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How Nečas led government in 2012? The fours, by politologists

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - The affairs, not good communication with the public and unfinished reforms, it bothers political scientists working on this year's Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS). Cabinet from them unless otherwise indicated in the survey earned an average grade four.

According to political scientist Joseph Mlejnek younger Nečas coalition government in 2012 proved one thing to keep in power, which is a surprise given how fought more and fragmented coalition was. Without irony, however, admitted that the enforcement of the restitution of churches see as a plus.

"Otherwise they are enforced laws but very problematic. Consider further reforms disputable, hardly expect them to improve the situation. Pension reform will be of no use to me, or not fulfill those objectives that the government promises from her," he said.

The government did not profit even by Mlejnek many scandals associated with disfunkčními or poorly planned electronic systems. "I mean for example, register vehicles or SCART." It's in quotes promising industry, various IT companies are building contacts to the government or government officials and promote many a overpriced trash. The only benefit of this is, however, earnings of those firms, "said Mlejnek. Finally, according to the government school of scales exhibited four minus sign.

Even tougher critic was George Pehe. "I would say that the government in 2012 was quite appalling performance, which resulted in the approval, although some fundamental laws, but in a way that anti-coalition and in turn the entire policy poisoned many people. Speak about traditional coercive methods, such as obtaining votes from defectors.If a person at the end of last year after the crisis with things public thought the government nečasovská nothing worse it transfers, so the coalition had proved that he was wrong, "said Pehe.

When marking reached straight for five. "The government failed me, I think it is long overdue to leave," he said.

When he had after all come to something that deserves praise, he mentioned that the Prime Minister Necas threw some people from the government, with which, according to the political scientist, the situation was even worse. "I mean for example Josef Dobes in the Ministry of Education. A positive aspect to any other I can not remember, maybe perhaps international politics, but there is starting to Czech Republic questionable score," calculated.

The best stamp cabinet got from Rudolf Kučera, he attributed his threesome. "Some major reforms are approved.While I'm not happy with their final form, should be better thought out and formulated, but I appreciate that it is happen, the effort, what is behind it. But I'm not satisfied with the overall composition of the government, manners and dealings with the public, "concluded analyst.

A supporter found Nečasův Cabinet Bohumil Dolezal. "I do not give those unfortunates ugly signs and say that if it were to come to power, social democracy has me straight minus five. Nečas With all the problems the government can not overlook the fact that the government tried to push through key legislation, which is to say on all previous not. During all legitimate objections I would not forget it, "he said.

Although the wording of key reforms, he said perhaps controversial, just appreciates the political courage and perseverance, which stands for their approval. "I should be very welcome church restitution, for which the Government will berate eighty percent of the nation. So for me it's definitely nespílám," he said.

He added that the main problem lies in the government that is not based on a parliamentary majority. "And so it is from 2010, I'm just getting more and more shows. Now it is completely apparent for changes in the leadership of the Ministry of Defense," he said.

He was referring to the withdrawal of the smallest coalition party boss PEOPLE Carolina Peake from the post of Minister of Defence. Liberal Democrats subsequently announced that they go into opposition, which would mean a minority government ODS and TOP 09, or its downfall.

"But I think it's with the departure of people from the government as well as with the end of the world on December 21, both are equally plausible. When such an association, announces that it intends to commit political harakiri, so they simply do not. Harakiri belongs to the Japanese tradition, not to Czech Svejkovský. Švejk the nesebevraždí, "commented Dolezal.

The government of Petr Necas cases this was accompanied by deputies on trial for corruption, coalition and party strife, political horse-trading in obtaining adequate support for government bills and ministerial departures from the manifold ministries. On the other hand, the government pushed through key laws that were identified in the coalition agreement or consolidation tax package, the budget is based on responsible economic policy that does not raise public deficit, church restitution or II. pillar pension reform.

Katerina Šurmanová,

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Jak si vedla Nečasova vláda v roce 2012? Na čtverku, podle politologů

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