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Anarchy begins at the Ministry of Transport, Dobes fills Hampl

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The resignation of Transport Minister Pavel Dobes (people) came with Monday's date in force. As yet knows who will resort to coalition agreement on the distribution of ministries will take care of the transport of First Deputy Minister Lukáš Hampl.

Working Group, responsible for negotiations on the revision of the coalition agreement is not met yet. "We already have a clear idea of ??the priorities that we promote," said deputy Viktor Paggio (PEOPLE) that should be addressed mainly programmatic issues such as schedule revision of the Act on Civil Servants or extending the powers of the Supreme Audit Office.

About personals, Ministry of Transport has not yet want to have fun, as well as the distribution of individual coalition government departments."We are all options on the table," he said after the mention of a possible successor Dobešov - Non Martin Smolka, who heads the Olomouc branch Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. "His eventual nomination to the post of Minister of Transport, I discussed with the First Vice President of the PEOPLE Ms. Navratilova only general and theoretical level," he wrote in a statement Smolka. An official offer from the Liberal Democrats received.

Liberal Democrats still do not know whether the Department of Transportation will not change for the defense, which he resigned to 7 Dec. Minister Alexandr Vondra (ODS). All coalition parties, however, agree that they want to have a revised contract to the end of the year, if possible until Christmas.

Dobeš Prime Minister gave his resignation in mid-November, at the invitation of the leadership of his own political party. Among other things, Bureau PEOPLE blamed him for "botched" start and slow response of the central vehicle register. Between the Minister and Deputy Karolina Peake (PEOPLE) there was no longer noticeable tension, not only because of the vehicle register. Dobeš after the resignation of the lowest financing attacked the ruling party, he did not like getting gifts from people who receive public works contracts. Now thinking about leaving the party.

The Prime Minister had earlier refused to accept his cabinet "Bart's former security director" Robert Vacek she wanted from the post of his deputy to push to higher levels of "big politics" Peake. President of the Liberal Democrats then began to threaten his departure from the government.Now it does not want to disclose other possible candidates until the name of the winner in the battle to transport a certain resort, or until the coalition agreement. It is finally possible that the resort transport found myself under the Civic Democrats.

During the two and a half years left the cabinet of Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS) has 11 ministers, Vondra will be the twelfth. Already disappeared all original chiefs of ministries, which the Prime Minister has chosen from among the ODS. Some of them was quite intraparty politics, such as Ivan Fuksa or Jiri Pospisil (both ODS), other cases caught their subordinates, or even of themselves - Paul Drobil, Alexandr Vondra, Martin Kocourek (ODS everyone), Jaromir Drabek, Jiří Besser (TOP 09 ) or Vit Barta (VV).

Barta was the first transport minister in the current government, who resigned at the beginning of April 2010. The day is about him appeared in the newspaper text which he had formerly Director ABL security agency come into politics to gain a bigger share in public procurement. Barta but investigating police in connection with another issue that culminated in April. Two former members of VV Jaroslav Škárka and Christina Koci filed a criminal complaint against the minister, Barta had to give them a bribe for loyalty. Former chief deputies VV Koci received from his party colleagues half a million crowns Škárka first received tens of thousands per month, in the final received an envelope with € 170 thousand. Barta still argue that it was a loan.

Government involvement in the Barta after two months non-party tested and Radek Šmerda. Public Affairs nominated by Coppermine former First Deputy to the Minister that he held the post for a period before they can be cleaned Barta. But the process dragged on and in addition Šmerda in office began more and more to build on their own feet, with flagging binding to VV. Šmerda therefore the Ministry of Transport was replaced by former election manager Public Affairs Pavel Dobeš.

Jan Drahorád,

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Začíná bezvládí na ministerstvu dopravy, Dobeše zastoupí Hampl

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