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VAT rate will be increased by one percentage point, the House approved the tax package

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - After several hours of debate, MPs voted at the center of government tax proposal packages which brings higher VAT, end of green taxes or tax relief for working pensioners. The government promises to collect more money in the budget, the opposition believes that it is unrealistic and more expensive does not bring results.

Coalition needed 101 votes to the Senate overrode the negative, won them the 102nd Now, the law will go to the president. It is not yet clear how Vaclav Klaus decides, because it has already announced that he do not like tax increases.

"I firmly believe that the President is retained as head of state and will not prolong this situation," mentioned in the middle of Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek (TOP 09). If the law is right behind the whole legislative process before the end of this year will start from 1January 2013 to pay previously approved uniform VAT rate of 17.5 percent. It would be during February Meeting House again changed to 15 and 21 percent.

Clear how Vaclav Klaus decides, neither Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS). "Communication between the Prime Minister and the President is a natural and necessary, deny that we also talked about consolidation package. President is authorized to take actions that the constitution allows him to, but I am convinced that as a former prime minister and finance minister knows what is at stake . A budget that is instability, when signing, businesses will be able to calculate the amount of VAT, continued responsible fiscal policy. Against this, the risk of government instability or collapse, the provisional budget and the dual VAT rate change over the next year. I am convinced that president of both the scales carefully consider, "commented Necas.

Opposition before the vote a few hours explaining almost depopulated House why it considers raising taxes and chaos around the rate of unacceptable.

"Other governments and citizens netýraly nestresovaly, the first government that it does is Nečas. Daily should apologize to those to whom the tax confusion complicated life. Necas has a favorite method when there is a problem: for the social democrats. Returns to past six years back and pleads with us. minister Kalousek and he may plead only on themselves.'s their amateurism, their coalition agreement. thirteen days before the end of the year impose taxes. The Government contended that wants a better business environment and competitiveness of the Czech economy to do worse than this disgrace VAT?, "asked the Social Democrats chairman Bohuslav Sobotka.

He does not like or how the money is to be used from higher taxes. "Much worse is what this money is used. The money from expensive medicines, food, water and sewer grants will go to pension funds II. Pillars, ie for the richest. Government takes money sick and pensioners, families with children, and is dedicated to the richest, whether you can save money for retirement. The money do not go to deficit and debt reduction, but II. pillar and church restitution. This is the result of government fiscal policy. everything is in deficit, and the state VZP, anesthetized consumption households, it is the result of the last increase in VAT. This shows that it is a strange concept of tax policy, "chafed at Sobotka. Also pointed out that the law is the amendment that allows for two years with re-unification of the VAT rate to 17.5 percent, the country will be another change in the amount of taxes.

Criticism, however, was heard from the ranks of right-wing politicians. To government reforms embarked former member of ODS, now non-attached MEP Michal Doktor. He also commented on the House of Commons during the debate emptied.

"The participation rate corresponds to the seriousness of the matter. When we are talking about hundreds of thousands, it is acquired. When we are talking about billions, here are few of us," mentioned, and continued: "In life there is lot to show relative. Deputy Sobotka outrage over the fact that we almost Kalousek said nothing, though the law stated in turn, I was pleasantly surprised that told us something. Mr. Sobotka has repeatedly said that it is clear to see Kalousek hand inserted deeper into the taxpayer's pocket. tax increase will be reflected in the overall inflation and downward pressure, but economy any more taxes issued. slap people over the minister's hand, I did it once this year. occurs the same phenomenon as this year, the people and the state can not pay taxes.I do not know where he lives Kalousek. I live in a country where a period of several months of stagnation was replaced by the economic downturn. Economy languishes. The public and entrepreneurs do not look to the future with hope, reduce the investment costs and falling household consumption, "said the Doctor.

He said that raising taxes in a situation of economic downturn is like treating a cancer patient in a forced labor camp. He said that he was sure that the government can choose the planned 18 billion more this year because of tax collection failed.

With the same view he also appeared deputy Public Affairs Michal Babak. "On several occasions we have explained what is financial stupidity raise in this economic climate tax. These are mainly overall revenues.It is erroneous prediction of 2013, which is the state budget, and income of about 18 billion more than in 2012 because of an increase in VAT rates. It's nonsense. We get for the imaginary point where if we increase taxes, we select less. Because taxpayers will be more thinking about tax delinquencies and tax optimization. When we look at 2010 and 2011 and there are noticeable differences, 43 billion in 2011, the government failed to choose the year before it was 9,000,000,000. Any prediction by 2013 revenue side is really bad. Ministry thinks that selects more, that's nonsense, "summed Babák.

Minister Kalousek, however, disagrees with admonitions and repeatedly mentioned that he has already explained the tax reform eight times, each time was discussed. "I've answered it eight times, I believe that our calculus tax collection is correct.The comparison with 2012 is mixing apples and oranges. Those who criticize us now, we have not chosen this year, what we assumed wrong. We knew about it, we are counting on a cooling economy. We expect economic stagnation, not growth, so there does not proportion. In addition, consumption did not decrease because increased taxes, it's not, it had another cause, "he said.

Approved for example, raises the standard VAT rate to 15 and 21 percent and establishes a seven percent tax on people with incomes over 100,000 crowns a month, which will be valid for one year. Current expenditure on self-inclusives remain preserved according to the package, but the amount of tax deductions at 30 - and a 40 percent lump-sum income will be limited in the amount of two million, so most of these traders apply in spending 600, or 800 thousand.Self-employed persons who decide to take advantage of fixed rates, lose some discounts, such as the tax credit for a dependent child, or discount for a spouse with no or low income.

The law also partially cancel the benefits for farmers, so-called green diesel. "The government promises to save 1.7 billion, but poured sand into the gears damaged agro-industry of our country. Cultivate less, reduces and breeds. Prvovýrobní All-intensive processes for oil and work will be significantly harmed by the measure. Alternative is routed directly to the national and European subsidies and the path to tensification, it is not desirable for the country., if the government is serious europotravinářským complex, so we return to the law and change it. those entrepreneurs who themselves want to make yourself, going to grant it a perhaps no one wants, "said Peter Zgarba topic (CSSD).

The package is associated with the complex political story. Caused a split in the strongest coalition party, the ODS. The six members who gained the nickname the rebels refused to raise his hand to raise taxes. They claimed that it marks a departure from right-wing values. Prime Minister and ODS chairman Petr Necas without their support was not able to get enough votes to meet the coalition agreement, in addition to the law combined vote of confidence in the government. He asked for a break in the House weekly meeting to vote on the package until after the election Congress civic democracy, which is held the first weekend of November. There against him as chairman of one of the rebels stood, Ivan Fuksa. He failed Necas confirmed his presidency and Congress subsequently officially invited the rebels to respect the will of the parties and voted for the tax package. Radim Fiala of ODS out and vote left the room to reduce the quorum.Jan Florian and Thomas Úlehla decided to respect the resolutions of Congress and vote for government reform. Tluchoř Peter, Mark and Ivan Fuksa Šnajdr passed mandates, in their place loyal trio joined the Civic Democrats of the Central Bohemian candidates. One of them was Roman Pekarek, if ineffective, and from Tuesday convicted for corruption. Pekarek refuses fold mandate, even if it appeals MPs across the political spectrum. ODS him but called up the day after the seventh thanks to his voice November claimed tax package and church restitution.

His prize was a package for the smallest coalition party PEOPLE. The President of the Carolina Peake stipulated that changes the rules of procedure of Deputies that her party could have your new group. The current provision is not a sufficient number of members.

Katerina Šurmanová,

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