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In the Spanish Hall was handed a prestigious award - an excellent company and Socially Responsible Company

In traditional hosted the November deadline on Tuesday night Spanish Hall ceremony for the awards in national awards programs and quality of national awards for social responsibility.

In the only contest held companies in the Czech Republic by international rules - National Prize Quality Award - awarded "Excellent company" known manufacturer of pumps GRUNDFOS company and supplier of exhausts and catalytic converters Sejong Czech. The prestigious title of "Excellent organization" of the Prague Castle took representatives of the Regional Office Region. succeeded and consulting company DC Vision, which has since Tuesday night right to use the title "Perspective firm."

On the evening organized under the auspices of the President of the Senate of Milan Štěch Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba were valued and organizations that operate correctly, they build their relationship to society and fulfillprinciples of sustainable development. The Czech National Award Program for CSR succeeded freight division ČSAD LOGISTIK Ostrava, which was named "Socially Responsible Company" and four "Socially responsible organizations" - Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava, Municipality of Třinec, Middle School and Secondary Vocational Technical School , Třemošnice a chance for education.

Representatives awarded personally congratulate the upper house of parliament chairman Milan Stech and many other distinguished guests.

"For our export-oriented economy, competitiveness is a key concept. The demanding world markets can succeed only if our products and service quality, we quickly innovate and provide superior service to our business partners, "said Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kuba."It is very positive that the companies doing business in the Czech Republic participate in competitions with international renown, such as the National Quality Award. Objective comparison of what we are good, but also of what we have reserves, will help us continue to improve, and perhaps soon to achieve success in the price of quality - EFQM Excellence Award, "he added.

National Quality Award are awarded in more than 80 countries around the world according to the same principles and rules. Abroad, obtaining National Quality highest goal to which a company can achieve.
"National Quality Award is the only award that really comprehensively evaluates the company. EFQM model, according to which companies are assessed objectively compare allows all performance standards, regardless of its size or field of activity.Any organization that participated in the program and apply the EFQM model, immediately get an overview of how you stand compared to the competition, where its strengths and where it is lagging behind, "explained Robert Szurman, chairman of Quality Award.

National exceptional quality, but price does not lie only in their prestige. The main advantage is just an application EFQM model, the most successful management tool currently used by 60 percent of large and medium-sized companies in Europe. According to long-term studies, processed in Europe and the USA, improves deployment model of economic results of firms by tens of percent. That is for the management of the main reason why the program.

"The EFQM model long used in Europe over 30,000 companies. This is probably the best proof of its uniqueness and functionality. Experience has shown that just as well as in the commercial sector, the model works as well as in public administration, police, education and health," said Director of the National Information Centre Jan Taraba quality support.
Despite all the positive experiences from the world and from Czech entrepreneurs is EFQM model used in this country at least. There are several reasons: refusal of planning and prioritizing improvisation, bad experiences with some companies that various "miracle" systems offered in the past and especially ignorance options model. This is confirmed by polls that even 3 of Czech entrepreneurs admit they have no absolutely no modern control method.

Thanks to the support by the National Quality Award provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech entrepreneurs while model can be applied with minimal cost. And for those who want to test out its functionality, simplified programs are ready to START and START Plus.
"Of course we can not expect that the next National Quality participated in thousands of companies. Participation It's too difficult. Changes in company many well-established procedures, requires vision, strategy and a lot of preparation work. At the end of the order, however, is a stronger company with better competitive economic results, and it should be a concern of every business. therefore believe that Czech firms take the offer of help, "said John Taraba.

Part of competitiveness it but in the modern world is not just the quality and innovation. Many customers require that the company also showed its attitude to the company to be responsible and planned their activities with regard to the principles of sustainable development. Many Czech companies simply because the concept of social responsibility and allow the really clever and use it in marketing. For large companies, or branches of foreign companies, such behavior is already commonplace.

"By joining the Czech National Award for social responsibility, the company or organization ensures that the application will bring to the principles of corporate social responsibility system and order. Assumption is that the winner of the Czech National Award for social responsibility will then be able to fully meet the criteria prepared by the European Commission, the European Union Prize for social responsibility, "explained the benefits of participation in the Czech National Award for CSRAlena Plášková, Chair of the Expert Group on CSR at the Council Quality Award.

For businesses that recognize the importance of social responsibility, the Council has prepared a quality two programs to facilitate implementation of CSR policies in a company or organization. At the regional level, it is a "Prize of the President for Corporate Social Responsibility" and for companies of national importance "Czech National Award for social responsibility." Participation in any of them is the easiest and most effective way to implement a functional concept of social responsibility of organizations.

"Get the awards granted, of course, after the companies requires much more effort than send the application
and a half page or profile statement of accounts, as in many other competitions.For it but offer much greater added value: we provide participants tools that lead to greater business competitiveness, to improve, to business excellence. Company participation in the National prices strengthen, improve competitiveness and substantially improve its economic performance, "said Alena Plášková.
In addition to awards in the National Programme and the National Quality prices prices for Czech CSR was handed over at a gala evening of the top-Žaludová Agnes Price, Quality Manager in 2012, the brand and Environmentally Friendly Product Czech Made Czech Programme in quality or price for journalistic contributions in the field quality.

Overview of awarded:
National Prize of Quality Award - Excellence Model - an excellent company
Sejong Czech, sro
National Prize of Quality Award - Excellence Model - Perspective firm
National Prize of Quality Award - model CAF - Excellent organizations
Highlands County, Highlands Regional Office
Czech National Award for CSR - Socially Responsible Company
CSAD LOGISTIK Ostrava, as - Cargo Division
National Award for CSR - A socially responsible organization
Diocesan Charity Ostrava-Opava
Třinec, Municipality of Třinec
Middle School and Secondary Vocational Technical School,
Chances of education, ops
National Prize of Quality Award - model START Plus - successful company
ALEXANDRIA, spol. s ro
Hotel Olšanka, Ltd.
Conference Centre of the Academy of Sciences - Chateau Liblice
ROSSMANN, spol. s ro
Palatinum Ltd.
PHA Czech, sro
PERSPECTIVE College and SSS, Ltd.
National Prize of Quality Award - model START Plus - Successful organizations
Centre for Regional Development
Parish Charity Neratovice
City of Prague 3, Office of Prague 3
Confederation of Commerce and Tourism
College, high school, COP Sezimovo Usti
Price Agnes Žaludová
Doc. Ing. Zdeněk Vorlíček, PhD.
Quality Manager 2012
Ing. Alice Molnárová
Journalistic contributions in the field of quality
Category Topical contribution - Ing. Eva Brixi-Šimková
Category Specialist contribution - RNDr. Zdeněk Svatos
Award for long-term cooperation
DIAMO, state enterprise
Awards for supporting AGE MANAGEMENT
Association of Adult Education
Czech Quality Program - CZECH MADE
Czech Quality Program - Environmentally Friendly Product
And son Jaroslav Cankař, ATMOS

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