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UK adeptom mitigation rating Equity trading in the U.S. yesterday began declining tone, which resulted in Apple shares, but ultimately optimism that an agreement on a cliff fiškálnom ultimately be reached, supported reflection shares. In addition to technological and Nasdaq indices ended in the green numbers: Dow Jones +0.64% SP500 +0.16%, Nasdaq Composite -0.77%.

Apple lapsed most of the last four years

Most interesting market-moverom včerajšieho were yesterday again trading shares of Apple. Najznámejšieho phone manufacturer in the world recorded a slump of 6.43%. This is the highest Overnight slump for the last four years. Was deleted during this decline to 35 billionA market capitalization of USD, which is still more than for example the current total value of Hewlett-Packard. As a reason SALE referred to management that klíringová Clearing firm COR increased margin for trading in shares of company to 60% from 30%. Probably Outlets napákovaných portfolios as well as the shock of confidence that the klíringové shares being prepared for higher volatility, withdrew down shares Californian giant.

Macro of U.S. better

Macroeconomic calendar yesterday offered an ADP employment results, which tracks the number of jobs created in the private sector and the ISM nevýrobného sector, which again monitors the activity of managers of shopping in the segment services. ADP employment ended with the result of 118 thousand increment. cities, which is only slightly below expectations of 125 thousand. According to the company ADP skresal hurricane Sandy ADP data by up to 87 thousand.places, so no hurricane data would have been at a very good level. ISM nevýrobného contrary sector outstripped expectations and ended at the highest level since February. Compared to the weak ISM manufacturing sector published Monday in regard to the excellent result.

I do not even fight kongresmanov Obama-Boehner tired

Attention but rather than macro data pútali further reports on fiškálnom reef. Treasury Secretary Geithner again reiterated that Obama would rather let the economy go through rough fiscal cliff than they would accept an agreement with Republicans, which will not include tax increases for the rich and also will veto the law, which does not include revocation of approval ceiling increase dlhového Congress.The fight between Obamom and republikánom Boehnerom get bored some Republicans as well as Democrats, and they jointly calling for obojstrannej agreement which would allow, with all options. Their statement finally sent the stock market up.

UK adeptom mitigation rating

Yesterday was also an interesting update to the British budget by the Finance Minister Osborne. He has posted estimates of higher deficits and slabšieho growth. FIGURE Organization, which estimates vytvárala, but soon added that sees a greater probability that the estimates will not be met. UK economic growth is very weak. Since 2008, the economy recorded a contraction of up to 3%, which is most of the G-7 countries outside Italy. Weak economic performance and vice versa worse for farming noticed behold agency Fitch, which said that the failure to meet targets deficitných reduces your credibility UK.After France, which already has a reduced rating, is now the largest adeptom downgrade Britain.

The Greek reverse repurchase still questionable

But there were ahead, as otherwise, Greece. Agency Standard and Poor's yesterday reduced the Greek rating by four degrees to Selective Default. This is a rating on a par with the Moodys and expresses essentially bankrupt against selected borrowers. Again, it is private investors who are exposed to a restructuring of Greek debt buy-back program through the bond market.

The final success of the program is still not known, since according to bankers who are anonymously expressed for The New York Times, part of hedge funds refusing to sell the bonds and is waiting for a better offer by Greece. If you fail to purchase debt or participate in Greek banks, it may be the entire program and its effect in reducing the debt compromised.

Draghi ends peacefully in 2012

Today's program is quite limited in conference with ECB Draghim. At most expect the President's new growth projections for next year as well as the first official estimates of growth for 2014. When in September Draghi has offered estimates for 2013, we learned the number -0.4% to +1.4%. Today could come to a decrease of the estimate. Draghi said that the expected recovery in the second half of next year. If it is to acknowledge, he should expect for 2014 with stronger growth. It is filling but light of the risks in the euro zone questionable.

Hope for new stimulus

Therefore, it may still bid Draghi market hopes that in the future will be able to help the economy. They're talking about the possibility of reduction in the base rate, well in that case would have to stoop Deposit rate to a negative level.In Denmark, a negative rate works without major problems, but it is questionable as it operates in a huge Euro zone. That, however, are matters of which the notice Draghi its first year on the poste ECB chief will not spoil. Rather, could provide perspectives that will work on all the countries that had the same access to liquidity and could be extended collateral rules. That way, they could for example Spanish or Portuguese banks get more liquidity. This possibility would be for the euro certainly far more favorable than negative Deposit rates.

Euro in the case of notification or new incentives. in outlining their case could have traded up toward 1.31, on the contrary, and will only be published estimates of weaker growth and Draghi will sound very passive, will open space to drop into zone 1.3020 / 1.2880, whence the euro, could be displaced again up.

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