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Upcoming events on Wednesday, the 28th November - HOME

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09:00 - continuing the trial in case Central group. (Source: (PRAGUE - Prague Municipal Court, Burned, č.228/1.patro)

09:00 - Meeting the Mandate and Immunity Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. The program includes among other things, information about the delivery of the request of the High Court in Prague for approval to prosecute Deputy Roman Pekarek. (Source: Bohuslav Sobotka, Chairman, (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, Parliamentary 4, Prague 1)

09:00 - Conference on the majority system is suitable for the Czech Parliament's lower chamber?. (Source: Michal Ruzicka, a spokesman for the initiative Direct election of Members 2014 (PRAGUE - CEVRO Institute, Jungmannova 17, Prague 1)

09:00 - Meeting of the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee. (Source: Blanka Mader, Secretariat of the Organizing Department of the Senate, 257072735, (PRAGUE - Senate, Wallenstein Square, 17/4, Prague 1)

09:00 - Meeting of the Senate Committee on National Economy, Agriculture and Transport. (Source: Blanka Mader, Secretariat of the Organizing Department of the Senate, 257072735, (PRAGUE - Senate, Wallenstein Square, 17/4, Prague 1)

09:45 - TK Communists to negotiate the Chamber of Deputies on the state budget. (Source: Vera Žežulková, 724,147,794). (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, the Congress, Prague 1)

10:00 - continuing the trial with the former head of the Prague Vladimir Kotrouš policemen, accused of accepting bribes and abuse of official capacity. (Source: (PRAGUE - Prague Municipal Court, Burned, č.329/3.patro)

10:00 - Extraordinary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies. Will discuss the draft law on the State Budget of the Czech Republic in 2013 - the first reading. (Source: (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, Parliamentary 4, Prague 1)

10:00 - 2 International Symposium of the Czech Medical Association Ethics and communication in medicine on Euthanasia pros and cons. On the occasion of the symposium will be presented extraordinary memoir entitled Euthanasia pros and cons. (Source: Michal Sojka, michal.sojka @ (PRAGUE - Congress Hall U Hájků, Na Poříčí 42, Prague 1)

10:00 - TK Agrarian Chamber of the topic will disappear completely from our fields Czech classic, potatoes and onions?. (Source: Eugenia Suburban editor AGROBase, 604591573, (PRAGUE - Czech AK office, 4th floor, Štěpánská 63, Prague 1)

10:00 - TK to start a new project Give education. The project is based on gift vouchers. Their buying is possible to support the education of children and young people in developing countries. Program: Presentation and launch of online personal testimony and volunteers working year in the Democratic Republic of Congo - the country of destination project. (Source: Marie Jakubcová, seedlings, os, marie.jakubcova @, 736,432,356). (PRAGUE - Kobyliské Square 1, Prague 8)

10:00 - McCain Foods TK Society Czech Republic. Tips and tricks to save time when preparing meals, show chef Martin Barrera. (Source: Hana Brychtová, White Bear Public Relations Ltd., 776831015, 543238346). (PRAGUE - Cocina Rivero, Soukenická 23, Prague 1)

10:00 - TK before Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. (Source: Hana Tietze, spokesman markets, 602168014, (PRAGUE - Chop restaurant, Old Town Square, Prague 1)

10:00 - Negotiations Subcommittee on heraldry and vexillology. (Source: (PRAGUE - The Chamber of Deputies, Room 114J, Sněmovní 1, Prague 1)

10:30 - Film Anna Karenina. (Source: Petr Slavik, petr.slavik @ (Prague - Lucerna cinema, Štěpánská 61, Prague 1)

11:00 - Presentation collection of dresses from the workshop fashion designer Luke Lindner, in which the reigning Miss Czech Tereza Chlebovský represent the Czech Republic at Miss Universe. (Source: Tereza Typoltová, PR & Marketing Manager, M Marketing, 602316610, (Prague - Municipal House, Oriental Lounge, our Republic 4, Prague 1)

11:00 - President receives representatives of the International Ski Federation and the Czech Union biathlon. (Source: Peter Macinka, 602,143,129). (PRAGUE - Prague Castle, Prague 1)

11:30 - TK in professional conferences Innovation vouchers in Prague. TK with: Eva Vorlíčková, City Councilman. Prague Information Technology and European funds; Karel Havlicek, president of the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Crafts of the Czech Republic, Pavel Svejda, Secretary General of the Association of Innovative Entrepreneurship CR; Jitka Kárníková, Director of Development Projects in Prague. (Source: Tereza Králová, a spokesman for City Hall, 734 685 692, tereza.kralova @ (PRAGUE - Prague City Hall. Prague City Hall,. 2/2, Prague 1)

13:30 - The General Meeting of the Association for the support of projects of public and private sector. (Source: Helena Prokopová, Mayor's Office, 724 827 437, (PRAGUE - Island 8)

16:00 - TK Sovereignty - Jana Bobošíková Block, which will be announced steps presidential candidate Jana Bobošíková in connection with the decision on registration of candidate lists or reject the candidate list, issued by the Ministry of Interior for the direct election of the President of the Czech Republic. The TK will be present candidate for president of the Czech Republic Jan Bobošíková, the appellant Eva Morávková, deputy chairman Vaclav Musílek and other members of Sovereignty - Jana Bobošíková Block. (Source: Eva Morávková, Vice Party, 775,889,877). (PRAGUE - Hotel Corinthia Towers, 24th Floor, Business Lounge, Congress 1, Prague 4)

16:00 - debate of the candidates for President of the Republic with the participation of ODS presidential candidate and vice Senate Premysl Sobotka. (Source: Jiří Sochor, secretary of the presidential candidate, 604706713, jiri.sochor @ (PRAGUE - Charles University Law Faculty us. Curieových 7, Prague 1)

16:00 - Opening ceremony for the 120th Anniversary Pedagogical Museum of JA Comenius concert Jaroslav Svěcený. (Source: Blanka Mader, Secretariat of the Organizing Department of the Senate, 257072735, (PRAGUE - Senate, Wallenstein Square, 17/4, Prague 1)

16:30 - Guided tour of the exhibition Jakub Schikaneder: Decadent Jakub Schikaneder with Otto M. Urban. (Source: National Gallery in Prague, 224301003, (PRAGUE - The Wallenstein Riding School, Wallenstein 3, Prague 1)

17:00 - Charity Auction of unique solid gold medal with a portrait of Zdeněk Miler on the front side and a figure of Mole and his friends on the other. Proceeds of the auction will go to the Foundation account Zdeněk Miler. (Source: Alice Titzová, Ltd., 724258661, (PRAGUE - Hotel Kempinski Hybernská 1002/12, Prague 1)

17:00 - Lecture on the issue of maintaining a modern library collections. (Source: Irena Maňáková, Director of Communications, National Library of the Czech Republic, 221663275, 736787154, 724044605). (PRAGUE - National Library, Meeting Hall, Marianske namesti 190/5, Prague 1)

18:00 - Mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda will participate in discussions on the dissolution of barriers in the lives of people with disabilities in Prague. (Source: Tereza Králová, a spokesman for the municipality, 734685692, 236002080).(PRAGUE - Bio Oko, Francis Křížka 460/15, Prague 7)

18:00 - Opening of the exhibition of new daguerreotype Andrew Pribyl. (Source: Galerie Laboratorio, (PRAGUE - Galerie Laboratorio, Bubenská 1, Prague 7)

18:00 - The show about the Czech writer Karel Poláček the occasion of the 120th anniversary of his birth. (Source: Daniela Uherková, 224227452, (PRAGUE - Hall of the Franz Kafka, Wide 14, Prague 1)

18:30 - debate of the candidates for president on foreign policy in the presence of ODS presidential candidate and vice Senate Premysl Sobotka. (Source: Jiří Sochor, secretary of the presidential candidate, 604706713, jiri.sochor @ (PRAGUE - Charles University, Celetná 20, Prague 1)

19:00 - Meeting with writers and Janouch Frantisek Ludvik Vaculik of their book Correspondence Janouch / Vaculik. (Source: Ondřej Vohnický, 724561814, (PRAGUE - Galerie Montmartre, Chain 7, Prague 1)

19:00 - The premiere dance performance choreographed Tanecbook Majky Piskořové Merry and her dance company Ballet Pop. (Source: Marie Grofová, Agency GRO, 724006509, (PRAGUE - New Stage of the National Theatre, National 4, Prague 1)

19:00 - Gala evening with the announcement of the Czech-Slovak final first Contest architectural, design and exceptional energy buildings Building Efficiency Awards 2012th (Source: Ondřej Klein, PR manager, 774,156,477, (PRAGUE - Prague Congress Centre, Hall Panorama, May 5, 65, Prague 4)

19:00 - Premiere of Documentary Film and Serbian painters. (Source: (PRAGUE - Municipal Library in Prague Marianske namesti 98/1, Prague 1)

19:00 - Award Ceremony of the ten best restaurants according to a national survey Maurer's Grand Restaurant 2013th (Source: Dominica Vrkotová, 606,886,103). (PRAGUE - in the Ball Room at the Royal Garden of Prague Castle, Prague 1)

19:30 - 8th annual Christmas benefit concert Endowment Fund heart on his sleeve. (Source: Ondřej Safar, Stance Communications, Ltd., 725 837 673, ondrej.safar @ (PRAGUE - National House Vinohrady Namesti Miru 9, Prague 2)

19:30 - theater performance entitled The horse does not lie. (Source: John Fléglová, PR / publicity, Theatre D21). (PRAGUE - Theatre D21, Zagreb 21, Prague 2)

20:00 - Baptism kalednáře AŽD Prague with Agata Hanychov. (Source: Jan Hajek, jan.hajek @ ). (PRAGUE - cocktail & music bar HEAVEN, Wenceslas Square 56, Prague 1)

21:00 - Concert of MIG 21 during the traditional fall club tour called Mige to people. (Source: Johana Turner, 606232055, (PRAGUE - Lucerna Music Bar, Vodičkova 704/36, Prague 1)

Other events

- Members of the government to discuss, among other things: - the draft law on handling some things usable for defense and security purposes in the Czech Republic (Act on the use of safety material) - bill amending Act No. 377/2005 Coll., On the supplementary supervision of banks, credit unions, insurance companies and securities dealers in financial conglomerates and amending some other Acts (Act on Financial Conglomerates), as amended, and Act No. 277/2009 Coll., The Insurance , as amended; - the basis for the preparation of the Partnership Agreement for the 2014-2020 programming period - Definition of programs and next steps in the preparation of the Czech Republic for the efficient use of funds of the Common Strategic Framework; - Draft Resolution to the preparation of consolidated financial statements for the Czech Republic and for sub-consolidated groups of law; - a temporary reduction in the minimum limit of cereals in the state material reserves; - a request for exemption from participation in a sectoral system of centralized purchasing; - a report on the implementation of tasks assigned by the Government of the Czech Republic in October 2012.Government Meetings will begin 20 minutes after the meeting of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic. Photo opportunity before the start of negotiations. TK Time to be announced. (Source: Department of Press and Public Relations Office of the Government, tiskovy.odbor @ , 224,002,058). (November 28, PRAGUE - Government Office, waterfront Edvard Beneš 4, Prague 1)

- 15 French Film Festival in the Czech Republic. (Source: Gabriela Zajícová, French Institute in Prague, 776757546, (November 22 to November 28, CZECH REPUBLIC)

- International Outdoor Film Festival will be held in Prague in the Atlas Cinema (Sokolovská 371/1, Prague 8), and Lucerna (Vodičkova 36, ??Prague 1). (Source: (November 24 to December 8, Prague)

- Conference on the review of the immovable property (IPRC - Immobile Property Review Conference). The conference, which will take place in the framework of the ongoing efforts to redress wrongs committed during the Holocaust, begin deputy Jiří Schneider. Will there ia a former American diplomat Stuart Eizenstat, Israeli MPs and Holocaust survivors Colette Avital, Felix Kolmer and Ben Helfgott. The specific topics will include discussion of religious and communal property, private property, on economic issues, the role of the media and public opinion as well as the role in the restitution process is played by international institutions. Participants will include representatives of the 47 countries that supported the Terezin Declaration, experts and representatives of various international organizations. (Source: Press Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 224182675, (November 26 - 28November, PRAGUE - Czernin Palace Loreta Square 5, Prague 1)

- The Czech Republic visits the Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás. During his stay he acquainted with the activities of Czech Jesuits and their collaborators. Scans, for example, Olomouc Aletti Center or School Nativity in Decin. He will meet with the Cardinal Dominik Duka and Olomouc Archbishop Jan Graubner. (Source: Lenka Češková, 733,755,891). (November 27 to November 29, CZECH REPUBLIC)

- International Festival of Contemporary Dance KoresponDance. Among other things, will Béatrice Massin from France, Martha Moore from the U.S. and domestic scenes Andrea Miltnerová or Barbara Látalová. The festival takes place in Prague's Archa Theatre on scenes and Alfred in the yard and 4 December culminate in Brno Wannieck Gallery. (Source: Silvia Markova, Smart Communications, Ltd., 604 748 699, markova @ (November 27 to December 4, Prague, Brno)


09:00 - Presentation of a study aimed at building investment in the Czech Republic, which presents Deloitte and the Association of Building Entrepreneurs of the Czech Republic. (Source: Luke Kropík, Senior PR Specialist, 775013139, ). (PRAGUE - Simply Café, Karolinská 650/1-2, Prague 8)

10:00 - Informal breakfast with representatives of Ness Technologies in the Czech Republic. Topics: Ness announcement of preliminary results for 2012, showing the current market situation, presentation of new products and projects Ness in the areas of health, energy, mobility, and Business Intelligent. (Source: Elizabeth Brezarová, Account Executive, Stance Communications, Ltd., 224 810 809, alzbeta.brezarova @ (PRAGUE - lounge Barceló Old Town Praha, Celetná 29, Prague 1)

10:00 - TK ERO on the regulated price of electricity and gas for 2013 with the participation of Alena Vitásková, President of the Energy Regulatory Office. (Source: Jarmila Lehner, Department of Communication, 255 715 513). (PRAGUE - Prague teplárenská, 1st floor, meeting room, Guerrilla 7, Prague 7)


11:30 - TK to celebrate the 120th Anniversary Slavia. (Source: Sona Nouzáková, PR Manager, 731 629 001, sona.nouzakova @ ). (PRAGUE - cinema MAT, Karlovo namesti 285/19, Prague 2)

13:00 - TK organizers of the World Championship in Alpine disciplines in Schladming in February 2013, which will be held in conjunction with the presentation of the Biathlon World Cup in Nove Mesto 2013th They will present selected members of the national team and team-downhillers Czech Republic. (Source: Czech Association biathlon, 602872670, 220875889). (PRAGUE - Congress Center, May 5, 1640/65, Prague 4)

15:30 - TK before leaving for WFC 2012 in Switzerland, where he will defend the Czech team bronze medal. (Source: William Svoboda, press clutch Czech Floorball Union, 604279697, ). (PRAGUE - Czech Porsche building, Radlická 740, Prague 5)

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