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Bill Gross and maybe Reprobate end development

Bill Gross manages the largest bond fund world is often considered the king of bonds. Investments are not properly analyzed and zero policy rates and QE according to him leads ultimately to use lehkověrnému means "free" and thus a higher cost.

Even with the growth of capital investment slowed, this year we have even seen their absolute decline. This further investment opportunities were not properly analyzed, the money often "scattered" and the quantities actually productive investment was much smaller than it should.

QE may avoid falling prices of financial assets. But not significantly contributed to the start-up of productive investments. As for the Fed, there is one more interesting thing. A formal agreement between the Fed and the American administration will expire this year. I wonder if the Fed were more subject to the Ministry of Finance. It would allow the government to promote QE4 QEXX up as needed.

According to him, the game is nearing "nezdárnému 'end and   QE did nothing to contribute .

-Webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; "> What would nezdárným end be? There is one subject that is virtually taboo. It consists of a devaluation of the dollar. Timeframe for this development? Talking to a maximum of a few (2-3 ) coming years. Developments in the gold market, or unexpected událostina globálbí scene, can significantly shorten the time limit.

How to realize such a devaluation? Towards devaluing what to do? When? Here we take into account that the time required for standard preparation and implementation of monetary reform in the United States is 11 days.In the event that all terms retrenched only on the actual minimum, it can be the entire catch for 6 days.

Classical devaluation, a one-off reduction of the dollar against all currencies, commodities, hence, would not surprise me. Some commentators, however, offers another scenario. What is it?

I would call it "domestic devaluation". That is, the dollar would lose X% of their value, foreign investors - with an emphasis on creditors - would be guaranteed the previous dollar. This would apply mainly guarantee buy U.S. T-Bills and T-Bonds, dollar accounts held abroad.

Let's see, one way or another,   global monetary reform is coming .

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