Brevnov monastery, Markétská 28/1, Prague 6)

18:00 - The festival KoresponDance 2012 held a debate on culture and social responsibility, society and culture of accountability. (Source: Silvia Markova, PR Manager, 604 748 699, (PRAGUE - Theatre Archa, Na Poříčí 26, Prague 1)

18:00 - Gala premiere of the animated 3D film Legendary bunch Imax cinema. Children welcome Santa in his corner and a snow sled. Participation of children confirmed Jitka Schneider, Christopher Michael, Michaela Maurer, Peter Jakl, Eva and Stephanie Decastelo, Adamcová Jana, Nikol Lenertové, Ernest Goldflam or Karocha Paul and Gabriela Filippi. They come with their parents. (Source: Lukas Vedral, PR Manager, 731 117 049, lukas.vedral @ ). (PRAGUE - Imax cinema, Vinohradská 151, Prague 3)

18:00 - Opening of the exhibition Return. (Source: ArtMap newsletter, 775,213,530). (PRAGUE - Gallery Makráč, Heyrovského us. 2, Prague 6)

18:00 - Screening of the documentary film Anne Juránková Live! Ceija Stojka. (Source: Eva Lejčková, the Jewish Museum in Prague, eva.lejckova @ (PRAGUE - The Jewish Museum in Prague, Maiselova 15, Prague 1)

19:00 - Discussion evening Prague Business Club attended by presidential candidate ODS Deputy Senate Premysl Sobotka. (Source: Jiří Sochor, secretary of the presidential candidate, 604706713, jiri.sochor @ (PRAGUE - Juárezova 2, Prague 6)

19:30 - Concert bands Saved by The Fortune at Ion An, Break The Rules and Nias. (Source: Tereza Fišerová, Rock Cafe Prague,, 608,702,008). (PRAGUE - Rock Cafe, National 116/20, Prague 1)

19:30 - Baptism face calendar 2013 TV Nova. (Source: Catherine Vlasáková, PR Coordinator, katerina.vlasakova @, 725,511,093). (PRAGUE - Tobaco Music Bar, Podolská 33, Prague 4)

19:30 - theater performance entitled The horse does not lie. (Source: John Fléglová, PR / publicity, Theatre D21). (PRAGUE - Theatre D21, Zagreb 21, Prague 2)

20:00 - Concert Kamila Střihavka Leaders and his band. (Source: (PRAGUE - Club Retro Music Hall, French 4, Prague 2)

20:00 - Concert Inflagranti electric string trio with a guest vocalist Coat, Pepa Vojtko. (Source: Marta Říhová, BrainZone Promotion, 602283501, marta.rihova @ (PRAGUE - Broadway Theatre, Na Příkopě 988/31, Prague 1)

20:00 - World premiere dance productions Orbis pictus. (Source: Zlata Žahourková, zlata.zahourkova @ (PRAGUE - Theatre Ponec, Husitská 899/24a, Prague 3)

20:30 - Conferences and panel discussion in the long cycle of innovation lively arts community on culture and social responsibility, society and culture of accountability. (Source: Eva Papánková, Centre choreographic development, 608,653,653). (PRAGUE - Theatre Archa, Na Poříčí 1047/26, Prague 1)

21:00 - Trumpets Concert Big Band (swing). (Source: Martin Royal, 774624677, (PRAGUE - Blues cellar, Liliová 10, Prague 1)

Other events

- 15 French Film Festival in the Czech Republic. (Source: Gabriela Zajícová, French Institute in Prague, 776757546, (November 22 - 28November, CZECH REPUBLIC)

- International Outdoor Film Festival will be held in Prague in the Atlas Cinema (Sokolovská 371/1, Prague 8), and Lucerna (Vodičkova 36, ??Prague 1). (Source: (November 24 to December 8, Prague)

- Conference on the review of the immovable property (IPRC - Immobile Property Review Conference). The conference, which will take place in the framework of the ongoing efforts to redress wrongs committed during the Holocaust, begin deputy Jiří Schneider. Will there ia a former American diplomat Stuart Eizenstat, Israeli MPs and Holocaust survivors Colette Avital, Felix Kolmer and Ben Helfgott. The specific topics will include discussion of religious and communal property, private property, on economic issues, the role of the media and public opinion as well as the role in the restitution process is played by international institutions.Participants will include representatives of the 47 countries that supported the Terezin Declaration, experts and representatives of various international organizations. (Source: Press Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 224182675, (November 26 to November 28, PRAGUE - Czernin Palace Loreta Square 5, Prague 1)

- The Czech Republic visits the Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás. During his stay he acquainted with the activities of Czech Jesuits and their collaborators. Scans, for example, Olomouc Aletti Center or School Nativity in Decin. He will meet with the Cardinal Dominik Duka and Olomouc Archbishop Jan Graubner. (Source: Lenka Češková, 733,755,891). (November 27 to November 29, CZECH REPUBLIC)

- International Festival of Contemporary Dance KoresponDance. Among other things, will Béatrice Massin from France, Martha Moore from the U.S. and domestic scenes Andrea Miltnerová or Barbara Látalová. The festival takes place in Prague's Archa Theatre on scenes and Alfred in the yard and 4 December culminate in Brno Wannieck Gallery. (Source: Silvia Markova, Smart Communications, Ltd., 604 748 699, (November 27 to December 4, Prague, Brno)


09:00 - International Scientific Conference organized by the Institute of Finance and Administration on pension reform - what next?. TK is scheduled for 12 hours. (Source: Magdalena Straková, spokesman VŠFS, magdalena.strakova @ ). (PRAGUE - Congress Hall CNB Senovážné us. 30, Prague 1)

09:30 - TK to introduce a new trader in the Czech energy market, the company Yello Energy. (Source: Matthew Horejsi, PR manager, 607,699,608). (PRAGUE - restaurant under the wing, National 10, Prague 1)

10:00 - TK Lukoil to introduce the vision of the new concept. (Source: John Strádalová, jana.stradalova @ , 602,485,222). (PRAGUE - space station Barrandov, K Barrandov, Prague 5)

11:00 - BP occasion of the presentation of the new banking for smart phones from Raiffeisenbank. (Source: Tomas Kofron, speaker, Raiffeisenbank, as, 234401170, tomas.kofron @ ). (PRAGUE - Hotel Yasmin, Political Prisoners 12, Prague 1)

- VIG publish its results for the third quarter 2012th (November 27, CZECH REPUBLIC)

- ORCO publish its results for the third quarter of 2012. (November 27, CZECH REPUBLIC)

- Announcement of winners of the 15th year DHL UniCredit Export Award under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. (Source: ). (November 27, PRAGUE - Prague Congress Centre, Hall Zoom, May 5, 65, Prague 4)


14:00 - TK Czech national team in acrobatic skiing and great hope for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 Teresa Vaculíková. (Source: Eve Happy, PR Manager, 739 686 703, eva.stastna @ ). (PRAGUE - building City Tower, 23.patro, Hvězdova 1716/2b, Prague 4)

18:30 - Ice Hockey - Tipsport league, 20 round - s match: 18.30 Liberec - Třinec. (CZECH REPUBLIC)

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