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Cheapest bank in III. quarter of 2012 became Fio banka

The rating OVB responsive client bank in III. quarter of 2012 according to the server www.bankovnipoplatky.com becomes the cheapest bank - Fio banka. Was evaluated to 86.3 percent. With its friendly and charges 83.8 per cent followed by mBank, which so outraged against you from first place in the third quarter to the second position. Third place with 82.5% won one of the latest banks - Equa bank. Two more new banks, however, did not let shame.Fourth place with 81.3% occupied Zuno and fifth place with 80% AirBank.  


Fio Bank is not only cheap, but also active


By the Fio banka does not charge for normal banking services of any fees, you will certainly certainly deserves designation Cheapest Bank. For the third quarter of this year rated it as to determine the server www.bankovnipoplatky.com . Low-cost policy is not the only example. Even its tariff still among the most comprehensive. Everything can be found in a document of six pages.Award fee is not only in Czech crowns, but also in euros and dollars. Evaluation in a bank server positively appreciated especially its August cut interest rates for your mortgage. In the economic newspaper Fio banka was announced as the Best Bank 2012 in the category Banking innovator. Its application Fio smartbanking appreciated by the public as the most valuable innovation in the banking market.


Positive assessment server is confirmed by the words of John juror germs on the Bank says: "Probably the most active bank in the third quarter of the 2012th Contactless cards, discounts in refinancing interest rates ... it is only a fraction of innovations. "


mBank is the second


Even though the mBank in the third quarter of 2012, became responsive to rating OVB Bank friendliest bank server www.bankovnipoplatky.com it in terms of fee policy, cast up to second place. mBank But not to worry. In the first quarter of this year was the first and the second together with Fio banka as well. It is clear that the current mBank * grade Fio banka great competitor. The reason for its current state and the second place may be a decreased activity of the bank. In the last quarter, the bank many news regarding fees not introduce. The only thing the server www.bankovnipoplatky.comnoticed was the gradual reduction in mortgage interest rates.


About the Tariff Patrik Nacher, owner of Bank charges server wrote: "The form of tariff is not changed in the current quarter. The tariff mBank is necessary to appreciate that it is easy to find right on the homepage. Secondly, the client will find at the top of a chart with an archive of changes, and what range of services or products to these changes and the concern. "



The third is the cheapest Equa bank


The fact that Equa bank begins being among the cheapest bank is really positive message. The overall assessment was declared the third friendliest bank, therefore, they deserve another award law.The free withdrawals from ATMs reduce the conditions for obtaining the account for free. The bank server it judged to 82.5% and identified it as the third cheapest bank this quarter. Our market is already successfully throughout the year, during which gained over 20,000 clients.


The overall positive rating Patrik Nacher about the bank wrote:"Another new or rather rediscovered Bank. Originally Banco Popolare, which bought British fund AnaCap. In the third. quarter, the most active bank levies and we must say that all the changes have been positive. Equa Bank fee policy is set to address the principle of active clients. The current account is otherwise stands for inactive clients CZK 99 per month. But the Bank recently reduced parameters for a free account - credit turnover decreased to 10 000 CZK per month (previously you had to send clients to account for at least 15 000 CZK per month) or you must have an average balance of the accounts, and it must be greater than the new 100 000 CZK ( before more than 150,000 CZK). "



I Zuno and AirBank builds its policy on low fees


Zuno Bank belong to a banking group Raiffeisen Bank International. Server it with its 81.3% appreciated the fourth cheapest bank III. quarter. This victory is not the only one.Economic news from the perspective of clients Zuno evaluated as the second friendliest bank in the Czech Republic. Another victory lies in its international success of advertising campaigns. The awards for the most effective European advertising campaign for the first time in history not lacking or advertising agency that is worth putting online bank ZUNO the Czech and Slovak markets.   Contents Tariff Banking fees were assessed as follows: "List is similar to the Air Equa bank or Bank arranged and quite simple. All three new banks heed calls from clients for clarity on the first reading. Tariff Zuno even after the extension of services to fit two A4. "


AirBank entered the Czech market earlier this year with just a few of charges and unique invitations. During its short existence has already received over 60,000 clients.As the financial and tariff offer is AirBank by bank charges really excellent: "Tariff is still one of the simplest and clearest. Including explanatory texts to fit only one A4. Simple tariff in the first months the new bank has its advantages. It is clear, you will not find in it no stars, letters or footnotes. Bank clients will appreciate the information that prices in the tariff are the same for all channels - whether the client uses the services branches, internet banking or Telephone Banking. "


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