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Markets  |  December 10, 2012 17:06:19

CR - Summary 10.12 - Banks procured decline also upped the ante and TO2 CEZ shares, against a CME NWR and TMR

The PSE begun 50th well all week.

The general mood on the European stock markets were not favorable. The main role in this accounted for news from Italy, where the current Prime Minister Monti announced that due to the loss of support of coalition partner withdraws from his office. After a relatively short period of its existence, Italy, in many respects greatly improved reputation and significantly improved some important financial indicators, led by a significant decrease in interest on its government bonds. Investors are worried about the end of this period and the successful return of the general decline of confidence in the country and its ability to deal with the debt crisis. In response to these concerns today declined significantly primarily shares the European financial sector, which subsequently resulted in the country.
Somewhat uncertain today to influence further developments negotiations about U.S. fiscal cliff. Weekend meetings yielded no tangible shift, however, it seems that both sides are preparing their rhetoric some space for finding a possible compromise.

On the domestic scene the whole day mostly due to a loss shares of banks that responded to the decline in the sector in Europe. Also failed to re-pair ČEZ, TO2. Both titles are not in the last few weeks to find enough support to halt its unusually strong correction.
Against growth significantly built only shares CETV, which drastically improved by more than 6.6%, and shares of NWR. Unexpectedly active shares were TMR, which at relatively high trading volume strengthened by more than 2%.With some exaggeration, one could say that the growth of this relationship due to heavy snowfall during Sunday will probably only coincidental.

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Conclusion Exchange December 10, 2012 16:30 Detail Conclusion On
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA 24.50    -0.61% 4.77 million 24.65
CETV 96.00    6.67% 5.09 million 90.00
ČEZ 622.50    -0.40% 400.60 million 625.00
ERSTE BANK GROUP 557.80    -1.19% 96.65 million 564.50
FORTUNA 83.00    -0.84% 0.54 million 83.70
KITD 14.30    -3.38% 0.92 million 14.80
COMMERCIAL BANK 3945.00    -1.50% 134.26 million 4005.00
NWR 86.30    1.65% 23.92 million 84.90
ORCO 66.95    -1.54% 0.76 million 68.00
PEGAS NONWOVENS 470.00   0.00% 0.65 million 470.00
PHILIP MORRIS CR 10,550.00    0.00% 8.98 million 10,550.00
TELEFÓNICA CR 321.90   -0.49% 78.53 million 323.50
TMR 1145.00    2.23% 6.50 million 1120.00
UNIPETROL 169.00    1.20% 1.05 million 167.00
VIG 948.00    -1.04% 7.99 million 958.00
TOTAL   771.20 million

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ČR - souhrn 10.12. - banky obstaraly pokles, přisadily si také akcie ČEZ a TO2, proti jen CETV, NWR a TMR

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