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Foster parents receive more money from January, children in institutions should accommo

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Individual assessment and plans for each child in foster care, the amendment to the Act on Social and Legal Protection of Children, which will take effect with the new year. Foster contributions will be in the nature of salary, and can thus be counted towards retirement.

"The present amendment to particularly address the improvement and standardization of the work of social and legal protection of children, emphasis on prevention and early assistance to vulnerable families, increasing support for foster care and creates conditions for the emergence and development of services for working families and support and respite services for all existing and future foster parents, "said the now former Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Jaromir Drabek (TOP 09).
The aim is to reduce the number of children placed in institutions. The authorities should assess each case on the basis of objective criteria and to find individual solutions tailored to each child. If you will not be able to stay in their biological family, the next in line is the solution placement in foster care, ie foster care institute.

He will undergo changes, no longer has to be poached adoption of a child, but an alternative environment for the provision of foster parents will receive a salary. Because of this, it may foster parents to save for retirement.

"Foster care is not hidden adoption of a child, but has primarily provide temporary care for children whose parents are totally or partially retained parental rights. As a result, the law sets conditions to ensure professionalism and fostering good functioning for the benefit of children. Reward for foster parents will be considered for a salary, not a social benefit.Foster parents you will be able to include this income in retirement or applying for a mortgage, "said ODS deputy Jan Čechlovský.

Guardians still belonged contribution in the order of about three thousand, with an amendment to reach the temporary foster care untaxed 20,000 per month. Promoters is envisage that one guardian of a child will be given to full-time, especially in the case that such persons. The law in this regard, think about the role of grandparents, foster parents have the same conditions as those who are not biological relatives. Conversely neošetřuje situation of those children who are up for adoption, or cancel any of the forms of institutional care.

Institutional education should be a last resort and occur when the office will evaluate it as the best solution in the interest of the child.A new methodology for the assessment will place greater demands on the staff offices, because each case will have to devote more time to draw specific conclusions.

The amendment, however, not easy fate, the Senate rejected it, and it was accompanied by the Presidential veto. The upper chamber bothered that application of the law may result in the termination or significant reduction in institutional care. "It's a gradual liquidation of orphanages, nurseries and Roo," responded Senator Dagmar Terelmešová (CSSD).

The President is again assumed that the modification of the Act is the result of foreign pressure, particularly institutions of the European Union. The Czech Republic is to endure the criticism that has too many children placed in institutions but very few of them reside in foster care.

"The amendment was adopted under pressure from international institutions: the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Children's Fund and the European Commission," Klaus wrote in his justification of Commons.

Also feared that a change in the nature of the mission changed foster care in their careers. "From a professional environment, children's institute will displace children into custody people who register as foster parents for purely selfish reasons. A hereunder will receive money have access to training programs, not until the adoption of a child in their care," said the president, as he matters.

In December, the amendment showed different problem: in the form of a limpet with her deputies approved the fact that unemployment benefits and payments for foster parents are required to be paid from January through SCART. Ministry of Labour but still nerozeslalo card recipients. Legislative bug removed lawmakers on Tuesday 18December, when the regime of legislative emergency government approved the proposal with the transitional provisions. According to him, it will be possible to collect the money so far way ie by bank transfer or postal order until sKaret distribution.

Katerina Šurmanová,

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