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Vote on the most ridiculous bank fees in 2012 BROUGHT

VIII. annual survey on the most ridiculous bank fees

in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2012 - 1 The olo vote

First 12th 2,012


As of 1 12th 2012 will be voted on in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

About favor voting will apply 15 ridiculous bank charges

2 new subcategory - ridiculous moneylender 2012 and most ridiculous EU regulation


Link to vote:



Serverwww.bankovnipoplatky.com announces 8th annual survey "the most ridiculous bank fees." And again, the poll will take place in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.


Basic rules for voting:

Vote will be on a server www.bankovnipoplatky.com . Voices from the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be recorded in a single table, which will be evaluated at the end. For statistical purposes and media but we will also be able to present the results separately. Due to the objectivity of the voting will be limited number of computers within a single IP address to the 20th

Ridiculous bank charges for the years 2005-2011:

2005 - charge for incoming payment

2006 - fee for ATM withdrawals own bank,

2007 - charge for current account

2008 - fee for excessive deposit

2009 - the fee for deposit at the counter for their own account and

2010 - fee for selection at the counter on its own account

2011 - fee for early repayment

not nominated to "have a chance", other incomprehensible and absurd charges.

Poll would also investigate the attitudes of bank customers had to some extent put pressure on banks to change their fee policy.This year will be even more intriguing duel that appear in the list of charges against which clients have actively agitating and threaten their banks with lawsuits.

To 30 November 2012 had the chance to influence the structure of the proposed bank charges site visitors by nominating fee, which they considered as absurd. Now, vote in 1 round, which will last until the end of January 2013.

At the same place the next two subcategories - ridiculous usurer 2012 . People can send their experiences to address vrba@bankovnipoplatky.com with the slogan "usurer 2012" by the end of February 2013. The incoming stories draws jury project navigator safe loan 5 best stories.

The second sub-option is nejabsurdnějšího regulation or EU proposal . People can send their proposals to the address again vrba@bankovnipoplatky.com with the slogan "EU Regulation" to the end of the year 2012 and after the vote.


Schedule poll:

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First 11th - 30 11th 2,012

Nominations banking fees from clients (9 automatically be nominated absurd charges from last year)

First 12th 2012 - 31 First 2,013

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First ballot

First Second - 28 Second 2,013

The final round of voting (5 charges)

First Second 2,013

Announcement of the results of a survey conducted by SANEP

First Third 2,013

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Announcement nejabsurdnějšího bank levy for 2012

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Second Third 2,013

Announcement nejabsurdnějšího usurer for 2012

Third Third 2,013

Announcement nejabsurdnějšího EU regulation


Vote will be held on the following 15 bank fees:

 (Name of bank levy may not exactly match the terminology bank on scales, but it should for voting clearly describe the relevant bank fee)

·                The fee for finding balance through ATM

·                Fee for account statements sent electronically

·                The fee for entering other data in order to pay

·                Fee for failure to pay (eg missed command over collection box)

·                The fee for item

·                Management fee overdraft service even in times of non-use

·                The fee for deposit to the account of a third person at the counter

·                Account management fee deceased client (for probate proceedings)

·The fee for entering an order or change the standing order via internet banking

·                Account management fee for mortgage or consumer loan

·                Change fee limit or PIN on the card via internet banking

·                The fee for the information to quantify the mortgage loan balance or building society

·                Fee for deferral / suspension of repayment of the loan

·Fees generally at a SCART (card social systems mandatory for welfare recipients)

·                The fee for foreign transactions (incoming and outgoing payments)


For more information about the survey:



Organizer poll:www.bankovnipoplatky.com   

Co-organizer polls for Slovakia:     Economic newspapers (www.hnonline.sk)  

Managing media partner:                     Novinky.cz ( www.novinky.cz )

Main media partner:                                    Diary and www.denik.cz

Media partners:                                  TV Prima ( www.iprima.cz )

Invisible Dog ( www.neviditelnypes.cz )

Kurzy.cz ( www.kurzy.cz )

Měšec.cz (www.mesec.cz)

First zprávy.cz ( www.prvnizpravy.cz )

Czech pozice.cz (www.ceskapozice.cz )

Special partners:                                               Clever Jack - purchase of financial services online

                                                           SANEP - research and analysis


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Hlasování o nejabsurdnější bankovní poplatek roku 2012 ZAHÁJENO

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