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Methanol affair change the habits of Czechs

The fear of methanol poisoning Czechs significantly reduce purchases of spirits in convenience stores and kiosks and require new stamps on the bottles. Three-quarters (76%) of regular drinkers reduce their consumption of spirits and replace them with beer or wine. In the most affected categories, namely rum and vodka, consumers prefer foreign spirits, who are trusted by three quarters (77%) compared to one fifth of Czechs (22%) of Czech origin. It results from an independent research for distributor Brown-Forman C & SR was undertaken by Perfect Crowd among respondents aged 18 years, a representative sample by gender, age, education and region.

Main research findings:

·          Most sought after features of benign spirits are a new collector (53%), an established chain store (50%) and foreign brand (40%). In contrast, only 27% of respondents trust the old stamps spirits manufactured before 2012.

·          76% of regular drinkers of spirits states that the last time at the expense of spirits rather buy wine or beer (rarely liqueurs).

·          59% of respondents generally reduce drinking spirits.

·          The difference in confidence to domestic versus foreign spirits is very significant. Local Guide trusts only 22% compared with 77% for foreign (for consumers nejbezpečnějšípovažují Finlandia vodka, which věří87% of respondents).

·          78% to limit the consumption of local vodka, 76% consumption of the local rum ("rum").

The research results confirm that the segment of consumers spirits methanol affair has left its mark Alida more thinking about the safety of alcoholic beverages. They are interested in what spirits consume and at what point is a buy, it is apparent greater trust in proven sales sites.

While watching the shift from unbranded to premium spirits, from domestic brands to foreign brands. This trend is most pronounced in the categories of rum and vodka, where local products trusted by only 22% of consumers in the case of 28% vodka and rum ("rum").Compared tomuzahraničním vodkám 77% of consumers trust (preferably a stand with confidence Finlandia 87% of respondents) and 64% of consumers believe foreign rum (92% of respondents trust Bacardi). For spirit is considered the safest of whiskey, no doubt about that 95% of respondents.

The very strict control system, potable alcohol production in Finland speaks brandmanager Finlandia Vodka Michal Nejedlý:   "The only velkovýrobním distillery is AltiaPlc which is subject to 99% of the production of spirits in the country. License to manufacture alcohol awarded the National Audit Office for Social Security and Health (Valvira). Additional license must be obtained from the State Agency for Safety of Chemicals (TUKES). Finlandia vodka production itself is subject to dual control over the entire process. In each step distillation alcohol is tested for quality and safety input ingredients and methanol content. "

In restaurants, the mistrust of consumers to dispel the spirits if they poured the operation of the original bottle in front of them, expressed by 70% of respondents. Almost half (46%) respondents, more frequently than before rather buy a bottle of spirits home than to be consumed in the restaurant. 56% of respondents limit drinking spirits in restaurants and bars, 51% reduced their purchases of spirits in stores.

Ošmera RAD: Pravidlabezpečného behavior and consumption of spirits:

  1. Not to buy alcohol in untested retailers - convenience stores, kiosks, street vendors.
  2. Especially in reputable shop chains (demonstrably possessing certificates of all products guarantees impeccable origin).
  3. When buying a bottle of alcohol to carefully check the stamp and label importer. Now there are 3 variants of the marking bottles stamps - old stamp, stamp přelepeného combination of old and new just a new stamp. Old stamps I guarantee the quality of the product in combination with imported brands.
  4. The problem in the Czech Republic exists only in the domestic likérek, drink therefore renowned imported brands and secure category (premium vodka from quality ingredients, whiskey, tequila, rum cane).
  5. Indicator of impeccable quality and drinking is the price of the product, the quality should be paid extra. Beware of "tempting" price offer.
  6. With consumption of liquor in restaurants and bars to apply the entire original product name. Always order a specific brand, such as Finlandia vodka, not just vodka.
  7. A similar principle applies to the mixed drinks. Treat yourself to a cocktail of original, premium products, you avoid potential health risks, and also drink will taste really as it should.
  8. Equally important is the service administered alcohol. Part of bartending ethics should always be served from the original bottle in front of the customer.

Thomas Vozáb
PR Manager

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