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Investing in 2013: Tips from the Czech ex-Minister of Finance

Czech economy drove from the imaginary captain's bridge. Ivan Pilip and Jiri Rusnok Investment site for readers insight into the proverbial crystal ball and zavěštili you with what will be possible to succeed in the domestic and foreign markets in 2013. As agreed, interesting - albeit risky - bet will be government bonds with higher yields.

Investment Strategy for 2013: What do you recommend, or what you think is best?

Jiri Rusnok (JR): As a state-supported foundation savings products, such as "penzijko" and "stavebko".If they are up for grabs, so certainly "Kalousková" bonds to citizens, and then mutual funds with a reasonable degree of risk diversification according to individual investor focus.

Domestic bet: What of what is available on the Czech market, do you think?

Ivan Pilip (IP): In the Czech Republic the situation is complicated. Crown would wish CNB should weaken, but not weaken, stagnates exchange and government bonds have low yields. Therefore, in terms of safety evaluation of smaller amounts, consider the best deposits in some of the smaller financial institutions, which has insured deposits. Interest reach around 3% to 2.5 million deposit is safe.In Option invest a larger amount is probably a good time to buy assets - shares in companies, real estate and so on - which lost in value during the crisis, but they are functional and yet understated. This strategy has its risks but surely - the turnover in the price of assets is still very difficult to estimate.

JR: Domestic Although the selection is limited, but if the currency of my current and future consumption rather crown, then I took the risk of foreign exchange as an important factor. Most of the portfolio, some 60 to 80%, I would therefore recommend to keep the Czech Crown. The Czech shares would take more dividend titles such as Telefónica or Philip Morris CR.


Where to invest in 2013

Want to know what direction will develop equity, currency and commodity markets in 2013? What a world of alternative investments? This unique opportunity to have on Saturday 12 January 2013 on the third Investment Forum in the Congress Center VSFS Prague, where in five moderated discussion will block leading economists and investment professionals who will prove the best investmentfor 2013.

Foreign bet: As the world markets do you like or dislike?

IP: We assume that the European Union could handle the crisis, and countries such as Spain and Italy come under the control of its national debt. Then the 10-year bond yield in excess of 5%, for example, the current Spanish bonds, earns up their price.

JR: I recommend regular investments in a diversified portfolio of mutual funds composed of bond funds (government and corporate bonds) and equity (dividend and growth stocks). Both should be in both the Czech koruna and euro and U.S. dollars.

What is your wild card, a high-risk investment, but may yield interesting?

IP:What do you invest in Greece - government bonds, equities, real estate and so on? If the country weather the crisis, the value of the assets will go up. Reportedly tested this strategy PPF. The Piraeus Bank has, it seems, did not come, but every investment is also a question of timing. The advantage of this strategy is that, unlike investments in assets in the BRICs or commodities development is easy to follow. Summarized report on the euro area are still available.

JR: Government bonds, so-called emerging markets with high yield.

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Investování v roce 2013: Tipy od českých exministrů financí

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