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The tax on dividends will increase threefold in the U.S. Optimism of the new stimulus from the Fed erased administration, that talks about how to hroziaceho fiscal cliff are still problems and reach agreement before Christmas will be a great problem. Their profits, even when index SP500 intraday grew by 0.75%, and finally delete the shares ended mixed on: Dow Jones -0.02% SP500 +0.04%, Nasdaq Composite -0.28%.

QE 3 + increased to 85 billion USD

Yesterday's FOMC ended in accordance with expectations, while volumes QE. Fed will resume buying mortgage bonds in the volume of 40 billion USD and come with federal purchases of bonds in the volume of 45 billion USD. But change came when dictionary očakávajúcom loose monetary policy.Who hitherto were low interest rates defined in time, last extended by half year 2015, now defined period of low interest rates through inflation and unemployment. The rates will remain low as long nude unemployment rate of 6.5% and inflation of 2.5%. Bernanke said at a press conference that the attainment of the objectives does not necessarily mean an immediate withdrawal of the relaxed monetary policy. Fed central flange projekciách unemployment expected to fall to 6.5% just in 2015, this is basically just a different form of the definition around the same time.

Only the weakest currency

Responded to these reports mainly the weakening dollar against the euro, as they were common currency stance toward improved green bills.Prospered but the dollar against the yen, traders as they were still concerned that the predicted winner of the election, the LDP will Prefer massive incentives to increase inflation and a weakening yen.

Firms communicated rearview buyouts

The korporátnych administrations yesterday intrigued share buy-back notice by the companies DuPont (+1.4%) as well as well as from the company Berkshire Hathaway (+2.4%), which is still managed by Veštcom of Omaha Warrenom Buffettom. He was for many years opponents of reversing repurchase shares, but in 2011, after four decades, changed their minds. The reason is the expected higher tax on dividends.

The tax on dividends will increase threefold in the U.S.

Part of automated škrtov presadených Obamom view of the failure to achieve agreement on fiškálnom reef is also an increase in taxes. Tax on income for a household zarábajúce over 388 351 USD will increase from 35% to 39.6%. Tax on capital gains will be increased from 15% to 20%, but still remains well below long-term averages. The area that will come to rapídnemu raising taxes, the tax on dividends. This will be the richest households increased from the current level of 15% above the level of the Clinton period, to 39.6%. On it also will go well as special tax designed to fund Obamovej reform health care. So The fair tax rate for the rich is essentially will triple, from 15% to 43.4%.

End dividendovej era?

Such a surcharge may be levied enormous taxes for the rich, who in 2009 received only 50% of all dividends paid out in the U.S., can cause a change in the behavior of investors. Prefer can start businesses that are doing just Said buyouts and thus produce capital gains before the companies that pay off dividends. Since the beginning of the year gradually growing volume of repurchase announced, but still below the levels of 2007.

Dividend Santa Claus

Firms that want investors to shift resources, prefer well as other tools such as a one-time dividend or move the time of payment of dividends from next year to this year. In just the last three weeks has announced the payment schedule one-time dividend nearly 90 companies. Dividend gifts but do not stop yet, and certainly many companies with plenty of cash in the coming days yet communicate special dividend.For the entire quarter it was up to 160 companies, a total of around 20 billion USD. You will come to your also managers, who receive also huge rewards.

Re-financed buyout bond

If you are not yet refunded to the retrospective redemption of shares, this trend has been going around since the end of 2009, when firms invest, but rather slashed spending and prepare for the worst. With a team like the economy began to flourish more, then noticed that your accounts have the tremendous cash. Rather than for the payment of dividends in more often opted for a buyout. This has one very simple reason, in addition to the listed tax. Decrease in the number of shares causing the same overall gain in growing earnings per share, since the shares is less.From the marketing point of view and also for analysts, this is a very good administration, so that they often happen that a company buyout for re-lend. Yields on dlhopisoch corporations moving to a record minimách. So the company benefiting from foreign capital to schlock skúpenie expensive equity. The attached graph shows bank Societe Generale, the correlation between stocks and retroactive odkupom emissions debt is very high.

View on today

After včerajšom FOMC today is again approached the euro zone rezistenčnému 1.3100 / 1.3170, from which the euro but reflected downward. Nor better auction of Italian and Spanish bonds. Given the possibility vypredania euro, combined with actions today retain a view of the euro as a neutral. The slide to 1.3010 / 00th

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