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Central banks may pleasantly surprise in 2013

Brake Central region are politicians, while the advantage of young hungry for success, says partner in the Polish-Swiss fund Nomad Boguslaw Skowronski. Investors who are doing their homework, as it offers Central Europe in 2013 interesting opportunities. Only in Poland is waiting for the stock to fifty new titles, many of which promise to diversification and rapid growth.

Increasingly talking about that, 2013 will be marked by the so-called stock picking, A successful search for individual titles. How do you know that the company does, it makes sense to bet on it?

Boguslaw Skowronski (BS): It is difficult to provide a complete list of clearly defined criteria. But I think that the most important is the experience of key managers. It is useful to look at how they fared in the past. For everyone encounters problems and it's how you deal with them. Secondly, you need to offer something unique company to address a problem. There are many companies that are doing interesting things, but it is not entirely clear why they are doing it, which can be a problem. And I can think of one more thing - the experience is much better prepared than those detailed business plan. Entrepreneurship is made, more art than science.

How many interesting companies or projects do you currently can find in Central Europe?

BS: In our region it is necessary to finish a lot of things in Western Europe is still a long way, but there prevails a positive mood. We believe that it is still far ahead that the peak ahead. While in many places in Europe now dominates pessimism in Poland or the Czech Republic can not feel anything like that. Sure, people are cautious, but still believe that the region is one of the parts of Europe that have solid growth potential. I agree - I think is macroeconomically Central and Eastern Europe in order, and they have local young people are more motivated to succeed. For example, in Poland, it is evident that they are really hungry for success, in contrast to Western countries.

It is thus expected that the region will flow from the west more and more money?

BS: Many global players still consider Central and Eastern Europe as an emerging market and therefore to it from their pocket can flow more capital. For example, starting a business is relatively cheap here. In the last few months, I approached several companies that have certain things that they want to test. From their perspective, it is better to make mistakes where it is needed in comparison with America as much anymore. When someone wants to build a global business, you may in Central Europe to try and refine things, and then expand to the rest of the region or the world. Because of this, our region is in a unique position.

It is possible that in Central Europe begin to develop and test actually superior technology?

BS: In the Czech Republic and Poland are very talented people, as they already know that even Silicon Valley. As far as this area is the future of our region's great for me. But there are certain natural limits - our culture is sometimes our best friend, but sometimes the worst enemy. Our politicians still immature properly, unlike businessmen. Much needed leadership by us are still in short supply. These are our limits.

What specific banks in Central Europe may be Nomad Skowronski interesting to learn the investment site

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