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Marijuana does not draw much anymore. Alcohol Czechs still revel

Consumption of ecstasy and marijuana in the past year decreased. Contrast, the number of meth users and the Czechs are still on top in alcohol consumption

Prague, 7 December 2012 - Use of ecstasy in the Czech Republic is no longer in vogue, as in earlier times, and slightly reduce young people smoking marijuana. At least it shows numbers of the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction. Marijuana and hashish enjoyed last year by 4% fewer people aged 15-35 years than in the previous year. That does not change the fact that the use of soft drugs vévodíme throughout Europe. At the top we have the consumption of alcohol, which is due to far more damaging.

If you give a man a drink of alcohol, even if only occasionally, never used one of the most toxic substances. Experts warn that alcohol has a far greater negative impact on human health than cannabis, LSD or even cocaine."Alcohol is one of the most harmful addictive substances. Its toxicity is greater than the LSD, cannabis or Rohypnol example. Unlike flammable chemicals on behalf of hooch, there is no single case of death from cannabis use. It is sufficient to fulfill the alcohol bottles from the wrong tank, "says an expert on cannabis KonopnyShop.cz of George STABLE.

The number of users is growing meth

Problematic drug users in the Czech Republic last year increased. The number of methamphetamine-dependent and the Czech Republic to the long term opiate discovered brown. Heroin users, in contrast, is less than half a decade ago. The number of those who died of an overdose, it was at least the last 15 years. Because drugs 28 people died. Alcohol requested over 300 lives.

Marijuana legal soon - only for selected patients

The current process of legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes is coming to a successful end. MEPs today should decide to legalize treatment. Medicinal products with marijuana should be available to the electronic prescription early next year. The chance would be able to get patients with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's, and many other serious illnesses.Initially, it was probably imported cannabis from the Netherlands and Israel and gram should come to 80 to 200 CZK. Price is according to experts for patients is very high. 'If licensed cannabis produced in this country, the price will be up to two thirds lower, "says George Stable from Konopnyshop.cz that sells medical devices approved cannabis Carun. Dosage marijuana abroad ranges from one to five grams per day. Ministry of Health admitted that the treatment would gradually partially reimburse us for insurance, although those with the recently prevented.  

Cannabis to alcohol and other substance dependence

"If a man should avoid drinking alcohol at a party, it is advisable few hours before the event, eat a handful of hemp seeds. The fat content in them is slow down the absorption of alcohol in the blood and Vitamin B3 helps the body to better cope with alcohol, "advises George STABLE.

Since 1971, the products of hemp experimentally tested as drugs against alcoholism, heroin addiction and amphetaminové.

Research carried out at the psychiatric clinic at Columbia University in New York and many others around the world have shown that moderate consumption of cannabis accelerates advances in naltrexonové therapy for patients who suffer from addiction to drugs such as heroin and that people drink less alcohol when they smoke cannabis. The authors of studies to confirm the drug substitution in the subgroup of everyday consumers and recommend cannabis weed I smoke whenever empower human craving for alcohol.

Alcohol in numbers

According to the Czech Statistical Office, the Czech Republic, approximately 200,000 liters of spirits a day, and stand behind him on the excise duty levied nearly seven billion crowns annually. Czechs him spend a day estimated 50 million crowns. Last year in the Czech Republic have tried alcohol 98% sixteen. A large consumption of alcohol can its easy availability, low cost, its tolerance in a society or a bad example of parents. It sale and possession of large quantities of cannabis is illegal.Up to 42% of Czechs sixteen ever tried cannabis and hashish, the European average is 17%. For Czech students follow their peers of France, Monaco and Slovakia. The popularity remains nicotine. Had a lit cigarette in his mouth three quarters Czech schoolchildren, a quarter of smokes a day.

In the field of drug prevention nepřiteklo much money last year, as in years past. Compared to 2010, spending fell by ten percent. Of the total 564 million Crowns 60% came from state coffers, financed the rest of the regions and municipalities.

Alcohol versus cannabis

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·          awakens in man aggressive behavior and violence, loss of control

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·          meal after cannabis tastes great human suffering and loss of appetite



·          There lethal variants viz. metylalkoholová affair

·          you can not overdose, no lethal cannabis

·          kills brain cells, destroys the liver, eliminates body

·          Smoking cannabis regenerates brain cells

·          induce human pacifism and greater tolerance, soothes

·          musician, although he has a feeling that his alcohol helps worsens

·          musician who smokes weed, plays better, which can also be heard

·          causes anorexia appetite, nausea

·          unhealthy increases confidence and reduces judgment

·          favorably affects the course of Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and other incurable diseases

·          there is a general decline in the working personality, social and family areas

·          is good for asthma, psoriasis cures, etc.

·          depending not only leads to psychological but also physical

·          does not lead to physical dependence

·          is a stepping stone to harder drugs

·after cannabis do not follow the harder drugs

·          causes a hangover

·          to normal "operational" state, the user gets within a few hours

·          a low dose of alcohol or legal ability to reduce the active concentration at the wheel

·          in experiments with drivers under the influence of cannabis did not appear to be significantly worse somehow their ability to drive

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