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Okamura filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court, wants back into the fight for the Castle

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - Tomio Okamura on Thursday filed a complaint with the Constitutional Court, in which attacks its withdrawal from the presidential elections and the law on direct election of the head of state. The entire law is approved in order to fool people and lied to them that elections are fair and democratic, Okamura said at the press briefing.

Okamura in his complaint that he prepared for his lawyer Klara Samkova, calls for a revision of the Constitution. The current wording of the law and procedure of the Ministry of Interior when checking signatures on petition sheets according to him violate basic human rights. "Maybe someone accuses me, that I despise the will of citizens of the Republic who want to go to the election of the President in due course. Yet, the choice of the conditions laid down unconstitutional laws are contempt for citizens and their rights. What parliament approved the legal and legislative mockery.The real purpose is to make the cake and eat remained intact. Wolf and goat are citizens, they are fed direct elections, but has not be able to really direct, free and equal. Approval of these legislative proposals is willful to be fooled people, "Okamura justify its complaint.

Discontinued candidate reached after controversial comparisons when explaining his dissatisfaction with the form approved by the law, procedure in the control of the Interior Ministry of petitions with signatures is the verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court, which returned Okamura between candidates. "Experience teaches us that the path to democracy denial is lined with democratic procedures. Based on free elections came to power Adolf Hitler as well as Stalin. Yet it is not a free choice, when you can legitimately question the adjective free and democratic" Okamura mentioned.

Postponement direct presidential election, according to him can not be more than refute all doubts about their constitutionality. "Me and my co-led the distribution of arguments on two scales, on the one hand, civil, political and human rights of all of us, on the other hand, postponement of elections. I agree with the President of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) Joseph Baxou that repudiated democracy and constitutionality of elections is more important than their term, "he said.

Three of the seven judges NSS wished to complaints rejected candidates traveled directly to the Constitutional Court had held the view that the form of the constitutional law on the direct election of the president and its implementing law suffers from a number of legislative shortcomings.The majority, however, decided that the procedure of the Ministry of Interior in checking signatures on petitions were flawed because the government chose the wrong formula to calculate the amount of error signatures. Instead, the values ??of the two samples averaged, officials added up the value, which is artificially increased. SAC applied the correct procedure, but after the conversion, over fifty thousand signatures just got Jana Bobošíková, national registered her candidacy. Vladimir Dlouhy and Okamura, however, did not reach the fifty thousand or after conversion, error of their signatures was still too high.

Okamurova lawyer Klara Samkova hopes that the Constitutional Court will deal with the complaint of their priority. "We expect that it will be shifted to the regular term elections, the Constitutional Court in order to have enough time for a proper investigation of the complaint," mentioned. She added that such demand the removal of the need to collect fifty thousand signatures.

"We ask, of course, to abrogate the decision of the Ministry of Interior and the NSS to exclude candidacy of Mr. Okamura. Want to direct elections as a candidate for president účatnil," she added.

Attorney Adam Batuna, who also accompanied Okamura, said that if the Constitutional Court complaint fail, the law has not declared unconstitutional and Okamura returned among the candidates to initiate proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights. "The current decision of the Interior Ministry and the Supreme Administrative Court fundamentally violate the right to judicial protection and freedom of access to elective office," he said.

Ordinary election date falls on the 11th president and 12 January 2013. The Constitutional Court is not unlike NSS bound by any statutory time limits in which they must decide a proper term is thus threatened.

Katerina Šurmanová,

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Okamura podal stížnost k Ústavnímu soudu, chce zpátky do boje o Hrad

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