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The government ignored the mistake in the law threatens the payment of unemployment benefits

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - From 1 January will pay the benefits for the unemployed can be paid only SCART, but the problem is that at that time it will have all recipients. Minister of Labour Ludmila Müller (TOP 09) on Thursday admitted that the law is a mistake and that her government wants to resolve legislative emergency mode next week.

She admitted that from 1 January 2013 is treated by law the payment of unemployment benefits, retraining and severance compensation. "This area is updated to the new year. Gives new wording Employment Act into line with other laws on payment of non-insurance benefits. This payment is in accordance with the law since the new year take place via SCART," said the Minister.

She pointed out that adjustment went through the legislative process in the form of an amendment. "The amendment was passed by parliamentary amendment. According to my information, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs at the time assumed that payment of non-insurance benefits will run from January 1 through sKaret fully," said Müller.

But such a situation does not occur with January as the beneficiary concerned, they are not yet sKaret owners. "Because of this situation, missing since January of next year in Employment Act relevant transitional provision that regulates the payment until delivery SCART. This was new to me.'s Why we deal with in terms of overall social legislation regulating the use of these cards and transitional provisions that are not in Employment Act, and thus are not transitional provisions in the law that appliessocial and legal protection of children, it means payment of foster benefits, "she said.

MPs announced that he wants to present to the House next week a proposal that would resolve the situation.

CSSD disagrees. "All the steps that were taken last year in conjunction with SCART, were inadequately prepared and approved as follows. Since the new year comes a condition with which the Ministry of no account," said the head of Social Democracy Bohuslav Sobotka. "Treaty with the Czech Savings Bank does not have sufficient legislative support . So I asked the Minister to promptly analyze it and consider legislative emergency mode. It would be best to include in the coalition submitted a proposal to repeal sKaret. Maybe it would facilitate the work of the police. Let's go back to the standard payment of benefits, "Sobotka sent a message to the government.

"The Prime Minister would do well to summon ministers and ask them where all at risk of collapse. They should do a complete revision and then put everything together in the mode of legislative emergency, whether nescházíme every day, one of the benefits for the unemployed, then the Czech point , day of the salaries of judges. When the government is in crisis, it should at least begin to talk with the opposition and seek solutions, "said Sobotka.

From 1 January unemployed except threaten trouble Czech point. Since January, it may happen that the English points will not work because the Interior Ministry has concluded a tender for the operator. "It will not be possible to register newborns, asking for criminal records. Internally, it solves the tender year. But the excluded candidates, which was 130 million cheaper than the one that won. Discontinued turned to the Office for Protection of Competition.And now a real danger that since January the system will not work. Be the error, incompetence, or deliberately, because the term is still postpone proceedings to the end of the ministry could award a contract without a proper tender, "said Jerome Tejc, Chairman of the CSSD.

The government wants to resolve legislative emergency mode and salaries for judges, in the middle of Deputies rejected the proposal, except where the judges and the abolition of wages received tax allowances for Members nezúčtovatelných and resolutions that you can keep assistants, offices and cars, even if the house was dissolved. For lawmakers from across the political spectrum, such provisions inadmissible and rejected the amendment as a whole. In the absence of legislative change that would set the calculation of judicial salaries, judges will be in January without him.Müller Minister on Wednesday said that the government wants to submit a proposal as early as next week, he would introduce 2.75 times the average wage in the public sector, not only for judges, salaries of politicians would no longer apply.

Katerina Šurmanová,

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