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The government should not leave major decisions to the very end of the year, said President Klaus (17 December 2012)

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - President Vaclav Klaus sees government meeting that leaves major decisions about the budget until the end of this year, as an indirect pressure on his signature under this Act. It's evil dictatorship for president, head of state said in a Sunday television talk show Partie Prima family.

"We must realize that by increasing the value added tax, is equally nenavýší budget," said Klaus, with the higher taxes, according to him will only lead to tax evasion or to the fact that people will buy even simple things abroad.

President Klaus has also expressed itself form the proposed budget. "The Czech Republic will have a church restitutions thanks to one of the largest deficits in Europe, which is the only relevant banking world value," the president said. Budget cuts, according to him was in a completely different era."The cuts should be doing or Gross Spidla, in the first half of the last decade, when he was in Bohemia tremendous economic growth and yet the budget is in deficit. Now to get rid of the thing completely different, Klaus said.

The Head of State also expressed a single banking supervision in the European Union. "Our central bank is vehemently resisted it. Everyone should be a farmer himself, said the President.

The president also expressed to the personnel changes in the Ministry of Defence, where new Minister Karolina Peake (PEOPLE) withdrew from the post of first Deputy in the Ministry of Defence Vlastimil Pick, Director of the National Armaments Director Paul Bulant and Frantisek Sulc cabinet. "Personnel changes I see as some elementary violation of trust.I reassure that the stability of the resort will be ensured remaining top officials currently in place and agreements to be observed, said the supreme commander of the Army of the Czech Republic.

"Steep words Mr. President I am very sorry. I think it's still useless cuspidate situation. Again, I'm no agreement with anyone about personnel matters at the Ministry of Defence has concluded. O no such agreement not know and I was not in this respect nor informed, responded the critical words of President Fresh Defence Minister Peake.

Defence Minister continues to insist that it has the full right to choose their closest associates. I bear full responsibility for the resort, which I was entrusted. I still believe that even the president finally accepts my opinion, "added the Minister, with the civilian leadership wants to create a Ministry of Defence.

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Vláda by neměla nechat zásadní rozhodnutí na úplný konec roku, řekl prezident Klaus (17.12.2012)

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