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Pension insurance  |  December 27, 2012 11:31:09

With the New Year, people can pay part of the wages for their own retirement

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Since the beginning of 2013, the residents of the Republic of saving for retirement in the so-called second pillar. The staggering amount of money from the current pay pension system to private accounts in pension funds, allowing people to put away their own age, not just for pensions for current seniors.

So far only works continuous system, a first pillar, which should continue to be the basis of the whole structure. It consists in a secure state pension in retirement. The money goes from levies on wages in the working population of the Republic, a total of 28 percent, and travel directly to existing pensioners. Does that therefore the principle of solidarity.

II. pillar introduces the possibility for people to save more for their own retirement. Part of the wages they will pay and still in the running system, but only 25 percent of payroll deductions.The remaining three percentage points of social insurance can be converted to a private account, but with the proviso that adding another two percent of salary. After reaching retirement age, although they receive less money from the state, but to get more money from private funds and as a result should be more for retirement funds.

Technical standard which allows you to run II. pillar pension reform without a single collection point, finally approved by the House of Commons on the 7th November. Coalition MPs so overwhelming opposition intense dislike, disapproval of the Senate and the presidential veto.

"It is the worst decision that's been presented in the House since he was running voucher privatization," he said in the House vigorously KSCM chairman Vojtech Filip, who warned that, whenever possible, will propose the abolition of the second pillar.

President Vaclav Klaus wanted his own signature, as seen sufficient consensus for fundamental social reform among the public, professionals or politicians. Klaus pointed out in the preamble, the government rejected the proposal for pension reform in the House and Senate with him managed to approve only a very narrow majority the current government coalition.

"Punching Power key changes this Parliament does not give good prospects for its long-term sustainability and stability conditions for the next possible political constellations. Government pension reform project, in particular the creation of the second pillar, ie individual voluntary pension savings in private funds, it is proposed to start in a time when the financial crisis has exposed the risks and undermined the confidence in the long-term collective investment, "explained the President its opinion.

Sustainability pillar is truly threatened, because the largest opposition party, the Social Democrats repeatedly stressed that it canceled if after the election gets into government. And the prospects are promising according to surveys. CSSD chairman Bohuslav Sobotka had even sent a letter to pension funds and their association to give them clear to both social democracy in power with the second pillar loaded. Sobotka talks about the fact that his party is not against pension reform, but wants her first two years of delay and both work only with the first and third pillars.

The third is in private savings activities, CSSD would have wanted to promote employee funds, which would contribute to a pension just employers. "The basis is the maintenance and ongoing development of the pension system and are strongly supportive of additional pension savings in the third pillar.Who wants to save additionally, we want to open up the third pillar. There for us to play a big role in the employer contribution to the binding of their wages, we want to support. Also, the introduction of closed corporate funds and so forth, "summed up the idea of ??Social Democrats deputy chairman Lubomir Zaoralek.

The government views the CSSD gamble with public funds and creates a barrier between the generations. "No other country in Central Europe has not taken such a step, ie that disconcerted funds from the first pillar, without money set aside to cover the hole in the PAYG system. Here also chose more dangerous path, where the government has no reserve. Wants Where Thus a possible government cover hole? Just look at the budget and tax package. vykryje Money VAT increase, reduced indexation of pensions.The prize is a lower standard of living large number of people, "says Zaorálek. According to him, such as the development of anti-sense reforms that people should ensure a secure old age.

The three companies that received a license to operate the second pillar, have already announced that engages you and wait until the third pillar. It is a PF Aegon, AXA and ING PF PF. They can not be certain that the second pillar involves plenty of people - the number depends on how the system will work.

The second pillar will be providing the following pension funds: Generali, PF KB, PF Czech Savings Bank, CSOB Stability PF, PF Czech insurance company, Allianz and Raiffeisenbank.

The state budget for next year so far assumes that pensions in the second pillar will issue six billion crowns. "Maybe it will be less, maybe more, that we will see the end of the next financial year. If the II.pillars involve fewer people on the sum spared to reduce the deficit, "said Prime Minister Petr Necas (ODS).

He added that the involvement and strongly recommends that the Government, in cooperation with the funds from the New Year intensively to inform the public about the requirements II. pillar. "We repeat accurate information, namely that if the young and middle-aged rely on the ongoing pension system guaranteed by the state, it runs the risk of poverty in old age," he added.

The controversial moment of the second pillar is the fact that although access to it is voluntary, can not leave him. It pays to mainly younger vintages, willing to more progressive appreciation of deposits, and more men than women. With them is counting on the fact that they will interrupt their careers with motherhood and live to old age."For women, it is better to first pillar," mentioned Ondřej Schneider, a researcher at the think tank IDEA.

Katerina Šurmanová,

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