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The Supreme Audit Office found errors in the use of European money, threatening the loss

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The Supreme Audit Office found errors in how the Ministry for Regional Development and the Ministry of Culture treated with funds from the Integrated Operational Programme of the European Union. Resorts risk losing a significant portion provided money, report warns Monday's office.

The Supreme Audit Office (SAO) has focused on provision and take money from the Integrated Operational Programme (IOP) in the years 2007 to 2011, specifically examined the area that serves the restoration and use of monuments and sites of national cultural monuments. Operational program runs until 2013.

Inspectors focused on the Department for Regional Development (MRD), because it is responsible for the management, and the Ministry of Culture (MoC). He takes care of the administration selects specific projects and provides grants to those who succeed.The Authority also examined thirteen different projects in twelve subjects.

Erred both ministries and in eight cases out of thirteen projects SAO found violations of the law on public procurement. MMR not provide independent oversight of the program. Designated audit body was partly staffed and financially dependent on the Ministry, which, however, is responsible for the IOP. According to SAO resort did not provide all necessary or indicators to be able to assess whether the money is being spent effectively and economically.

MMR objected to both censure. Audit body is, according to the Ministry, although included in the organizational structure of the ministry, but reports directly to the chief of department and independent of the governing body of IOP. "Materially and methodically audit body was controlled by the Ministry of Finance Department Audit Authority. Effect from 1January 2013 will be responsible for all audit bodies abolished and for all audit activities for the operational programs will be responsible audit authority of the Ministry of Finance, which is part of the so-called Action Plan agreed last spring with the European Commission, "revealed in the Ministry for Regional Development.

Does not agree with the fact that they did not have sufficient tools to control the efficient spending of EU funds.

MK again by SAO supported such projects where expertise is specifically warned that threatens disabled public support. Should notify the European Commission not to pay money. SAO warns that such a move could lead to the loss of a significant part of the funds drawn.

The Ministry of Culture in its response to finding SAO stated that he is aware of these risks and has taken measures to eliminate them. "There was such a revision of some of the projects which have been modified some of the activities of the project have been changed or groups of people, which projects to target," said the ministry. It added that working with experts on public support.

MMR contends that notification by the European Commission is just one of the ways to proceed at risk orders, and insists that a violation occurred and EU directives. "Given the fact that at the present time almost all of the allocation area covered IOP issued decisions on grant and most projects are in the implementation of the management body does not accede to the notification, as this could cause a serious threat to the fulfillment of the allocation, suspend the implementation of projects and loss of resources in this area, "explainedministry, why not turn to the European Commission.

According to MK SAO auditors also with the knowledge and consent of the MMR unduly paid 185.4 million crowns, when provided finance to repair property that promotion in rank potential National Heritage not: neither UNESCO nor a national cultural monument. It pays to be a former granary and stables in Velehrad in South Moravia and a former Jesuit seminary and college in Jindrichuv Hradec.

In that complaint, a decision backed by MK MMR. It issued a binding interpretation, according to which works with value-added sites and their location in the conservation area. "If it is to achieve the objectives of the project or the technology required to implement project activities in other property (other than UNESCO or national monuments, note. Red.), To assess whether the applicant has clearly demonstrated the need for a direct link to the project goals. Further assess whether the other properties are located in the same conservation area, conservation area in the same or in the same protection zone immovable cultural monuments, immovable national cultural monuments, conservation or conservation zone, "specifies the interpretation of MMR.

On this interpretation MMR lasts. "The objective of the grant program was filled and the managing authority disagrees with the quantification of misappropriated funds amounting to 185.4 million," said resort in response to Monday's ruling.

The Office also explored the twelve recipients of grants totaling 980.6 million crowns in eight cases encountered in violation of the law on public procurement.For example, the Roman Catholic parish Velehrad not only in one contract does not disable menu that did not meet the terms of reference, even chose her as the winner. Lower Vitkovice area again illegally collected the 1.5 million for works and supplies that are not contracts and invoices.

MK says that it is not in his power to check whether all items on the invoices corresponding realized fact done just a random check, in which case the error Vítkovice not detected. Nevertheless, the office said they try to find a solution. "We consider the shortcomings worthy of consideration, and therefore we have to eliminate such risks began working with construction experts to oversee the implementation of parts of the building projects," added the ministry.

A partial fault for projects MMR wants to pay. "In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture that we solve using standard procedures in dealing with irregularities. If the suspicion is confirmed competent financial authority, we will take measures to prevent their recurrence," mentioned resort.

Katerina Šurmanová,

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