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The agricultural sector this year, earning 10 billion, estimates the president of the Agrarian Chamber Veleba

PRAGUE (MEDIAFAX) - In the fall of elected senator and longtime president of the Agrarian Chamber Jan Veleba estimated in a Christmas interview with Reuters profit agricultural sector this year, according to him, farmers earn 10 billion crowns. This year, considered from the perspective of the economy improved and farmers fertile wishes for 2013.

Red: The agricultural sector had profits last year of more than seventeen billion, to estimate this year's results? What is the most they signed, which sectors fared and which not?

JV: This year's result is not so significant profit estimate of 10 billion crowns, which will ultimately result respectable. I must say that last year was extremely fertile and will not now be repeated. This year, some areas suffered extreme drought, affecting, for example South Moravia, Rakovnicko and other locations.There was also significant damage to natural, like hail and frost, which damaged the fruit grower and winemaker. Otherwise, this year took the high prices of the main commodities market vegetable and grain production of winter rape, good prices were pigs. In contrast, significantly decreased milk, although in recent months again rises.
Even in the last year, reducing the size of our agriculture has not stopped. Further decreasing the production base of livestock poultry, dairy cow and pig. Although the decline is not as steep, after all we have, even after last year not seen in any of these important areas of food production and employment plus sign. The livestock increased significantly only the states of sheep, then a little cow milk. Bottom line, in our stables is again less cattle.When we enter into the economic reports and statistics, we find that in our fields is again more grain and oilseed and again there will be less technical and fodder crops. Regarding economic performance, then the past year will be among the better ones.

Red.: This year you held a "protest ride" because of tax changes. How did the action with the passage of time looking at, do you fulfill your purpose?

JV: It was because of the forthcoming abolition of the so-called green diesel, which is a refund of 60 percent excise duty diesel used in the cultivation fields. It is a support tool, which is used in the vast majority of EU countries. The protest ride on 23 May the roads around the country participated in over 2,000 tractors and other mobile equipment. Only after it got the Prime Minister Necas and design sense abolition green diesel left. I'm sorry that we have to reach to such actions.It was undoubtedly settled by negotiation, but the Prime Minister refused. So yes, a massive protest ride has fulfilled its purpose. Unfortunately, but only for this year, as in the recently approved state budget for next year is gone. In general, when we run into ostentatious reluctance on important issues ever to act, so we have two possibilities to reconcile and not to achieve anything, or to disobey. Reluctantly, so we choose the second alternative.

Red.: Succeeded by you in the Senate elections, why do you think you voters gave their voices?

JV: The causes are in my opinion more. Great campaign team, has a media acquaintance, but the main consider the fact that I managed to compile clear and simple program with a minimum policy and get it to the people.It is a complex and challenging, but if you work hard, you're not playing for anything, and you are a decent team around him, what I had, so the result come. Besides, it was my great advantage of independence. This is the current crisis of Czech politics big and appreciated the value that I follow and I'll apply it.

Red.: Are you preparing a legislative norm?

JV: I want to go ahead after the new year. First it should be an amendment to the Act on the sale of state land. Furthermore, I would like to finish the legislation to facilitate the performance of volunteer firefighters. This is an example, you could find many more.

Red: Where do you see the greatest legislative defects that should be corrected?

JV: We will build on the previous answer. Imagine that when you buy state land and pay for it with her so you can not dispose freely.You can not sell it, to stop the implementation of a bank loan, exchange, etc. I know of another so absurd example inhibitions dispose of his property. Regarding the activities of volunteer firefighters is not treated in law the obligation of employers to their release to hit and is not dealt with compensation of injuries in office. This random two practical examples that I have encountered in their election campaign.

Red.: Do you support the presidential candidacy of Milos Zeman. Do you think you could do to help farmers from their possible future functions?

JV: I support him because, among other things, that during his reign the Czech agriculture issues were taken seriously and the then Minister of Agriculture was an expert. I am sure that we could help and that it did. Terms of political support, expressing a positive attitude to Czech farmers, Czech food.So, how do Western politicians, including French President. That would be quite enough, and it would be a big influence. I am sure that Milos Zeman would actively promote the Czech agriculture.

Red.: From 1 January 2013 should start operating the State Land Office, do you think it will be a smooth start?

JV: From the information that I have, that this action is very poorly prepared. It is a merger of the current land fund and land offices and the creation of institutions of the State Land Office. I fear that there will be an organization that is only on paper and there will be big problems and chaos. I'd like to be wrong, but the number of professional warning stimuli from the field suggests.

Red.: The Ministry has already begun with merging agencies for agriculture and rural areas to SAIF, this step is necessary in your opinion?

JV: This step in any case is not needed. It is unnecessary, illogical and does not support the majority of Czech farmers. That is a fact. The very fact that after the transition agencies under SAIF will have their workers continue part-time work with the Ministry of Agriculture and the rest of the SAIF shows that this step does not make sense. If something works in the sector, unlike the others, so it's administration and receiving EU subsidies. This is just visiting card agencies for agriculture and rural areas. I am very curious as to how that after their merger with SAIF and a sharp reduction in staff will work on.

Red: What would you wish for farmers in the new year, what is the most worried about next year and what you want to accomplish? As you can see next year in agriculture?

JV: I would like to wish them a fertile year, of course, it is always the foundation and good nerves supported by strong health. Czech economy will unfortunately continue to be in recession at the end of 2013, the CNB experts estimate GDP at the positive zero. This framework is unfavorable for all sectors of the economy, including agriculture. People will continue to save, even for food. Yet the year may not necessarily be a bad year and what for us farmers will be decided by nature and weather. If favorable, it will be a good crop and assets prevail. In addition, we have managed to carve out a solid budget and most farmers are going into the new year with a solid foundation that allowed quite positive this year.Will be crucial debate on the final design prepared by the Czech agriculture by 2020, which will determine whether to return to the path of recovery and production, or we will continue along the road of decline. Equally vital will be additional pressure and work in Brussels to enforce the final form of the CAP reform as many of our requirements.

Jan Drahorád,

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