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Why or staff training is no longer sufficient for success of companies?

It's been many years since a significant way in the business world trend pushed staff training. Concepts such as learning organizations, internal or external courses, internal lecturers etc. are stray terminology in most large and medium-sized companies. Unfortunately, many medium and small entrepreneurs still do not understand the need for staff training, while the trend was already goes on. Even in our terms and conditions of the Czech economy follow another recent trend, not to be overlooked. Staff training itself is no longer enough to make the company succeed. Talking about it can certainly all of those business owners, managers and HR professionals, who in education - especially the external - have invested a lot of money ...but where is the effect? If we realized how much money, time and costs have already lost all the training literally wasted money, we would have to admit that conventional classical education simply does not work. If it worked, then there would have been many efficient and prosperous businesses. The truly prosperous and functioning is definitely not enough. My experience, however, is that every day I meet with entrepreneurs, managers ... firms that just something wrong. Why so much vaunted education, which often these people are going through, does not benefit / outcome? Maybe because there is a difference between Heard of information, knowledge and ability to use acquired knowledge (skill).

On the market in adult education are many companies would almost made me want to say that our small Czech ratios too many training companies, so one effect of investment in education we have had: a decent living for educational business. I do not want to complain about the competition, because it makes me think, be creative and find ways to win her over. A time to examine the actual value of the services of many training companies. On the other hand, if I contact the teachers or coaches such as business skills, they would be interested in cooperating with our company, and I find that the main motive for their actions is that they want to work - in other words, understand ... business skills trainer himself is not able to provide or contract to sell yourself and your service - I wonder what's wrong? In those who offer their educational services? Or in those who are ordered ...

The situation is pretty much becomes even more intriguing by the fact that from the European Union comes constantly new and fresh impetus towards increasing competitiveness through education of workers in companies. These in many cases purposefully drawn money from the EU (from companies as end-user subsidies) also have their consequences. First, the education market holds or moves a lot of very dubious entities, companies, trainers, whose qualifications we could successfully argue. First, end companies are subsidized from the EU, especially trying to utilize as much money, but not as effectively as possible with the highest quality results of educational processes. And secondly, we all basically teach mainly draw money - through properly completed forms, applications, attendance, etc.- We learn to administer projects. We learn how to be servants. Is not that special? I thought that the original idea of ??training in companies has been to improve their ability to work, hence the business (that is, become more competitive). Meanwhile, in my exact opposite happens - thanks to a new influx of funds into companies (EU grants aimed at projects, whether educational or other grant programs), companies often become a large part of their income literally dependent on subsidies, drawing money from EU funds etc . How many of us thanks to European funds actually improve their business skills? In 2009, our company made ??its first - and also because of my decision last project implemented by the EU grant.I realized quickly that time and energy on these well-intentioned projects I want to insert as an entrepreneur in rewarding activities that I pay more in the future - because I want to learn to be a good businessman, not a good administrator grants from the EU. Have an old man Tomas Bata used to say that in his firm, each worker should be such a sole practitioner, "I an entrepreneur, the entrepreneur. I master, the Lord. "It moves in dozens of companies around the Czech Republic, but I see very little actual business ...

However, back to the point. Whether due to poorly understood and over-emphasis on sorts and ineffective staff training and due to ineffective policy of the EU, what grants towards education in the private sector is concerned, all of a sudden, we find that allwe are fed up with being the most valuable asset - just ahead someone says the term corporate training, education, subsidies from the EU to increase competitiveness and has accrued us goosebumps. We are frustrated in our thoughts run images of other boring day somewhere in the ass, with no effect in practice. Firms extension workers are now retraining - all the managerial, communication, presentation and business skills. All those soft-skills courses, training, events ... Where are the results of such training? Where is the return on investment in this type of education?

When you open a Web page with standard offer educational agencies, we find that today virtually every company offers so targeted almost eerily sounding words like: find your needswe will prepare a course / education for peace. And somewhere in the menu to encounter the type of concepts - measure learning outcomes, etc. I'm afraid that if at least the last one did - that measure the financial effect resulting from the outcome of education - ie. ability to apply knowledge into practice with a specific positive effect, then many training companies did not survive the end of next year.

Why write about all this? I dogged critic of education? Or even deranged owner of one of the training companies that you can find on the market? No. I am the first to fight for education truly justified in companies since the beginning of entrepreneurs themselves. I am the first to promote the fact that, particularly in education - which is the process by which vz-... dragging them up - making ...or the ability to do something - is the right way to grow a healthy business hence a healthy economy. However, the question is how to implement an effective education? As heard words of (information) to make knowledge and expertise of skill.

This problem I dealt with for many years and now I'm at a stage where I am convinced of two things. The first important thing is repetition. Many conventional practices, courses and educational agencies lies in the fact that the fits and starts - as 1x per year - sending their workers on two days of the course with a certain topic. What do such employee from the course take home - if we're talking about the acquired knowledge, hence the ability to use this knowledge? I dare say that in fact almost anything. 1x per year for two days to pay attention to something is as empty cup of salt into the sea. Everything suddenly dissolves into nothing. Our company has developed a model which has undergone testing for our clients and delivering results. It is a simple concept: education takes place regularly, every month, in the range of 3-4h. max is in this spirit very much like to use the word formation. Although we are learning company neškolíme, educate, but we form. I'd like to branch characteristics of our company put the term Information Society (or by forming desirable skills of your staff) instead of learned societies, but how many people would have understood that verbal communication ... We inform the staff of our clients. You also shape the its staff. Stop educate, begin to form. The results are fascinating. Many of our clients recognize this fact.Formation in specific skills leads to the actual financial effects (results).

The second thing to distinguish conventional from a genuine education is this: The same old management rule states: explain, let us explain, show, let's show. How many trainers and training companies goes so far that at least thoroughly re-examined workers who have completed a course? Not to mention how many of teachers or other staff training companies are able to demonstrate in practice what his listeners speak? See. that business skills trainer looking for reasons of lack of demand work for other training firms.And in the end, if someone gets that far (that shows in practice what they teach), how many of the teachers and trainers are able to check that what you explained, let us explain and show in practice, the training of workers actually do (ie show).

Many things are in my opinion very easy and simple. In business, we see that there for clients, ruled by common sense, our company does not have much to do. But I must say that most of the clients we work a lot. Simplicity and common sense in most cases lacking. The question is why, but it would be in itself the next article.I must say that while conventional education market yet still winning, wakes up to a full insight more corporations (hence the owners), which is that education alone is not enough. The mistake would be to conceive hatred for education in general! Despises conventional education. And access to education of staff based on the formation, repetition, explanation, testing, pointing and supervision in practice - all provided by the quality of education.

Ing. Bc. Jiří Jemelka Tento příspěvek poskytuje marketingový specialista, odborník na růst a rozvoj firem, podnikatel, školitel, lektor a kouč v oblastech management, prodej, marketing a finance – Ing. Bc. Jiří Jemelka, zakladatel společnosti J.I.P. pro firmy s.r.o. zaměřené na zvyšování produktivity v obchodních i výrobních firmách ( a provozovatel marketingového poradenství na Vystudoval VŠB-TU Ostrava, obor Management a Ekonomika, dálkově studoval na Impac University, USA, Florida 2005, studijní obor: Operations Organization.

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