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EPS: 70% of households in the Czech Republic spends heat for 10% or more of the family budget

Almost a quarter of Czech households spend more heat than a fifth of their family budget. In addition, 92% of Czechs believe that energy prices will continue to grow. This also suggests increasing the VAT rate from the new year. Nevertheless, households significant portion of the money for energy savings, thanks to the law on energy management. He comes into effect on 1 January 2013 and it also includes labels that half of Czechs considered a good move as the energy performance of buildings, as well as for environmental protection.The data resulting from the current survey, the Association of Czech EPS Insulation and energy prices.

"The invested funds in energy savings can partially or completely eliminate the increasing cost of energy. The most common type of renovation for existing buildings is insulation and window replacement. Thanks to a good home insulation can save up to 80% of expenditure for heating per year, "says Ing. Zemene Paul, Ph.D. Chairman of the Association of Czech EPS.

Half of Czechs consider the information on energy labels for reasonable

Information on energy labels perceived as useful 49% of Czechs. And also because it helps consumers better knowledge of the real estate market. The opposite view is held by 40% of the public. Energy labels on buildings are similar to the energy label for refrigerators or washing machines. When building or renovating demonstrate compliance with the requirements in relation to energy. Upon sale or lease new candidates while offering all the necessary information from which to derive annual energy costs.At the same time serve as an instrument of consumer protection, which inform about how energy-intensive real estate buys.

According to Miroslav Zamecnik, a member of the National Economic Council, may, within twenty-five years, the construction of energy-efficient houses the Czech Republic to bring back the amount of 223 billion crowns. Which is almost ten billion crowns annually. In the case of rising energy prices faster than 3% per year, this figure could be even higher.

Financial support for energy savings in buildings

Astronomical amount of heat emitted relate to 70% of Czech households. Up to 47% of families spend 10-20% of heat from its own annual budget. Over a fifth of the budget gets 23% of Czech households. The situation may significantly affect the construction of low-energy or passive houses and buildings with almost zero energy. Start her help and state grant programs. In the past, proved to be beneficial programs like New Panel, Green Savings and Operational Programme Environment. Currently a debate on the use of proceeds from the auctioning of allowances in the EU ETS trading period 2013-2020.The government is also preparing priorities and operational programs for drawing EU funds in the period 2014-2020.

An important role play and banks that are already on the insulation and renovation of buildings offers soft loans. As an example, the "Loan for Better Living" from the Bank.

"The investment in the reconstruction of buildings associated mainly with insulation support the creation of new jobs, the development of a small building and increased quality of living," says Paul Zemene.

In late November, the Ministry of Environment, the program starts new green savings. In the beginning of the program reimburses cost a total of 1.4 billion to insulate owners mostly houses. According to available information, citizens will be able to submit applications for grants for the reconstruction of the house since August 2013 and even retroactively for actions undertaken since 1 January 2013.

Insulated Czechs have often linked polystyrene

According to statistics, the most frequently used polystyrene foam insulating material, which has a record last year consumed 62,000 tons. These data confirm the results of the survey: approximately three quarters (71%), Czechs connects most with polystyrene foam insulating material utilized to heat. One fifth of the packaging technology. Only 8% below the present example design, materials for making models and backdrops or material used in molds for casting metals.

About the Survey

Survey on Thermal insulation and energy prices took place at Sousede.czin collaboration with the Association of the Czech Republic and EPS of 9 to 20 September 2012. The survey had a total of 306 respondents from users of the portal.


Association of Czech EPS

EPS Czech Association is a national organization founded in 1998 to promote and coordinate the joint development of applications of expanded polystyrene (EPS), participate in standards development, product quality control of EPS, provide consultation in the production and use of products and applications of EPS increase the safety of the products of EPS and contribute to energy savings.

Association of Czech EPS has 12 full members, including a representative of Plastics Europe Brussels ( www.plasticseurope.org ). Four fittings manufacturers for the packaging industry are associate members of the association and five honorary members. The association covers 90% of the Czech market EPS. Annual turnover is around CZK 4.5 billion in processing more than 50 thousand. tons of EPS.In recent years, companies have invested almost CZK 4 billion in development and innovation. They employ over 1000 workers.

Association members are manufacturers of raw materials, manufacturers of EPS and other companies and experts from the EPS operating in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The association works closely with related professional organizations, schools, research institutes, government agencies and many experts from different fields.

Czech Association of EPS is also a member EUMEPS, the European association of EPS.

For more information, visit www.epscr.cz .

Ing. Paul Zemene, PhD,

Association of Czech EPS

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